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Pauline Peter

Pauline Peter

Pauline Peter was born in 1932 to Martha Nelson at Toby's Camp, a remote camp on the Koyukuk River, halfway between Nulato and Huslia. Her mother died when she was two years old and she was adopted by an elder couple, John and Alga Angela Brown. The family spent most of each year living off the land on the Kaiyuh Flats, across the Yukon River from Nulato. In 1949, Pauline married Arthur Peter, and together they raised eight children and several foster children. She also raised several grandchildren, and because she grew up in the traditional Athabascan way, she shared with them her knowledge about using local wildlife and fish for subsistence. If you visited her home, you would probably find her making some traditional Athabascan beadwork handicrafts or cooking a meal from locally caught fish or game. Pauline has always been generous with sharing her traditional knowledge, skills, and foods. In 2013, Pauline received the Elder of the Year award from Doyon, Inc., the regional Native corporation for interior Alaska.

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