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Click on an Upper Koyukon phrase to hear it pronounced
and to listen to how it is used.

how are you? i am sick. my knee hurts. i am happy. i am tierd. i am sleepy. one. sleepy person
two three four ten five how many are there? how many stars are there. i see stars. i see one star. i see two stars. i see three stars. how many sheep do you see. i see four sheep. i see five sheep.  teacups
give me a rock, bring me a rock. bring me money (one), bring me money (many). bring me some pennies. bring me a blanket. bring me a gun. bring me tea (in a cup). bring me water (in a cup). this is a river. this is a creek. this is a lake. tea pot and cups this is a mouuntain. this is a hill. stars

Audio segments originally recorded by Eliza Jones & Joe Kwardceius for use with language lessons i see three puppies. bear cub wolf pup store mountain

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