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Bert Adams, Sr.

Bert Adams, Sr.

Bert Adams, Sr. (Kadashan) is a Tlingit elder of the Boulder House in the L’ukna x .ádi (Coho Salmon) clan from Yakutat, Alaska with family ties to the old villages at Dry Bay. He grew up living a traditional subsistence lifestyle of fishing, trapping and traveling with his father, Peter Harry, in the Dry Bay, Alsek and Akwe Rivers area. Bert has been president of the Yakutat Tlingit Tribe and has been involved in cultural documentation projects, most actively in directing Dry Bay research and efforts to locate the ancient village of Gus'eix. He also writes Tlingit stories using the pen names of Kadashan and Naats'keek (his Tlingit names), and has authored four books and numerous articles on Yakutat Tlingit life and culture. He is currently writing a book about growing up in the Dry Bay area.

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