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Patrick Norman
Patrick Norman

Patrick Norman was interviewed on September 29, 1997 by Lydia Robart in Port Graham, Alaska. At the time of the interview, Patrick was president of the Port Graham Corporation, the Native village corporation established under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA). In this interview, Patrick talks about land and subsistence access issues, and economic development opportunities that the village corporation is involved with, including road construction, hatcheries and the seafood industry, tourism, fishing charters, and logging.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 97-235-12

Project: Nanwalek and Port Graham
Date of Interview: Sep 29, 1997
Narrator(s): Patrick Norman
Interviewer(s): Lydia Robart
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Subsistence Division, Minerals Management Service
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1) Personal and family background

2) More about family, and Alaska Native land claims

3) Cultural loss, and economic development

4) Road development, and subsistence access

5) Subsistence management, and local village corporation

6) Corporation business investments

7) Economic development projects

8) Tourism

9) Village relocation, land use, jobs, and logging

10) Tourism and lodges

11) Tourism and fishing charters

12) Village council, and clam industry

13) Clams, fisheries, and the importance of education

14) Advice

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Section 1: Norman, Patrick/ personal history/ pipeline -- worked/ village council -- board member/ family history/ Norman, Marvin -- father/ Norman, Dorothy -- mother/ Norman, Francis -- wife|

Section 2: family history/ Norman, Wayne -- brother/ Norman, Mark -- brother/ Norman, Randy -- brother/ Norman, Gordon -- brother/ Norman, Marlene -- sister/ children/ Norman, Tosha -- daughter/ Norman, Vanessa -- daughter/ Norman, Stormin -- son/ land claims/ corporation ownership/ Exxon Valdez oil spill committee|

Section 3: land ownership/ land -- future generations/ people relocated/ Russian influence/ fishing industry/ cannery/ subsistence -- loss of/ economic development/ Port Graham -- road construction|

Section 4: road access/ subsistence -- access to resources/ seal/ moose/ bear/ porcupine/ village corporation/ Homesite Program/ Windy Bay -- land ownership/ Kenai Fjord land -- subsistence access|

Section 5: Kenai Fjords land -- subsistence management/ Corporation's goals/ local economy -- invest in/ cannery/ oil spill -- effects of/ Port Graham Seafoods|

Section 6: Port Graham Seafoods -- expectations/ fish -- Prince William Sound hatchery/ fish -- smoking operation/ value added products/ timber operation/ log transfer facility|

Section 7: dock -- to be used by ferry system/ economic development -- tourism/ Lodge -- Rocky Lake/ Anchor Point/ Windy Bay timber operation/ Rocky Bay|

Section 8: tourism/ fishing charters -- halibut/ Kachemak Bay State Park/ Resurrection Bay/ Kenai Fjords -- past use/ subsistence value/ economic value/ Red Salmon/ National Park Service|

Section 9: Nanwalek -- relocation to/ Kenai Fjords -- ownership of/ Aialik Bay/ CIRI/ tourism/ old village sites/ economic development potential/ employment/ corporation revenue/ tourism -- minimal impact/ tree planting -- mitigate impacts of logging|

Section 10: tour operations/ Kenai Fjords -- potential of/ Northwest Lagoon/ economic development/ lodge sites|

Section 11: tourism -- Kenai Fjords/ Port Graham/ Windy and Rocky Bay/ fishing/ outdoor activity -- potential of/ fishing -- halibut/ fishing -- chartered|

Section 12: Village Council -- board member/ hatchery board/ Chugach Regional Resource Commission/ Exxon Valdez money/ clam project/ steamer clam/ Port Graham/ Nanwalek/ Passage Island

Section 13: redneck clams/ scallops/ clam project/ Coho project/ Port Graham/ hatchery/ Silver Salmon -- enhancement project/ subsistence/ commercial harvest/ Pink Salmon program/ Canada/ steam assessment/ Hall, John -- forester/ younger generation/ education -- importance of/ village -- future of / natural resource management/ engineering/ economic development projects|

Section 14: stream assessment work/ advice to younger generation|