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L'uknax.a'di Gathering, Part 2
L'uknax.a'di Gathering

This is a continuation of the gathering of the L'uknax.a'di Clan that was organized and presented by Lorraine Adams on September 18, 1999 at the Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall in Yakutat, Alaska. It was the first comprehensive gathering of the Gunaxoo Kwaan in recent memory, and served to update people on the Dry Bay Project Jukebox, and educate them about clan history and genealogy. In this second part of the two part recording of the gathering, Lorraine Adams talks about genealogy, Fred White talks about cultural protocol and traditions regarding genealogy, and George Ramos talks about the history of the Tlingit people and their poor treatment by Russians.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 2001-10-09_PT.2

Project: Dry Bay
Date of Interview: Sep 18, 1999
Narrator(s): Lorraine Adams, Members of Gunaxoo Kwaan , George Ramos, Fred White
Location of Interview:
Location of Topic:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) Lorraine Adams speaking of genealogy.

2) Lorraine Adams gives more genealogy.

3) Lorraine Adams gives the story of the drowning song and gives thanks.

4) Lorraine Adams giving genealogy.

5) Genealogy by Lorraine Adams.

6) Genealogy by Lorraine Adams.

Genealogy by Lorraine Adams.

Fred White speaks in place of Sigurd Edwards, explaining his genealogy.

9) Fred White speaking on behalf of Sigurd Edwards about Sigurd's genealogy.

Fred White speaks in Tlingit for Sigurd Edwards.

11) Frank White concludes speaking on behalf of Sigurd Edwards, and Lorraine Adams makes a few comments regarding Doris George.

12) George Ramos introduces himself and begins history of Tlingit people.

13) George Ramos speaks about Tlingit history.

14) George Ramos speaks of the origin of the Tlingit name and Tlingit heritage.

15) George Ramos concludes with comments about the way Russians treated Tlingit land.

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Section 1: Ellis, Elizabeth -- (Xuslin)\ Frog House -- Sitka\ James, Ned\ (Kexudi)\ L'uknax.a'di\ United States Forest Service Museum -- Sitka\ genealogy\ Dry Bay Chief George\ Dry Bay George -- (tl. Names)\ Gus'eix\ James, Sheldon|

Section 2: White frog -- frozen\ Frog House name -- (Duksaat)\ Dry Bay George\ ( ), Teddy\ ( ), Maryann or Miriam\ Beaver House\ lineage\ ( ), Mary Jane\ George, Francis\ George, Susie\ Nikita, Jim\ Bering River\ Dry Bay George -- song|

Section 3: L'uknax.a'di -- singing\ drowning\ Italio, Frank\ Dick, Maggie\ Dry Bay Chief George\ Frog House\ Shangukeidí -- tribe\ parents -- westernized\ Thunderbird House\ Grandma Annie\ Williams, David -- Juneau\ archives -- information\ Yakutat\ Howell, Wayne|

Section 4: Dry Bay Chief George -- marriage\ Shangukeidí\ Italio, Frank\ Dick, Maggie\ George, Sam\ George, Peter\ ( ), Jenny -- born 1865\ George, Thomas -- (tl name)\ George, Eugene -- (tl name)\ Williams, Leonard -- (tl name)\ George, Doris\ Grandma Annie\ Smith, Hazel\ (Yakwon), Annie\ ( ), Selma -- daughter of Sam and Annie George\ Williams, George|

Section 5: (tl names)\ shaman\ Dick, Dave\ Peterson, John\ Peterson, Jack\ Adams, Burt\ Peterson, Dick\ Peterson, Ester -- Burt's grandmother\ (Hurley, Rick) -- Scotsman\ ( ), Katherine -- grandmother of (Larry)\ Johnson, Charlie -- Swedish\ ( ), Stella\ (Daisy)\ (Agnes)|

Section 6: Lituya Bay George -- (tl names)\ married -- Shangukeidí \ White, Jenny\ census -- 1900's\ Peterson, Ester\ Johnson, Ester\ ( ), Albert\ ( ), James\ Edwards, Sigurd\ Dick, Frank\ ( ), Maggie\ Old Man John Williams\ ( ), Jessie\ Williams, John Jr.\ (tl names)|

Section 7: Williams, John -- father of Kaagwaantaan\ Williams, John -- genealogy\ (Moses), Annie -- Teqwedi\ (tl name)\ ( ), Maggie -- (tl name)\ Dick, Dorothy\ Dick, Frank\ Dry Bay Chief George\ Lituya Bay George\ Italio River\ Edwards, Sally -- information\ Edwards, Sigurd -- Dry Bay\ Edwards, Sally -- (kashtakwan) tribe|

Section 8: Edwards, Sigurd\ potlatch\ tribal house\ adoption\ elders\ Yakutat\ Adams, Burt\ reincarnation\ Tlingit names -- history\ Dry Bay\ Lituya Bay\ White, Karen\ Sigurd's grandmother -- (coho raven name, xeetli)\ Dick, Frank\ (konawasha) -- Sigurd's mother's name\ (nashawa) -- Sigurd's mother's sister\ Far Out Away House -- Da-gana Hit\ House of Everything in It -- (uktutukonhiti)|

Section 9: Edwards, Sigurd\ White, Karen\ White, Jennifer\ White, Leslie\ Dick, Frank\ Kaagwaantaan -- Box House in Sitka\ George, Albert\ Lituya Bay Chief George\ Edwards, Sally\ Adams, Lorraine|

Section 10: No translation of the spoken Tlingit

Section 11: Edwards, Sally\ Edwards, Sigurd\ White, Karen\ Shangukeidí\ eagle\ Edwards, Sigurd -- raven bracelet\ Dry Bay\ Dick, Frank\ George, Doris\ Grandma Annie -- bib\ Smith, Hazel\ potlatch\ L'uknax.a'di\ ( ), Joy -- Doris' daughter\ George, Eugene -- Doris' father|

Section 12: Coho clan\ clan meeting\ Tlingit culture\ Ramos, George -- (tl names)\ potlatch\ John, Maggie\ Juneau, AK\ Ramos, George -- uncle\ Tlingit history\ Coho clan -- name\ Yakatat, AK\ Lituya Bay\ Control Bay|

Section 13: Abraham, Olaf\ Abraham, Suzie\ White, Charlie\ Reed, Jack\ history -- Tlingit people\ Tlingit name -- origin\ silver salmon\ Tlingit stories\ death -- within clan\ death -- cremation\ Yáakwaan\ death song\ L'uknax.a'di -- mourning songs\ drums|

Section 14: silver salmon\ Yáakwaan\ death song\ Tlingit stories\ taboo\ Tlingit name -- origin\ names -- property of clans\ clan -- name approval\ United States Forest Service\ National Park Service\ Russians\ land -- rights\ plant -- rare\ Tlingit heritage|

Section 15: Tlingit stories\ Russians -- battle\ Tlingit law\ resources -- abuse\ land -- abuse\ people -- abuse\ plant -- rare|