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Click on an Upper Koyukon phrase to hear it pronounced
and to listen to how it is used.


what do you have? i have mitts. i have moccasins. i have your moccasins. i have socks. i have his socks. i have a coat. i have store-bought boots. i have pants. i have snowshoes. these are matches. this is firewood. beaded mittens jacket

these are dry spruce branches. these are shavings. this is kindling. he is making a fire. make a fire. come here! go away! eat! drink! go to sleep! go to your place! go to your mother! go to your house! go to the baby! building a fire do you understand koyukon? yes, i understand koyukon. no, i don't understand koyukon. do you speak koyukon? yes, i speak koyukon. no, i don't speak koyukon. i understand a little. where are you going? i am going to the lake. i am going to school. i am going to the store. i am going to my aunt's house fish rack

Audio segments originally recorded by Eliza Jones & Joe Kwardceius for use with language lessons

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