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Nellie Ilegvak Moses, Interview 2
Nellie Ilegvak Moses

Nellie Ilegvak (Fritz) Moses was interviewed on March 31, 2006 by Elena Chingliak, Sophie Kasayulie, Louann Rank, Frank Chingliak and Karen Brewster at Nellie's home in Akiachak, Alaska. In this interview, she speaks in Yup'ik and English about the traditional subsistence lifestyle of moving to seasonal camps for fishing and hunting, and the types of structures people lived in during different seasons. She talks about fish camp, fall camp and spring camp, types of animals hunted, the types of fish they caught, and how fish caught in Akiachak taste different than fish caught in tundra areas. The following are a few excerpts of a longer interview. View a map of family fish camp sites at Akiachak, circa 1939, as identified by Nellie Moses.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 2004-07-45

Project: Akiachak - Then and Now
Date of Interview: Mar 31, 2006
Narrator(s): Nellie Ilegvak Moses
Interviewer(s): Elena Chingliak, Sophie Kasayulie, Louann Rank, Karen Brewster, Frank Chingliak
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
U.S. Department of Education, Alaska Native Education, Yupiit School District
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1) Fall fish camp and their locations.

2) Her hunting experience and the types of animals she hunted.

3) The structural style of the homes families lived in and how the structure was determined by weather conditions, and about the changing lifestyle in Akiachak.

4) The types of fish she caught and prepared.

5) How the taste of the fish caught in Akiachak is different from fish caught in the tundra.

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Section 1: camps -- fall season\ fall camps -- locations of\ fall camp -- Yukon River\ Avayailleq Creek\ lake -- food source\ fish -- lake\ land -- allotment\ land -- location of|

Section 2: spring camp -- memories of\ hunting -- reasons for\ animals -- hunted\ muskrat\ waterfowl|

Section 3: families -- mobile\ homes -- type of\ tents -- warm weather\ sod houses -- cooler weather\ Akiachak -- lifestyle changes\ television -- negative impact of\ grandchildren -- story of\ television -- purchase of\ grandchildren -- reasons for visiting|

Section 4: fish -- types of\ whitefish\ blackfish\ esevsiar fish -- small young whitefish\ stickleback fish\ fish -- tastes like|

Section 5: white fish -- quantities of\ fish -- taste of\ fish -- comparing taste of\ fish -- location of\ Ayemkaq|