Anaktuvuk Pass: Books

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Title Author Publishedsort descending
Studies on the McCall Glacier, Brooks Range, Alaska Wendler, Gerd. 1970
Nameless valleys, shining mountains; the record of an expedition into the vanishing wilderness of Alaska's Brooks Range Milton, John P. 1970
Adventures with arctic wildlife Staender, Vivian. 1970
Geology and geochemistry of the Chandalar area, Brooks Range, Alaska / by E.R. Chipp Chipp, E. R. 1970
The late prehistoric/early historic Eskimo of interior northern Alaska: an ethnoarcheological approach? Hall, Edwin S., 1939- 1970
Earth and the great weather: the Brooks Range Brower, Kenneth, 1944- 1971
Pennsylvanian carbonates, paleoecology, and stratigraphy, north flank, eastern Brooks Range, Arctic Alaska Armstrong, Augustus K. 1971
The central Brooks Range classification : a proposal United States. Bureau of Land Management. 1971
Eskimos Birket-Smith, Kaj, 1893-1977. 1971
New Late Mississippian ostracode genera and species from northern Alaska Sohn, I. G. (Israel Gregory), 1911-2000. 1971
Determination of abundance and distribution of brown bear (ursus arctos) north of the Brooks Range, Alaska Crook, James Lynn. 1971
Translation of 1964 Russian correlations between Wrangel Island and northern Alaska Tailleur, I. L. 1971
Tundra plants of the North Slope 1972
North Slope, its physiography, fauna, and its flora Koranda, John, Dr. 1972
Geochemical reconnaissance in the Wiseman and Chandalar districts and adjacent region, southern Brooks Range, Alaska Brosgé, William Peters, 1921- 1972
Pennsylvanian carbonates, paleoecology, and rugose colonial corals, north flank, eastern Brooks Range, Arctic Alaska Armstrong, Augustus K. 1972
This is the story about Anaktuvuk Pass village Mekiana, Homer. 1972
The last of the independents Morgan, Lael. 1972
Bryophyte taxa lists of the high Alaskan Arctic Rastorfer, James R. 1972
Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska village census Hanson, Wayne C. 1972
Water-resources reconnaissance of Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska Sloan, Charles E., 1930- 1972
The impact of formal education upon the Nunamiut Eskimos of Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska : a case study Cline, Michael Slater, 1937- 1972
Oil round the polar rim 1972
Central Brooks Range : a description Joint Federal-State Land Use Planning Commission for Alaska. 1973
Quaternary geology of the Ambler and Killik regions, Brooks Range, Alaska : final report Hamilton, Thomas D. (Thomas Dudley), 1936- 1973


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