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Nellie "Ilegvak" Moses

Nellie Moses

Nellie Ilegvak (Fritz) Moses is Yup'ik and was born November 15, 1934 to Louise and Senakvaq Henry in Akiachak, Alaska. Nellie grew up living a traditional nomadic subsistence lifestyle of hunting, fishing, trapping and berry picking. She enjoyed becoming aware in the yuilquq (subsistence camp) and remembered fondly the days when people practiced the subsistence way of life. She married George Moses, Sr. on August 24, 1953, and together they raised ten children. Nellie worked for the Akiachak Native Community, and for several years as a custodian for the Yupiit School District. In her later years, Nellie worked as an elder for the Yup'ik Preschool Program and enjoyed passing on the elders’ knowledge to parents of preschool children in the community.

Biography written by Sophie Kasayulie of the Yupiit School District.

Date of Birth:
Nov 15, 1934
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