Anaktuvuk Pass: Books

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Quaternary geology of the Mount Chamberlin area, Brooks Range, Alaska Holmes, George William, 1922- 1965
Pleistocene geology of Anaktuvuk Pass, Central Brooks Range, Alaska Porter, Stephen C. 1966
The Eskimo of North Alaska Chance, Norman A. (Norman Allee), 1927- 1966
A field study of the Nunamiut Eskimos : the last surviving group of inland Eskimos in Alaska whose economy is based upon the caribou Jensen, Arlene. 1967
Alaska's Native People, Part 3 of 4 1967
Ancient men of the Arctic Giddings, J. Louis (James Louis), 1909-1964. 1967
Geology of the Lake Peters area, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Reed, Bruce L., 1934- 1968
The Kavik-site of Anaktuvuk Pass, Central Brooks Range Campbell, John Martin, 1927- 1968
Kavik site of Anaktuvuk Pass, central Brooks Range, Alaska Campbell, John M. 1968
North Slope road study Alaska. Dept. of Highways 1968
Anaktuvuk Pass village census Hanson, Wayne C. 1968
Foraminiferal zonation and carbonate facies of the Mississippian and Pennsylvanian Lisburne group, central and eastern Brooks Range, Arctic Alaska Armstrong, Augustus K. 1969
Availability of petrographic thin-sections of the Lisburne group from northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Armstrong, Augustus K. 1969
Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska village census Hanson, Wayne C. 1969
Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska village census Hanson, Wayne C. 1969
The late prehistoric/early historic Eskimo of interior northern Alaska: an ethnoarcheological approach? Hall, Edwin S., 1939- 1970
The Eskimo trading partnership in north Alaska : a study in "balanced reciprocity" Burch, Ernest S., 1938- 1970
Arctic bush mission; the experiences of a missionary bush pilot in the Far North Chambers, John R. 1970
Soils of the Anaktuvuk Pass area, Alaska Schoephorster, Dale B. 1970
Special report on a reconnaissance of the upper Kobuk-Koyukuk region, Brooks Range, northern Alaska United States. National Park Service. Office of Resource Planning. San Francisco Planning and Service Center. 1970
Archeological survey in the region of Itkillik Lake, Alaska : a report to the Bureau of Land Management and the National Park Service Kunz, Michael L. 1970
North slope road study; report Alaska. Dept. of Highways. 1970
Eskimo trading partnership in north Alaska: a study in balanced reciprocity Burch, "Tiger" Ernest S., Jr., Ph.D. 1970
Divorce and after Bohannan, Paul. 1970
Lead-, zinc-, and barite-bearing samples from the western Brooks Range, Alaska Tailleur, Irvin L. 1970


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