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Rose Hedlund

Rose Hedlund

Rose Hedlund was a Dena'ina Athabascan elder born in Chekok, Alaska in 1917 to Eleana Balluta and Jack Kinney. She grew up living a subsistence lifestyle based upon hunting, fishing and trapping, and at age thirteen drove an eleven dog team, trained her own leaders, and designed her own harnesses. She married Nels Hedlund and together they raised a family based on their Native traditions and living off the land, and lived in Chekok, Pedro Bay, and Iliamna. Given her long history of trapping, Rose had an expert knowledge of the land, travel routes, and tradtional placenames. The Hedlunds had sled dogs who were well adapted for the trapline and subsistence lifestyle, now known as "The Hedlund Husky," which they bred and sold, many of whom went on to become champion racing dogs. Rose was always willing to share her knowledge of Dena'ina traditions, history, and stories. Rose passed away in 2004.

Date of Birth:
Apr 2, 1917
Date of Death:
Aug 17, 2004
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