Anaktuvuk Pass: Books

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Title Author Published
Arctic daughter : a wilderness journey Aspen, Jean. 1988
Arctic son Aspen, Jean. 1995
Arctic son : fulfilling the dream Aspen, Jean. 1996
Arctic wild Crisler, Lois. 1973
Arctic wilderness Marshall, Robert, 1901-1939. 1956
Arctic-alpine tundra ecosystems of the Arrigetch Creek Valley, central Brooks Range, Alaska Cooper, David J. 1985
Arctic: the communities Chase, Juli, 1986
Are north slope surface alluvial fans pre-Holocene relicts? Reimnitz, Erk. 1998
Ascent: 1975-1976; the mountaineering experience in word and image Sierra Club. 1976
Assisting the Simon Paneak Museum Spearman, Grant. 2000
At Home in the wilderness Kaye, Roger, 1950 Dec. 31- 1993
Atmospheric forcing of wave states in the southeast Chukchi Sea Francis, Oceana P. 2012
Availability of petrographic thin-sections of the Lisburne group from northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Armstrong, Augustus K. 1969
Background for planning : city of Anaktuvuk Pass North Slope Borough (Alaska) 1983
Balanced cross sections of the Aichilik River and Okpilak Batholith regions, Northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Hanks, Catherine L. 1990
Balanced cross sections through the central Brooks Range, and North Slope, Arctic Alaska Oldow, John S. 1987
Barite deposits in the Howard Pass quadrangle and possible relations to barite elsewhere in the northwestern Brooks Range, Alaska Kelley, John Stewart. 1993
Bedrock geology of the Ambler district, southwestern Brooks, Range, Alaska Hitzman, Murray Walter. 1982
Bibliography of geologic literature on the Killik River and Chandler Lake quadrangles and parts of neighboring quadrangles, north-central Brooks Range, Alaska Kelley, John Stewart. 1983
Bill and Lill Fickus, Brooks Range homesteaders Kaye, Roger, 1950 Dec. 31- 1994
Biological investigations of the Baird and Schwatka Mountains, Brooks Range, Alaska, 1963 Dean, Frederick C. 1964
Biotic homogenization Lockwood, Julie L. 2001
Birds of Anaktuvuk Pass, Kobuk, and Old Crow; a study in Arctic adaptation Irving, Laurence, 1895-1979. 1960
Birds of the North Slope
Blood groups of the Anaktuvuk Eskimos, Alaska Laughlin, William S., 1957


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