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Lynette Roberts, Part 2
Lynette Roberts

This is the continuation of an interview with Lynette Roberts on November 4, 1991 by Dan O'Neill in the audio studio at Elmer E. Rasmuson Library on the campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks in Fairbanks, Alaska. In this second part of a two part interview, Lynette continues to talk about the difficulties she and her husband, Steve Ulvi, faced in Eagle, Alaska with local attitudes towards the National Park Service after they moved in from living on the river. She also talks about their decision to move to Fairbanks, how it benefited their children, and what she liked and missed about living in the bush.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 91-22-52

Project: Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve
Date of Interview: Nov 4, 1991
Narrator(s): Lynette Roberts
Interviewer(s): Dan O'Neill
Location of Interview:
Location of Topic:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) Attitudes and politics in Eagle, Alaska

2) Moving to and staying in Fairbanks

3) In what ways Fairbanks has been beneficial to the kids

4) How living in Fairbanks has made them appreciate aspects of Eagle

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Section 1: Eagle - attitudes\ National Park Service - attitudes towards\ river people - attitudes towards\ Eagle - political spectrum\ Fairbanks - attitudes\ Eagle - women\ women - Eagle\ Fairbanks - women|

Section 2: Ulvi, Steve\ National Park Service - employee training\ Fairbanks - university\ Fairbanks - jobs|

Section 3: Ulvi, Lena\ Ulvi, Eli\ children - sports\ soccer - Fairbanks\ basketball\ distance running - Ulvi, Eli\ Ryan School - cross-country program\ Iha, Bill\ ballet - Fairbanks\ gymnastics - Fairbanks|

Section 4: Eagle - pace of life\ Eagle - "hometown"\ outhouses - aesthetics\ rural Alaska - physical space\ bush living - sense of space|