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Harry Turner, Part 2
Harry Turner

This is the continuation of an interview with Harry Turner on May 14, 2003 with Debbie Turner and Karen Brewster at his home in Holy Cross, Alaska. In this second part of a two part interview, Harry continues to talk about his life and living in Holy Cross. He discusses his family background, various jobs he has held in his lifetime, surviving serious illness, and holiday celebrations in Flat, Alaska when he was a boy in the 1930s.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 2002-10-07_PT.2

Project: Holy Cross Community Project
Date of Interview: May 14, 2003
Narrator(s): Harry Turner
Interviewer(s): Karen Brewster, Debbie Turner
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
Holy Cross Tribal Council
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1) Various jobs he had during in his lifetime, his wedding anniversary, and how his wife kept the family together at home.

2) Sickness that he and his wife went through.

3) Celebrating holidays with his family, and how the community of Flat celebrated holidays when he was a boy in the 1930s.

4) His family background and his father's wives.

5) His father's family background.

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Section 1: job\ airport -- construction\ Doyon\ City of Holy Cross\ road -- construction\ Wien Airlines\ job -- plowing snow\ wages\ job -- moving rock\ summer\ fishing\ wife\ smoke house\ fish camp\ fishing -- stopped\ age\ wedding anniversary\ potluck\ celebration\ bad luck|

Section 2: wife -- illness\ heart -- bypass surgery\ Christmas\ Anchorage\ Providence Hospital\ Turner, Harry -- illness\ pneumonia\ Bethel\ hospital\ wife -- heart problem\ ?, Cindy\ nurse\ room -- shared\ ?, Daisy\ Anchorage -- visit\ family\ Turner, Ernie\ Turner, Roseanne -- Ernie's wife\ Turner, George and Alvina\ surgery -- successful|

Section 3: celebrated holidays when he was a boy in the 1930s. holiday -- favorite\ holiday -- not like\ holiday -- work\ Christmas\ cooking\ family\ church\ food\ Flat -- holiday celebration\ community hall\ Christmas tree -- lack of\ community feast\ food -- beans\ school play\ dance\ people -- lots of\ Flat -- population\ mining camps -- number of|

Section 4: Alan\ Turner, Jerry\ sister -- Turner, Daisy\ Turner, Daisy -- mother\ father -- four wives\ wives -- death of\ ?, Bernice -- death\ illness -- whooping cough\ Shageluk\ teacher\ ?, Esther\ father -- arrival\ Flat\ women -- Athabascan\ Seamon, Mary\ Holikachuk\ cemetery -- family\ Kiss, Bill\ father -- knew nothing of his life\ marriages -- found out about\ Deacon, Belle\ Ptarmigan, Dorothy\ ?, Helen\ mother -- Elia\ naming\ parents -- picture of\ Turner, Pete\ ?, Sharon|

Section 5: family -- loss of contact\ World War II\ bakery -- Sun Rise Bakery\ bakery -- closure\ sign -- closure\ Richards, Herbert\ store -- Turner and Son's\ Turner, Ernie\ relatives -- search for|