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Thumbnail Object Title Description Collection
image thumbnail Martin Slisco's Roadhouse, Wiseman, Alaska. Title from sign on building <br> Three men, a sled and dog team outside roadhouse Fred B. Dodge Photograph Collection, 1943. ASL-PCA-42;
image thumbnail Woodrow Johansen Papers (Part 3, 997-1079) The Woodrow Johansen Papers consist of 1080 photographs relating primarily to the Alaska Road Commission and road and bridge construction and maintenance in Interior Alaska, 1925-1954. The collection also includes images of dogsledding, various Alaskan towns and villages (Beaver, Fairbanks, Fort Yukon, Livengood, Olnes, Stevens Village, Unalakleet, Wiseman), construction camps, roadhouses (Chicken and Cleary Summit), and road machinery, as well as a portrait of Woodrow Johansen at his desk (1969).Woodrow Johansen (1913-1991), a civil engineer, had a long career with the Alaska Road Commission and Alaska Department of Transportation.Biographical information: Woodrow Johansen was born and raised in Eyak, Alaska. Armed with degrees in civil engineering from the University of Alaska and the University of Illinois, he taught at the University of Alaska before embarking on a career with the Alaska Road Commission and Alaska Department of Transportation. Many of the major roads in Fairbanks and Interior Alaska grew from his planning efforts as district engineer for the region in the early 1960s. The Johansen Expressway in Fairbanks was named for him in 1988. (From obituary, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, 16 January 1991, p. 3.) Woodrow Johansen Papers;
image thumbnail Boy in Wiseman. Title by indexer.<br><br>For related images, see UAF-1983-145-1010. Young family photographs
image thumbnail Boots, Reindeer Knee hish; reindeer with the hair out; smoked moosehide soles. Red felt edging at top. Hide ties. Black and white calf geometric design below felt. Soles show use but in very good condition. 16 1/4" high - 11 1/4" long - hide ties. Made by donor. Frozen 72 hrs. ; see file folder Ethnology;
image thumbnail Boots, Caribou Knee-high boots of caribou legskins with smoked moosehide soles. Very well made - ind. by donor but used by her mother, Mary English. Red felt edging - used - smoked hide ties. 15 1/4" tall - 10 1/4" long.Frozen 72 hrs. Ethnology;
image thumbnail Billy Meyer. Title by indexer. Description from cataloger's notes. Billy Meyer... "a miner up in Wiseman."; photo taken near Nenana ? Tishu V. Ulen collection;
image thumbnail Berry Picker B: Made from piece of metal (oil, gas can?) with metal handle already attached; folded around two side pieces of wood; l2 teeth of wire with blunt tips; bracing at base and at top, near tips of teeth; used; 3" x 4 3/4" x 7 3/4"; made by Ed Mersen, the blacksmith at Wiseman Ethnology;
image thumbnail Berry Picker A: made from a cut-down one gallon Mazola oil tin; wooden handle added on back; wooden backing with all wooden teeth attached to back of tin; used; 5" x 4 1/2" x 7 1/2". Ethnology;
image thumbnail Berry Picker Wooden scoop with short, thick handle and wide, deep bowl part; used for scooping or knocking berried into a birch bark basket. Wood; stained red; used; oil stain in bowl; smells of smoke; 11 1/2" long 0 bowl is 5 5/8" x 6 3/4". Same type of scoop used as berry collector on Kobuk R. Ethnology;
image thumbnail Bennett-Rodebaugh Co., Inc. Title by indexer."Bennett-Rodebaugh Co., Inc. Airplane Service Fairbanks, Alaska Chas. L. Thompson, Mgr. Passenger and express rates--1928." This card lists the destinations (to and from Fairbanks) and prices for the Bennett-Rodenbaugh Company. Hand-written at the bottom of the card: "Bennett Rodebaugh schedule 1928" and "Noel Wien Photo". Destinations include: Livengood, Chena Hot Springs, Nenana, Palmer Creek, Manley Hot Springs, Circle Hot Springs, Circle City, Beaver, Kantishna, Minchumina, American Creek, Tanana, Rampart, Fort Yukon, Bettles, Wiseman, Ruby, Chandalar, Eagle, Tetlin Lake, McGrath, Tacotna, Ophir, Flat, Iditarod, Sleitmut, Nulato, Bethel, Nome, and Kotzebue. Kay J. Kennedy Aviation Photograph Collection;
image thumbnail Back of Pioneers Hall, Wiseman. Title taken from accompanying note."Back of Pioneers Hall, Wiseman." A view of a log building from the rear. A man is seen passing by. The color of the leaves on the trees and ground indicate that this picture may have been taken in the fall. Bruce Haldeman Papers, 1953-1989;
image thumbnail Automobile. Title by indexer.<br><br>Photograph of an automobile parked in front of a log building. For related images, see UAF-1983-145-654. Young family photographs
image thumbnail Automobile. Title by indexer.<br><br>Photograph of an automobile parked in front of a log building. For related images, see UAF-1983-145-87. Young family photographs
image thumbnail 1930 Christmas in Wiseman. Title from note on verso.Full note reads: "1930 Christmas by Bob Marshall". Other notes list people on photograph: Mr. & Mrs. Big Jim, Jonas, Jenny Sucket, George Eaton, Marshall Green, Mamie Green. Roger Kaye Photograph Collection
image thumbnail Mrs. Big Jim Nagukluk. Native woman in fur garments and mukluks outside a log building with sod roof, probably in Wiseman Amelia Hill Photograph Collection, ca. 1920-1950. ASL-PCA-247;
image thumbnail The 1928 Alaska Tour (24) by Governor George A. Parks, Major Malcolm Elliott, Mr. R.J. Sommers, Territorial Hwy Engineer. Airplane and group of men, women, and children. Album caption: Aviation field at Wiseman. George A. Parks. Photographs, 1911-1933. ASL-PCA-240
image thumbnail Reconnaissance of the Northern Koyukuk Valley, Alaska, 1929. "Robert Marshall. Wiseman, Alaska " <br>Detailed line map of the North Fork Koyukuk River from Clear Creek north to the Arctic-Pacific Divide Robert Marshall Photograph Collection, 1929. ASL-PCA-197
image thumbnail Reconnaissance of the Northern Koyukuk Valley, Alaska, 1929. On verso: "Primitive navigation at Wiseman" <br> Man poles long dugout canoe across river Robert Marshall Photograph Collection, 1929. ASL-PCA-197
image thumbnail Reconnaissance of the Northern Koyukuk Valley, Alaska, 1929. On verso: "Wiseman, our jumping-off place, 200 miles airline from railroad or automobile, and 1500 miles as supplies must be hauled on the rivers." Robert Marshall Photograph Collection, 1929. ASL-PCA-197
image thumbnail Trans-Alaska Pipeline employee, Ross Brockman. Brockman demonstrates his antique phonograph at his home in Wiseman Photographer's number D100175-R40 Pipeline Impact Photograph Collection, 1974-1977. ASL-PCA-17;
image thumbnail Alaska Villages, Eskimo, Indian, Aleut, 1937. Manuscript with descriptions of 58 Alaskan villages by various students attending the Eklutna Vocational School during 1937. Villages include Afognak, Alitak, Anvic, Attu, Barrow, Beaver, Bethel, Cantwell, Chignik, Circle, Diomede, Eagle, Egegik, Elim, Flat, Fortuna Ledge (Marshall), Fort Yukon, Galena, Haycock, Karluk, Kenai, King Cove, Kivalina, Kokrines, Kotzebue, Koyuk, Koyukuk, Long Beach, Manley Hot Springs, Metlakatla, Nash Harbor, Neelik, Noatac, Nome, Noorvik, Nulato, Nunapitchuk, Perryville, Pilot Point, Pilot Station, Point Hope, Point Lay, Rampart, Ruby, Selawik, Shishmaref, Snag Point, Stevens Village, St. Mark's Mission, Tanana, Tatitlek, Teller, Unalakleet, Unalaska, Wainright, White Mountain, Wiseman, Yakutat. In the Fall of 1937, Paul E. Thompson went to Ektutna Vocational School as a teacher and spent summers at the Knik Arm fish camp for the school. Alaska Villages, 1937-1941. Manuscripts. ASL-MS0004-08-004
image thumbnail Wiseman, Alaska, Territorial School. Teacher's quarters, attached at right, were described in the Historical Record as such: "The quarters were not used by the teacher for five or six years until 1941, when about $100 was spent making them livable; this included a new stove, new linoleum, chinking, etc. [In] 1942, the oilcloth covering walls and ceiling is in poor condition. The new door is unpainted. A wash tub, dishpan, and frying pan are needed." Alaska Territorial Department of Education: Records of Alaska Schools, 1931-1951. ASL-MS146
image thumbnail Archie Laird Title taken from caption. Year ? Archie Laird is watching the ice break-up on the middle of Koyukuk river. He and I were mining at that time on Tramway Bar about 40 miles below Wiseman. Photograph type and size: 35 mm neg 73 - 243 3 1/4 x 4 1/4." Simon M. Soboleff Photograph Collection;
image thumbnail Airplane accident. Title by indexer.Lettering on airplane wing reads: "N9060A". Roger Kaye Photograph Collection
image thumbnail Aerial view. Title by indexer.Aerial view of Wiseman. Young family photographs


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