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Nick Alexie, Sr.
Nick Alexie, Sr. and Richard Phillip

Nick Alexie, Sr. was interviewed on April 13, 2005 by William Schneider and Louann Rank in Tuluksak, Alaska. Marla Statscewich and Richard Philip, Nick's grandson, were also present during the interview. When Nick spoke in Yup'ik, it was translated into English by Frank Chingliak and Sophie Kasayulie of the Yupiit Elitnaurutait Program of the Yupiit School District. In this interview, Nick talks about spring and fall camp, what it was like in camp when he was a child, and how they traveled on the land. He also talks about fishing and the kinds of fish found around Tuluksak. A few days after this interview, Nick was going to spring camp, so we were lucky to catch him before he left town. Richard was looking forward to meeting his grandfather at camp for a few days.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 2004-07-29

Project: Tuluksak
Date of Interview: Apr 13, 2005
Narrator(s): Nick Alexie, Sr.
Interviewer(s): Bill Schneider, Louann Rank People Present: Marla Statscewich, Richard Phillip, Frank Chingliak, Sophie Kasayulie
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
U.S. Department of Education, Alaska Native Education, Yupiit School District
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1) Spring camp.

2) Lake near Qantar.

3) Fishing.

4) Spring camp.

5) Good places for spring camp and returning to the village in May.

6) Being in spring camp as a boy.

7) Fall camp with his family.

8) Traveling on the land.

9) Old days in camp with the family and trap lines.

10) Use of the land and areas.

11) Travel to the Yukon River.

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Section 1: At’aq/ Tuluksak and Akiak people -- different name for a slough/ parents -- took him to this spring camp/ snow machines -- dog teams/ spring camp -- muskrat, otters, minks, lynx, fish/ March - May -- spring camp/ return by boat/ Qantar -- all people use this site/ Qantar -- plate or bowl/ variety of food|

Section 2: fish traps -- nets/ At’aq – Kuik (Gweek) River/ beaver dams/ Nanvarnaq-- big lake/ spring camp -- more snow/ set up camp -- March/ gather wood|

Section 3: pike, whitefish -- nets/ fish -- winter/ breakup -- fish stay in lakes/ beaver dams -- block water ways/ Kuicaraq -- whitefish/ spawning area -- At’aq/ qagatii -- head of lake|

Section 4: March -- best time to portage gear/ spring camp -- high ground/ two rivers -- more fish/ camp site kassigluq/ snow melt -- flooding/ when to go to camp -- after Easter|

Section 5: Kuskokwim River – breakup/ river -- covered in water/ Qantar -- an island/ travel -- morning, things are frozen/ dogs -- size/ Iditarod/ portage -- spring camp/ Demantle, Joe -- land/ trail -- cut back/ return from spring camp|

Section 6: moving with the seasons/ young -- disciplined/ get out of tent -- barefoot/ training/ helped parents -- subsistence/ canoe -- tipped/ muskrat, beaver, mink, otter -- fur|

Section 7: Tuluksak River – tributary/ kayak/ Nanvarnek/ ongoing cycle -- travel from one camp to the next/ Tuluksak -- history/ people lived in Uuravik/ mouth of Tuluksak river -- fall camp/ old site -- across the river/ summer -- fish camp/ meaning of Tuluksak/ BIA school -- changed the name|

Section 8: trail to spring camp/ portages -- short/ spring -- breakup/ Johnson River -- portage/ Qantar -- At’aq/ snow-go -- one day trip/ flooding|

Section 9: hunting -- trapping/ men’s jobs -- women’s jobs/ 20 years since he’s gone to spring camp/ hand-crafted bow and arrow -- game or birds/ return -- after breakup/ high water -- travel/ fall camp -- name/ old site|

Section 10: Tuluksak, Akiak and Akiachak people/ Moses, John Sr. -- camped downriver/ people camped near each other/ Kuicaraq -- Yukon River/ Qantar, Kuicaraq -- long trip/ canoe sleds|

Section 11: Akiachak people -- travel to Yukon/ Yukon trail -- Akiachak/ Kuicaraq/ Russian Mission -- Yukon/ original trail -- marked trail/ USGS markers/ Tuluksak trail meets Yukon trail/ beaver -- use tripods/ snow machines -- travel fast/ Angyaruaq-- upside down boat|