Wiseman: Archival Films

Results below are from the Library Catalog at University of Alaska Fairbanks. You can sort by clicking on the column header.

Title Author Published
A Sense of Privilege [videorecording] Coggeshall, Jay. 1975
Alaska native magazine #7 [videorecording] Wassillie Moe (Moses) 1975
Alyeska pipeline archaeology [videorecording] University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Dept. of Anthropology. 1974
[1982 Haul Road trip, tapes 1 - 13] [videorecording] 1982
[AANG collection video box 11] [videorecording] 1980
[Alyeska pipeline films] [videorecording] 1975
[Coldfoot camp and Alyeska pipeline construction] [videorecording] 1974
[Coldfoot camp, pipeline construction] [videorecording] 1974
[Coldfoot pipeline camp] [videorecording] 1975
[Coldfoot shop, Coldfoot interviews, teacher Kit Marks, Sheldon Jackson College, Coldfoot mess hall, Eskimo dancer, Maggie John interview] [videorecording] 1974
[Elk hunt, McGrath, Wiseman, Big Delta] [videorecording] 1952
[Fairbanks dog races] [videorecording] 1950
[Honeymoon to Ft. Yukon, Wiseman, battle of Gold King] [videorecording] 1956
[Life in Alaska] [videorecording] 1977
[Lounsbury film collection] [videorecording] 1930
[Lounsbury film collection] [videorecording] 1930
[Nolan Creek drift] [videorecording] 1987
[Placer gold mining, mining camp] [videorecording] 1950
[Travel in states, children's birthday party, moving steamer Nenana to Alaskaland, Wiseman trip] [videorecording] 1958
[Trucker on Haul Road], [Haul Road, trucks and scenery] [videorecording] 1968
[Wiseman mining and Fairbanks, Wiseman mining and Fairbanks, Wiseman mining and travel outside of Alaska] [videorecording] 1928
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