Language Lessons

These lessons were adapted from the Kaska Language Lessons and were then translated and recorded by Agnes Moore and Joe Kwaraceius from the Alaska Native Language Center in Fairbanks, Alaska with permission from the Yukon Native Language Centre Whitehorse, Yukon.

The upstream dialect of the Koyukon language is referred to as Upper Koyukon. This language is spoken by elders in the communities of Tanana, Rampart, and Stevens Village. It is also spoken by some individuals in Fairbanks and Nenana. These lessons are based upon the curriculum guide now being used in the Yukon Territory, "Teaching Yukon Native Languages." The lessons as well as the art work are being used with the permission of the Yukon Native Language Centre.

In 1992, Agnes Moore of Tanana translated the lessons into Upper Koyukon. The sentences were then typed at the Alaska Native Language Center and proofread by James Kari and Eliza Jones. The book created out of this project and used in the Language Lesson portion of this website is available at the Alaska Native Language Center at UAF or at the Rasmuson Library. The lessons are designed as a course for children and adults who want to learn to converse in Koyukon. In addition, Agnes Moore recorded a tape to accompany the printed lessons (the digital audio used in this program.)

language lessons

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