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Elaine Meader McCausland, Part 2

This is a continuation of the interview with Elaine Meader McCausland on January 4, 2003 with Karen Brewster in Cazadero, California. This is part two of tape number Oral History 2002-27-05. The interview continues in part three of tape number Oral History 2002-27-05. In this part of the interview, Elaine talks about her husband, Fred Meader, and his career as a film maker, their life on the lake in the Brooks Range, her husband's death, and her move to California.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 2002-27-05_PT.2

Project: Gates of the Arctic National Park
Date of Interview: Jan 4, 2003
Narrator(s): Elaine Meader McCausland
Interviewer(s): Karen Brewster
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) Caring for and educating her son, and the development of her husband's filming career

2) The family's return to Alaska and how life at the lake changed

3) Difficulties of living with a "community" of people at the lake

4) Her husband's film about their life at the lake

5) Her husband's death, finishing the film, and starting her life over again

6) Her life in California after leaving the lake and how she has seen the lake area change during her years of visiting

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Section 1: Bettles\ hospital\ help\ job -- Fairbanks\ paying bills\ grubstake\ trapping\ Meader, Fred -- guide\ guiding -- hunting\ wildlife -- filming\ Meader, Dion -- illness\ Boston Children's Hospital\ diagnosis\ lake -- return to\ Berkeley, California\ Waldon School\ McGuire, Sean -- came to the lake\ University of Alaska\ film -- viewings\ Meader, Dion -- school\ film -- editing|

Section 2: lake -- isolation\ community\ community -- enlargement\ children -- foster\ fosterchild -- Jay\ McGuire, Sean\ values -- shared\ communication\ nature\ Meader, Fred -- liked isolation\ Meader, Dion\ community -- need for\ turmoil\ Meader, Fred -- accident\ leg -- broken\ movie making\ positive experience\ Schmidt, Dennis -- musician\ nature -- meaning of\ community difficulties with|

Section 3: isolation -- protection of\ feminist movement\ Meader, Fred -- patriarch\ people -- leaving\ communication -- importance of\ age -- differences in\ cabins -- building\ mosquitoes\ seasons\ spring -- arrival of\ mechanization -- lack of\ diet -- type of\ turmoil\ back to the land\ cooking -- amount of|

Section 4: sons\ Meader, Dion\ fosterchild -- Jay\ school -- need for\ movie making\ money -- need for\ Meader, Fred -- broken leg\ movie -- children help with\ fosterchild -- Johnson, Linda\ movie -- subject\ wilderness\ living in balance -- promotion of\ movie -- editing\ Schmidt, Dennis -- music\ pregnancy\ daughter -- birth of\ daughter -- Heather\ over population issues\ Meader, Dion -- death\ cabin -- building\ Allman Family\ Meader, Dion -- accident\ canoe\ drowning|

Section 5: Kermoinan, Kip\ lake -- living at\ Meader, Fred -- film\ Meader, Fred -- memorial\ pregnancy\ daughter -- Dawn\ film contract -- Cannon Distributors\ Bolinas, California\ book -- writing\ Viking Publishers\ Lozo, Susie\ lake -- return to\ film -- completing\ Meader, Fred -- death of\ accident -- death -- premonitions of\ airplane -- accident\ river\ airplane -- propeller\ New York\ film -- completion\ Brooklyn, New York\ lake -- visit\ school -- return to|

Section 6: lake -- visit\ education\ psychology -- PhD\ psychology -- license\ film -- lost\ film -- relocating\ film -- MGM\ film -- distribution\ book -- unable to finish\ mental illness\ self-healing\ spiritual search\ Meader, Dion -- spiritual guide\ spirituality -- practicing\ Brooks Range\ lake -- home\lake -- changes\ Trans- Alaska Pipeline\ helicopters\ lake -- pristine\ land -- changes\ animal population -- changes\ Meader, Dawn\ trail maintenance|