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Nicholia Balluta
Nicholia Balluta

Nicholia Balluta was interviewed on October 31, 1998 by Karen Evanoff Stickman in Nondalton, Alaska. In this interview, Nicholia talks about his childhood and learning to live off the land from his parents and grandparents, his experience in church, and the importance of education and teaching young people their Native language. He also discusses historic photographs of family members and people in Nondalton, Lime Village, Russian Mission, and Stony River, Alaska.

Digital Asset Information

Archive #: Oral History 98-27-21

Project: Lake Clark National Park
Date of Interview: Oct 31, 1998
Narrator(s): Nicholia Balluta
Interviewer(s): Karen Evanoff
Location of Interview:
Funding Partners:
National Park Service
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1) Identifying historic photographs

2) Identifying historic photographs continued

3) Identifying historic photographs continued

4) Identifying historic photographs continued

5) Identifying historic photographs continued

6) Identifying historic photographs continued

7) Identifying historic photographs continued

8) Identifying historic photographs continued

9) Learning from parents and grandparents

10) Reading in church

11) Teaching Native knowledge to today's young people

12) Native language preservation and education

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Section 1: Bobby, Katherine\ Wassillie, Father\ travel\ Lime Village\ Russian Mission\ Bobby, Vonga\ Bobby, Matrona|

Section 2: Lime Village\ graves\ graves -- grandmother\ Bobby family|

Section 3: Zackar, Humishka\ Zackar, Annie\ age\ Old Iliamna\ Stony River\ Nondalton|

Section 4: Stony River\ Evan, Alexie\ Evan, Oksina\ Wassillie, Father\ Lime Village|

Section 5: Bobby, Pete\ Balluta, Alice\ Nondalton\ Lime Village|

Section 6: school\ Old Nondalton\ exercise\ school -- eighth grade|

Section 7: Gust, Father\ Bobby, Alexan\ Wassillie, Father -- relative\ Bobby, Katherine\ Lime Village\ travel|

Section 8: Vanderpool\ Fonga -- mother\ burial\ Lime Village\ family\ Nondalton|

Section 9: childhood\ education -- living off the land\ hunting\ fishing\ survival|

Section 10: church -- Reader\ altar boy\ military service|

Section 11: education -- change\ youth\ survival\ food -- storage\ hunting\ trapping\ youth -- lack of cultural knowledge|

Section 12: language -- Native\ education -- bilingual\ language -- loss of\ language -- education|