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Karen Brewster

Karen Brewster

Karen Brewster is a Research Associate with the Oral History Program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Originally from California, Karen came to Alaska in 1988 to surround herself with wild country. In 1989, she moved to Barrow, Alaska and worked on a subsistence harvest study. In 1990, she was hired as Oral Historian for the North Slope Borough, Inupiat History, Language and Culture Commission in Barrow, and worked closely with Inupiat elders to help document their culture and history. Karen began work with Project Jukebox in 1998, where she has conducted oral history interviews all around Alaska and has built websites on a broad spectrum of cultural, historical, and scientific topics. She is the author of two life history books on pioneering Alaskans: The Whales, They Give Themselves: Conversations with Harry Brower, Sr. (University of Alaska Press, 2004); and Boots, Bikes and Bombers: Adventures of Alaska Conservationist Ginny Hill Wood (University of Alaska Press, 2012).

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