Anaktuvuk Pass: Books

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Title Author Published
The structural and tectonic evolution of the Central Brooks Range and North Slope, Alaska Butler, Brian D. (Brian Daniel), 1960- 1985
The treeline ecotone in interior Alaska : from theory to planning and the ecology in between Wilmking, Martin. 2003
The Tuktu Complex of Anaktuvuk Pass Campbell, John Martin, 1927- 1961
The wild canids : their systematics, behavioral ecology, and evolution Fox, Michael W., 1937- 1974
The Wolverine Creek sequence : evidence for an allochthon below the Brooks Range allochthon, western Brooks Range, Alaska Young, Lorne E. 1992
The wolves of Alaska : a fact-based saga Rearden, Jim. 2002
This is the story about Anaktuvuk Pass village Mekiana, Homer. 1972
Through their eyes : Alaska native students' perceptions of teacher attitude and behavior Contreras, Rene Vernon. 1997
Thrust-breakthrough of folds southwest of Galbraith Lake, central Brooks Range, Alaska Grischkowsky, Elizabeth A. 2002
Time and ptarmigan Partnow, Patricia H., 1949- 2004
Timing and controls on fold-and-thrust deformation of the Jago stock, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Peapples, Paige R. 1994
Toolik Lake project: terrestrial and freshwater research on change in the Arctic Hobbie, John E. 1991
Tracks in the wildland : a portrayal of Koyukon and Nunamiut subsistence Nelson, Richard K. 1982
Tracks in the wildland : a portrayal of Koyukon and Nunamiut subsistence Nelson, Richard K. 1978
Tracy arm Dye, Lee.
Transgressive sedimentation in rift-flank region : deposition of the Endicott group (early Carboniferous), northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska LePain, David L. 1993
Translation of 1964 Russian correlations between Wrangel Island and northern Alaska Tailleur, I. L. 1971
Triassic and Early Jurassic radiolarian faunas, Brooks Range, Alaska Blome, Charles D. 1986
Trophy rams of the Brooks Range, plus Secrets of a sheep and mountain goat guide Gilchrist, Duncan. 1981
Tuktu complex of Anaktuvuk Pass Campbell, John M. 1961
Tundra plants of the North Slope 1972
Turbidite depositional environments of the upper Cretaceous to Tertiary Canning Formation, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), Alaska Vandergon, Mark A. 1986
Twenty measured sections of Permian Echooka formation, Northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Hakkila, Gregg A. 1986
Ulungarat Formation-type secton of a new formation, headwaters of the Kongakut River, eastern Brooks Range, Alaska Anderson, Arlene Verona, 1938- 1991
Under northern lights : writers and artists view the Alaskan landscape Soos, Frank. 2000


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