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Mary "Amayun" Edwardsen

Mary Edwardsen

Mary Edwardsen (Amayun) was born in 1924 to Faye and Ned Nusunginya and raised in Barrow, Alaska. She attended school until she was 16 and then had to go to work. She started traveling after she married Charlie Edwardsen, Sr. in 1942. When Charlie wasn't working for wages, they went hunting. The Ikpikpak area was not new to her as she recalls that her grandfather, Qiugaq, used to fish on the Chipp River at Aviullaavik, which is located a little ways upriver from Chipp 2. Her father, Ned Nusunginya, used to take Qiugaq up there with his boat before freeze-up so he could do his fall fishing. Over the years, Mary noticed a lot of changes in the river. For example, it dried up in places where they used to fish. Mary Edwardsen passed away in 1998. She was 74 years old.

(Biographical section from Quliaqtuat Iñupiat Nunaŋiññiñ - The Report of the Chipp-Ikpikpuk River and Upper Meade River Oral History Project. W. Arundale and W. Schneider, 1987.)

Date of Birth:
Nov 2, 1924
Date of Death:
Nov 15, 1998
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