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Nels and Rose Hedlund, Part 2

This is the continuation of an interview with Rose and Nels Hedlund on July 27, 1985 by Priscilla Russell and Andrew Balluta in Chekok, Alaska. In this second part of a two part interview, Rose talks about basket making, sewing, and tells a story about Ptarmigan Women and Spruce Hen Women to show how important it is for a woman to be a good seamstress. She also discusses camping, trapping and Dena'ina place names. Nels periodically chimes in from the background with additional place name information.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 98-27-11_PT.2

Project: Lake Clark National Park
Date of Interview: Jul 27, 1985
Narrator(s): Rose Hedlund, Nels Hedlund
Interviewer(s): Priscilla Russell, Andrew Balluta
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) Weaving and sewing traditional grass baskets

2) Making and dyeing grass baskets

3) Different types of grass baskets and how they are made

4) How grass baskets used to be made

5) Dena'ina place names and terms

6) Meaning and location of Dena'ina place names

7) Dena'ina place names and the importance of those location

8) Dena'ina place names and the importance of those locations

9) Dena'ina place names and camping

10) Camping and trapping

11) Story about Ptarmigan Women making a bidarki (skinboat)

12) Bidarki story continued

13) The skill involved in sewing different boots and bidarkis

14) Waterproof clothing

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Section 1: basket -- weaving\ grass -- beachgrass\ sewing -- grass\ Dena'ina terms -- grass|

Section 2: grass -- blades\ mats -- grass\ basket -- shapes\ dye -- berry juice\ berries -- cranberries \ berries -- blueberries\ berries -- blackberries\ basket -- decoration|

Section 3: Freda\ basket -- coiled\ basket -- weaving \ sewing\ thread -- grass\ needles -- iron|

Section 4: needles -- bone\ Chickie\ hotpads -- grass\ Kokhanok\ Whiteman's Grass\ Freda\ carnival\ basket -- sizes\ basket -- uses\ Hedlund, Rose -- mother|

Section 5: Dena'ina terms -- baskets\ Dena'ina place names\ Goose Bay\ Chekok\ Paint Valley\ Chekok Creek\ Canyon Creek\ Takes His Time Creek|

Section 6: Takes His Time Creek -- story\ Chekok village\ potlatch\ Newhalen\ Chekok Creek\ Flat Island\ Spruce Island|

Section 7: Pedro Mountain\ Cliff Island\ Porcupine Island|

Section 8: Stone House\ New Iliamna\ caves\ camping|

Section 9: Big Shoots\ Iliamna village\ camping\ trapping -- snares\ trapping -- squirrel\ Hedlund, Rose -- mother\ Hedlund, Rose -- aunt|

Section 10: trapping -- squirrel\ snare -- type\ hunting -- sheep\ caribou\ moose\ black bear\ caribou -- availability\ dogs -- packing\ Hedlund, Rose -- mother|

Section 11: birds -- ptarmigan\ birds -- spruce hen\ boats -- bidarki\ sewing -- skin\ Spruce Hen Women\ stitching -- poor|

Section 12: Ptarmigan Woman\ sewing -- skin\ sewing -- good quality\ skin -- seal\ knot -- tying\ stitching -- waterproof|

Section 13: sewing -- skill\ sewing -- awards\ boats -- bidarki\ waterboots\ mukluks\ boots -- reindeer hide\ sewing -- waterproof boots|

Section 14: boots -- fishskin\ ?, Ruth\ raincoat -- bear gut\ boats -- bidarki|