This Research Portal is designed to help a user to find all the information available at the University of Alaska Fairbanks relevant to the various communities included (accessed via the links above). Please keep in mind that this website is limited to digitally available materials. Contact departments directly for more information.

Throughout the years, new databases have been created to catalog all the various material that UAF has collected. This site is meant to be a single source for all these different databases, listed below.

Searchable databases available at UAF (opens in new page):

Alaska Library Catalog is the library database with the majority of resources including oral histories, books, archival films, and periodicals.

Project Jukebox is the digital branch of the Oral History program and you can search the site to find, and listen to, recordings online.

Star Archives is the newest database available and it catalogs the material in the Alaska & Polar Regions Archives, like historical maps, photos and manuscripts.

The Alaska Native Language Center  has been collecting information about the languages in Alaska for decades; you can search their database to find recordings and research materials.

Alaska and Polar Periodical Index uses the Library Catalog Search function to find periodical articles related to the Alaska and Polar region.

Other UAF Resources

Additional Sources

Non-digital Material

These items are additional resources of information not necessarily found online.
The Koyukuk region .pdf was a document that Dirk Tordoff researched for the Bureau of Land Management in October 1999 when they were designing the Coldfoot Visitor Center and wanted to know more about the history of the area. This list was compiled from magazine and newspaper articles.

The other lists of books and articles not found in the University of Alaska Fairbanks Library Catalog were researched by Marcy Okada from the National Park Service. These lists includes reports, government documents, theses and films not housed at the University. For more information contact the Gates of the Arctic National Park at the Fairbanks Administrative Center: 907-457-5752.