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Lydia Fly

Lydia Fly

Lydia Fly is Yup'ik from Tuluksak, Alaska. Lydia was born in 1933 to Martha and Peter Lott in a village that no longer exists that was across the river from Uuravik. She grew up near Uuravik and lived a traditional subsistence lifestyle based upon hunting, trapping, fishing and berrypicking and moving between seasonal camps. At age fifteen, she married Frank Fly and together they raised a large family, continuing to rely upon subsistence resources and traveling the land and rivers. For a while, she and Frank lived in a mud house near Macivik. Since her husband's death in 2003, Lydia lived by herself and kept busy by fishing and making set nets. She continued to rely upon Native foods, with her favorite being pike, whitefish, fermented fish, and dried fish eggs.

Date of Birth:
Sep 1, 1933
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