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Lynette Roberts

Lynette Roberts

Originally from Oregon, Lynette Roberts came to Alaska in 1974 and moved to Eagle with her husband, Steve Ulvi, and his brother, Dana. They soon moved out into the country and lived in remote cabins they built on the Kandik and Nation Rivers in what is now Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. They lived a simple, "no frills" subsistence lifestyle based on hunting, fishing, trapping, and doing as much from scrath and by hand as possible. She was an equal participant, although there turned out to be specific male and female activities. After having children, and the hardship of raising them on the river, the family moved into Eagle, where Steve began working for the National Park Service, and they were faced with the negative attitudes local residents felt toward the Park Service after the establishment of Yukon-Charely Rivers National Preserve and the implementation of management regulations on land use, subsistence, and mining. Eventually, the family moved to Fairbanks, which provided more opportunities. After Steve retired from the National Park Service, he and Lynette moved out of Alaska.

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