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L'uknax.a'di Gathering, Part 1
L'uknax.a'di Gathering

This gathering of the L'uknax.a'di Clan was organized and presented by Lorraine Adams on September 18, 1999 at the Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall in Yakutat, Alaska. It was the first comprehensive gathering of the Gunaxoo Kwaan in recent memory, and served to update people on the Dry Bay Project Jukebox, and educate them about clan history and genealogy. In this first part of the two part recording of the gathering, participants speak about the search for and identification of old village sites, the designation and management of historic sites, and the genealogy of Dry Bay Chief George, the last chief of Gus'eix.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 2001-10-09_PT.1

Project: Dry Bay
Date of Interview: Sep 18, 1999
Narrator(s): Lorraine Adams, Members of Gunaxoo Kwaan , Vincent Johnson, Bert Adams, Sr., Sally Edwards, Wayne Howell
Location of Interview:
Location of Topic:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) Introduction by Sheldon James of participants that will be presenting.

2) Wayne Howell speaks about the Cannery Creek area being named a Historic Site.

3) The responsibilities of managing a Historic Site.

4) Location of the Cannery Creek village site and the need for a management plan.

5) Vince Johnson asks for comments about Harold Robbins' house being built on the place of his family's smokehouse.

6) Looking for tribal sites in Dry Bay area and the genealogy of Dry Bay Chief George who held the last potlatch in 1909.

7) The 1909 potlatch and circumstances, and genealogy surrounding the event.

8) The end of the potlatch information and description of a trip along the Akwe River to identify village sites.

9) How the United States Forest Service and archaeologists determine sites.

Looking along the Akwe for more sites.

11) Meg Mitchell talks about sites that were found, possibly Gus'eix, on the trip to the Akwe River.

12) Bert Adams introduces his knowledge of Gus'eix.

Bert Adams speaks about his journeys looking for Gus'eix.

14) Bert Adams speaks about the cooperative search for Gus'eix.

15) Bert Adams concludes with a history of the Boulder House; Daryl James begins with a list of tribal houses and description of discoveries.

16) Daryl James describes findings and geography around the Gus'eix area.

17) Daryl James speaks more about the expedition.

18) Daryl James finishes his description of the trip.

19) Lorraine Adams speaks about the last chief of Gus'eix.

20) Sally Edwards shares some of her genealogy.

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Section 1: James, Sheldon -- L'uknax.a'di leader\ Kuxdzinaa\ Dry Bay\ Shangukeidé clan\ Galyax Kaagwaantaan clan\ Kwaashk'i Kwáan clan\ Edwards, Sally -- matriarch\ Howell, Wayne\ National Park Service\ L'uknax.a'di clan\ Adams, Lorraine -- matriarch\ Mitchell, Meg\ United States Forest Service\ Adams, Bert Sr. -- genealogy\ Gus'eix\ Akwe area\ James, Daryl\ tribal houses -- Akwe\ Frog Dance Bib\ Stevens, Doris\ Smith, Hazel\ Edwards, Sigurd\ White, Fred\ White, Karen|

Section 2: Dry Bay -- people\ information -- gathering\ Dry Bay -- history\ sites -- historic\ Cannery Creek\ ANCSA\ Yakutat, AK\ Stooheenuk\ Sealaska\ management -- cultural sites\ National Park Service\ Historic Sites Conference -- Juneau\ management -- responsibility|

Section 3: Cannery Creek -- village\ management -- historic site\ National Park Service\ site -- identification\ clan -- histories\ house -- histories\ oral history -- Project Jukebox\ Dry Bay\ clans -- legends\ histories -- personal\ site -- protection|

Section 4: National Park Service\ law -- education\ management -- historic sites\ Dry Bay\ information -- gathering\ Cannery Creek\ Robbins, Harold\ Alsek River\ Sealaska -- management\ National Forestry Service\ sites -- 14H1|

Section 5: sites -- ancestral\ involvement -- cultural\ sites -- protection\ information -- gathering\ Johnson, Vince\ Robbins, Harold\ smokehouse -- burned\ Dry Bay|

Section 6: Sealaska -- conference\ Dry Bay\ management -- historic sites\ alders\ Devil's Club\ Howell, Wayne\ Frog House\ potlatch -- 1909\ Dry Bay Chief George -- son of Káataan\ Box House -- Kaagwaantaan\ Kitka, Herman\ Kaawas.aa -- shaman\ Sockeye people -- L'ukaax.a'di\ Dry Bay George -- Kusán, Kaawas.aa, Jisneey|

Section 7: Frog's green\ potlatch\ name -- received\ George, Sam\ Dry Bay Chief George\ Yáakwaan, Annie -- Yanwudagaat, Aanchganúkwt\ George, Peter\ George, Francis\ Gus'eix -- shaman\ bones -- reburial\ shamans -- fasting\ potlatch -- fasting|

Section 8: shamans\ Dry Bay\ reburial -- pay off\ potlatches\ Shangukeidí clan\ Dry Bay Chief George\ George, Sam\ census\ Situk River area\ Mitchell, Meg\ United States Forest Service\ Akwe River\ Ramos, George\ James, Daryl\ Adams, Bert\ Howell, Wayne\ Yakutat, AK\ people -- Tlingit\ books -- DeLaguna\ sites -- village|

Section 9: Howell, Wayne\ USFS -- archaeologists\ DeLaguna, Frederica\ sites -- village\ photographs -- aerial\ Akwe River\ totem poles\ sites -- pits\ Gus'eix\ James, Daryl\ Ramos, George|

Section 10: Akwe River\ site -- location\ DeLaguna, Frederica\ site -- information\ house pits\ gardens\ Akwe River\ trees -- adzed|

Section 11: site -- discovery\ storage pits\ Akwe River\ house pits\ Akwe River -- oxbow\ Gus'eix\ trees -- adzed\ trees -- culturally modified\ trails\ James, Daryl\ Ramos, George\ sites -- locating\ National Park Service\ Howell, Wayne\ sites -- monitoring|

Section 12: federal agencies -- cooperation\ Howell, Wayne\ Mitchell, Meg\ Adams, Lorraine\ Gus'eix\ name -- Athabascan\ L'uknax.a'di -- people\ Gus'eix -- size\ Akwe River\ Dry Bay -- fishing\ Minnie -- Bert Adams' grandmother\ Frog House|

Section 13: 
trails -- bear\ trails -- moose\ sand dunes\ Akwe River\ tribal houses\ Minnie -- Bert Adams' grandmother\ Frog House\ Dry Bay\ sites -- historic\ Johnson, Vincent\ Brown, Kathy\ tree samples\ Mitchell, Meg\ Gus'eix\ Howell, Wayne\ site -- artifacts\ saw blade\ fence -- barbed wire\ cannery|

Section 14: Akwe River\ Gus'eix\ yaana.éit -- food\ Mitchell, Meg\ evidence -- charcoal\ L'uknax.a'di\ village -- size\ trade -- Southeast Alaska\ Lituya Bay\ canoes -- capsized\ Yakutat, AK|

Section 15: 
tribal houses\ Boulder House\ Dry Bay\ Johnson Slough\ Situk\ Johnson, Minnie\ great uncle Natskéek'\ White, Charlie\ writings -- Boulder House\ house pits\ Far Out House\ Frog House -- White Frog\ Sleeping Man House\ Sea Lion House\ Whale House\ house -- rebuilt\ Sitka, AK\ Mountain House\ Iceberg House\ National Park Service\ United States Forest Service -- land\ Muddy Creek -- site\ Robbins, Harold\ Alsek River\ flood plain\ trees -- culturally modified|

Section 16: 
stream bed\ Clear Creek\ sites\ Williams Creek\ basket\ Gray, Gary\ hunting -- bear\ Alsek River\ clay -- formation\ Gus'eix\ Ramos, George\ sand dunes\ Anklin River\ Situk River\ Lost River\ Ustay River|

Section 17: 
trees -- size\ Ramos, George\ Akwe system\ trees -- marked\ Dry Bay\ Devil's Club\ Mitchell, Meg\ spruce -- germination\ tribal houses\ Italio River -- backwater\ Max Italio Slough\ trapping|

Section 18: Gus'eix\ houses -- discovery\ river -- changes\ lakes -- oxbow\ pits -- eroding\ Hippy John -- guide\ Ramos, George\ fire pit|

Section 19: Gus'eix -- chief\ Déexwudu.oo\ history -- war\ White, Fred\ Káataan\ Dry Bay Chief George -- brother\ George, Annie -- grandmother\ chief -- body\ Teikwiedí -- marriage|

Section 20: genealogy\ reincarnation\ George, Annie\ Paddy, Jenny\ Tleikw was'ee\ Tool S'áaxw\ Shaawát Tlein\ names -- Tlingit|