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Patrick Norman

Patrick Norman

Patrick Norman is from Port Graham, Alaska and for years has served as the Chief of the Port Graham Village Council. He served as president of the Port Graham Corporation, which was formed under the 1971 Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) to represent the Sugpiaq people of the Kenai Peninsula and to gain ownership and management of their traditional lands. Patrick has devoted himself to service to the Alaska Native community in the Chugach region where he is involved with a variety of organizations, including: Chairman of the board of directors of the Chugach Regional Resources Commission; Chairman of the North Pacific Rim Housing Authority; and on the Alaska Tribal Unity organization. As Chief of Port Graham, Patrick has been instrumental in establishing clean and renewable energy for his community. He is married to Francis Maganack Norman who has served on the Chugachmiut Board of Directors and the Alaska Federation of Natives Board. They have 3 children and a number of grandchildren who they are teaching to live according to their subsistence and cultural traditions.

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