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Mary Hobson

Mary Hobson is interviewed on July 6, 1998 by Karen Evanoff Stickman in Nondalton, Alaska. In this interview, Mary identifies historic photographs, and talks about living off the land, tanning skins, proper behavior, early transportation, respecting animals, traditional plant use, and taboo restrictions.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 98-27-22, Side B

Project: Lake Clark National Park
Date of Interview: Jul 6, 1998
Narrator(s): Mary Hobson
Interviewer(s): Karen Evanoff
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) Identifying historic photographs

2) Continues identifying historic photographs

3) Continues identifying historic photographs

4) Continues identifying historic photographs

5) Her early childhood and living off the land

6) Fishing when she was a girl

7) Preparing skins for the winter when she was a girl

8) How her mother tanned moose skin

9) Continues talking about tanning moose skin

10) Making and setting snares

11) Animals being scared of people

12) Making her own toys as a young girl

13) Transportation in the early days

14) Her mom building a tent-like house out of cottonwood bark

15) Making a fish trap and a cache

16) Crossing the lake before there were motorboats

17) Continues talking about early transportation and the use of dogs

18) Walking from Lime Village to Nondalton

19) Her early days of camping and items made from birch bark

20) Lessons about proper behavior she learned from her grandfather

21) People in the villages looking out for and helping each other

22) Hunting by herself

23) Traveling alone with her dogteam

24) Gathering and chopping wood for her family

25) Using all the parts of an animal you kill

26) Winter food storage

27) The use of roots and plants

28) Continues talking about plant use

29) Teaching children lessons for proper behavior

30) Women's taboo restrictions

31) The reciprocal relationship between humans and nature

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Section 1: Hobson, Mary -- mother\ boats\ Hobson, Mary -- brother\ Evanoff, William\ Evanoff, Gust\ Hobson, Mary -- nephew\ Balluta, Sophie\ house -- Mary Hobson's uncle\ Evan, Sergie\ Nondalton|

Section 2: Hobson, Mary -- mother\ blindness\ Evanoff, Agofia\ Balluta, Sophie\ Hobson, Mary -- nephew\ Cusma, Hilda\ Hobson, Mary -- daughter\ Cusma, Edna\ Hobson, Mary -- sister\ children --raising|

Section 3: potlatch -- memorial\ Hobson, Mary -- uncle\ Evan, Anton\ Evan, Alexie\ Tacarr, Paul?\ Zackar, ?\ Delkittie, Gulia?\ death\ celebration -- community|

Section 4: Wassillie, Albert Sr.\ children\ babysitting|

Section 5: school\ teacher\ elders\ Lime Village\ childhood\ land -- living off\ Spring\ Little River\ fish camp\ fish -- sucker\ fish -- whitefish\ fish -- pike\ ducks\ food -- preparation\ fish -- smoked\ dog food\ dogs -- driving\ Summer|

Section 6: smokehouse\ Hobson, Mary -- grandfather\ fishing\ fish trap\ beach\ fish box\ lake\ boats -- canoe\ Hobson, Mary -- mother\ canoe -- material\ skin -- moose\ skin -- caribou\ Hobson, Mary -- uncle\ canoe -- birch bark|

Section 7: sewing\ mukluks\ gloves\ mountain\ Winter -- preparations for\ meat -- drying\ skin -- cleaning\ skin -- drying\ Hobson, Mary -- mother\ skin -- moose\ skin -- caribou\ skin -- squirrel\ house\ trapline|

Section 8: Hobson, Mary -- mother\ skin -- moose\ skin -- cleaning\ washtub\ caribou\ marrow\ soot\ brains\ skin -- tanning\ skin -- scraping\ helping\ Hobson, Mary -- father|

Section 9: skin -- tanning\ skin -- drying\ skin -- moose\ skin -- sack\ fire\ skin -- smoking\ skin -- sewing\ gloves\ Winter\ boots\ skin -- squirrel\ parka|

Section 10: snare -- squirrel\ seagull -- wing\ eagle -- wing\ sinew\ Hobson, Mary -- mother\ mountain|

Section 11: respect\ respect -- animals\ respect -- elders\ animals -- fear of humans\ black bear\ fire\ smokehouse\ fear|

Section 12: toys\ dolls\ skin -- scraps\ doll -- clothes\ skin -- squirrel\ sewing\ black bear -- feet\ ball\ moss\ play|

Section 13: Snow-go\ motor\ sleigh\ boats -- canoe\ skin -- moose\ skin -- cleaning\ skin -- sewing|

Section 14: house -- construction\ logs\ Hobson, Mary -- mother\ fish camp\ cottonwood -- bark\ tent\ stove\ birch bark\ mud\ grass|

Section 15: youth -- boys\ education\ uncle\ grandfather\ father\ boats -- canoe\ fish trap\ Tailaqa?\ camp\ Takkaq?\ cache\ meat -- drying\ dog food|

Section 16: changes\ motor\ lake -- crossing\ boats -- canoe\ boats\ logs\ raft\ tent\ stove\ river|

Section 17: raft\ lake -- crossing\ Lime Village\ river\ dog team\ Summer\ beach\ dogs -- packing\ mountain\ dog food\ fish|

Section 18: Lime Village\ Nondalton\ move\ travel -- walk\ packing -- baby\ dogs -- packing\ fish|

Section 19: tea kettle\ chiniq\ frying pan\ food -- bannocks\ food -- fried fish\ mountain\ steam bath\ Hobson, Mary -- father\ trapping\ cache\ fish -- mountain trout\ fish -- silver salmon\ birch bark -- use of\ basin\ plate\ dishpan\ birch bark -- season\ June\ dogs -- driving\ camp|

Section 20: priest\ Nondalton\ Lime Village\ Sergie, Father\ Hobson, Mary -- grandfather\ education -- lessons\ sewing\ work\ play|

Section 21: Evanoff, Zackar\ death\ Hobson, Mary -- father\ chief\ curfew\ Old Village\ education -- lessons\ public safety\ children\ wood\ food\ donation\ Lime Village\ community -- helping each other\ hard times|

Section 22: hunting\ mountain\ self-reliance\ caribou\ skin -- drying\ meat -- drying\ uncle\ dogs -- driving\ trapping\ work|

Section 23: travel -- dog team\ meat -- beaver\ sled\ wood -- collecting\ darkness\ camp\ dogs\ snow\ cook\ fire\ dogs -- driving\ Hobson, Mary -- mother\ self-reliance|

Section 24: wood -- collecting\ Hobson, Mary -- grandfather\ sled\ wood -- chopping\ tools -- long saw\ Hobson, Mary -- mother\ steam bath\ uncle\ travel -- dog team\ darkness\ cook|

Section 25: birds -- grouse\ animals -- treatment of\ animals -- use of\ skin -- cleaning\ meat\ bones\ feet\ stomach\ bones -- use of\ tallow\ grease\ birch bark|

Section 26: food -- preparation\ stomach\ sack\ tallow\ food -- storage\ berries -- storage\ oil|

Section 27: beach\ root -- collecting\ Qiala?\ root -- preparation of\ potato\ plants -- storage of\ plants -- season\ fern\ mountain\ Hobson, Mary -- grandfather\ plants -- collecting\ plants -- preparation of\ soup|

Section 28: plants -- pussy-willow\ Spring\ plants -- use of\ saving|

Section 29: children\ discipline\ children -- playing\ Summer\ children -- raising\ education -- lessons\ chores\ clothes -- drying\ night|

Section 30: women -- behavior\ taboos -- menstruation\ rules -- for living\ bones\ kick\ boats|

Section 31: mountain\ reciprocity\ nature -- respect for\ nature -- relationship to|