HISTORY at RISK, a radio series "Linking Alaskans to their Past"

about streaming HISTORY at RISK radio series

University of Alaska Oral History Project Jukebox streams the audio files as MP3 FILES. So how do you listen to all of the MP3 content?

Step 1: Download some kind of streaming MP3 audio player.
You will need a streaming audio player that can handle MP3 files, and there are LOTS of them. (this this apply to our department???... Here is the catch though: all of the files stream through a locator file which ends in .M3U, so you need a player that will play M3U files).

Here's a quick list of Players, divided by system type, that will work with our audio:

Windows: Macintosh: Linux / Unix:

Step 2: Click on the speed below that represents your Internet connection speed.
High Speed - Cable Modem, DSL or Higher (Mono)
Low Speed - 56k modem or Lower (Mono)

Step 3: Sit back and enjoy History at Risk radio series on your computer!

Project Jukebox would like to thank KUAC Public Radio for providing this audio streaming information for our web streams!