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Roy David, Sr.

Roy David, Sr.

Roy David, Sr. was born in 1937 at camp at Midway Lake, about eleven miles from the village of Tetlin, Alaska. His parents were Titus and Jessie David, and he is the fourth of six children (Kathyrn, Adam, Bentley, Roy, Lydia, Walter). He grew up in Tetlin, living a traditional subsistence lifestyle of hunting, trapping, fishing, and gardening. After leaving the community for work, Roy moved back in 1961 and has continued to live there. He has worked on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, as an alcohol counselor, and in law enforcement. He has also participated in dog team races. Roy has great knowledge of traditional stories and is an engaging storyteller. He is interested in sharing his knowledge and stories with the younger generation in hopes of keeping his Native traditions and values alive for the future.

Date of Birth:
Feb 28, 1937
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