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Walter Akpik, Sr., Interview 10
Walter Akpik, Sr.

Walter Akpik, Sr. (Utik) was interviewed on May 23, 1983 by Bill Schneider, Wendy Arundale and Kathy Itta Demientieff (now Ahgeak) at the site of Itqilliq on the Meade River near Atqasuk, Alaska for the Chipp-Ikpikpuk and Meade Rivers Oral History Project. Walter mostly spoke in Iñupiaq and Kathy was the Iñupiaq language translator during the interview. The group traveled by snowmachine to Itqilliq so that Walter could be at the place while discussing its history and uses. In this interview, Walter talks about the history of Itqilliq, Kaŋiġaksraq, Isuqtuq and Aki. He talks about the people who have used the areas, and the types of activities that occurred there, including hunting, fishing and trapping. (IHLC Tape #00084)

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1) People who utilized Kaŋiġaksraq.

2) Reasons people came to Kaŋiġaksraq.

3) Iŋaluaqtuuq Creek.

4) Kathy Itta translates into English what Walter said in Sections 1, 2 and 3.

5) Occupation and use of Itqilliq, Isuqtuq, and Aki.

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Section 1: Kaŋiġaksraq - residence\ dwellings - sod\ Tuvaatchialuk\ Tiġitquuraq\ Qayaaq\ Qiayuk\ Naulik\ Katuaq\ Kuutchiuraq\ Sikvayugak, Joseph|

Section 2: Barrow\ fishing\ Olemaun\ Aishanna, Bailey\ camp - hunting\ Kiiriq\ trapping - winter\ fishing - nets\ Kippi\ Kippi, Phoebe\ use - winter|

Section 3: Isuqtuq\ Tunik, Clayborne\ Aŋupqan\ camps - debris\ Simmonds, Samuel\ Simmonds, Martha\ camps - visible|

Section 4: Kathy translating what Walter said previously|

Section 5: Itqilliq\ Itqilliq - use of\ allotment\ Barrow\ Itqilliq - moving to\ travel\ snowmachine\ Akpik, Walter - grandfather\ hunting - caribou\ fishing - fall\ Akpik, Barry\ Akpik, Greta\ camp - moving\ allotments -- owners of\ Hopson, Lolly\ Hopson, Al Jr.\ subsistence resources - availability\ lake\ Nashaknik, Henry - family\ house - remains\ kayak\ Itqilliq River\ Isuqtuq\ Isuqtuq -- camping\ Aki\ Ikpikpak River\ Aki -- use of\ Atqasuk\ subsistence - fall\ stories\ trip -- date of\ Akpik, Barry - age\ coal\ fishing|