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Harry Turner

Harry Turner

hturnerft.gifHarry Turner was born in 1921 to Elia Dutchman from Shageluk, Alaska and George Turner, who was a trader. Harry grew up in Shageluk and Flat where his father ran trading posts. Harry moved into Holy Cross when his father and a partner set up a store there. Harry served in Army Corps of Engineers on the Aleutian Islands during World War II, was a successful hunter and trapper, worked as a commercial fisherman and water/sewer plant operator, and ran the Turner Store in Holy Cross into the 1970s, when it shut down. Harry Turner passed away in July 2003, and his wife of nearly sixty years, Lucy (Aloysius), who was born on February 2, 1928, passed away shortly thereafter on December 4, 2003. They raised ten children together.

Date of Birth:
Aug 5, 1921
Date of Death:
Jul 12, 2003
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