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John and Mary Phillip, Part 2
John Phillip, Mary Phillip

This is the continuation of an interview with John and Mary Phillip on November 18, 2004 by William Schneider, Karen Brewster, Louann Rank, and Shawna Williams along with 7th grade students Andy Japhet and Carrie Lake at the Akiak School Library in Akiak, Alaska. In this second part of a two part interview, John and Mary talk about subsistence fishing and hunting activities, seasonal camps for fishing and muskrat hunting, methods of travel, and processing of salmon.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 2004-07-22_PT.2

Project: Akiak
Date of Interview: Nov 18, 2004
Narrator(s): John Phillip, Mary Phillip
Interviewer(s): Bill Schneider, Karen Brewster, Shawna Williams, Louann Rank
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
U.S. Department of Education, Alaska Native Education, Yupiit School District
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1) Looks at a map of the Akiak area and describes fishing and camps.

2) Fish, fishing, seasonal camps, and methods of travel.

3) How to process fish and their family’s experience with fish camps and fish caches.

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Section 1: camp -- past location of\ map -- location\ camp -- returning to\ summer -- fish camp\ fish -- salmon\ spring camp\ places\ camp sites\ travel routes\ Demantle, Joe -- allotment\ spring camp -- muskrats\ Elaayiq\ map location -- description\ Akiak\ spring camp\ Demantle, Joe -- spring camp location\ Demantle, Joe -- hunting with|

Section 2: spring camp\ fish -- type of\ muskrat\ muskrat -- income from\ spring camp -- past\ fish -- pike\ pike -- migration of\ spawning\ spring camp -- seasonal\ people -- characteristics of\ camps -- traveling\ supplies\ travel -- length of time\ travel -- method of\ boat -- care of\ boat -- type of\ canoes -- hunting\ camping -- familiarity of area\ black fish -- abundance of\ muskrat -- habitat\ beavers -- number of\ beavers -- changes in\ beaver -- lack of hunting\ camps -- spring and fall\ camps -- no longer visited\ fall camp -- style of house\ mud house\ fall camp -- location of (map)\ furs\ hunting\ summer camp -- family visits\ fish hearts -- taste of\ fish hearts -- enjoyment of|

Section 3: mother -- teachings of\ fish processing\ fish -- king salmon\ king salmon -- preparing and cutting\ cutting fish -- first experience\ mother -- supportive\ fish camp -- many families\ fishing -- traditions of\ family -- involvement with fish camps\ fish -- preparation of\ family roles\ smoke house\ fish cache -- making of\ fish cache -- purpose of\ fish cache -- construction of\ fish cache -- material\ fish cache -- first built\ fish -- spoilage of|