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Fred White

Fred White

Fred White (Daalatjáa) is a Tlingit language and cultural specialist of the Shangukeidí Clan, Xéitl Hít (Eagle/Thunderbird Clan of the Thunderbird House) of the Gunaaxhoo Kwaan, Dry Bay Alsek River area from Yakutat, Alaska. He grew up living a traditional subsistence lifestyle at Dry Bay, being raised by his grandparents, and moved to Juneau at age eleven where he attended middle school and graduated from Juneau Douglas High School in 1972. Two years of high school were spent attending Indian boarding schools in Oklahoma and Salem, Oregon. Fred has worked in commercial fishing, and because of his ability to both speak and write Tlingit, he has participated in many projects to document and preserve Tlingit language and culture. He has been a Tlingit language teacher, has transcribed and translated audio recordings of oral narratives that tell of traditional knowledge and clan histories and legends, has been a cultural interpreter for the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe aboard cruise ships, has been a contract Tlingit language translator, and has worked at Goldbelt Heritage Foundation helping to develop Tlingit language curriculum. Fred was integral to the Dry Bay Project Jukebox by providing spellings for Tlingit places and personal names, as well as pronouncing Tlingit locations on the place name maps.

Date of Birth:
Apr 5, 1954
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