Anaktuvuk Pass: Books

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Sturucture [i.e. structure] and stratigraphy of the Northeastern Okpilak Batholith and Jago River Area, Romanzof Mountains, Northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Pavia, Eugene A. 1986
Lithostratigraphy and structural evolution of the northeastern Okpilak batholith area, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Pavia, Eugene Angelo. 1997
Stratigraphy and structure of the area of the Killik, Chandler, Anaktuvuk, and Colville Rivers, Alaska Payne, Thomas G. (Thomas Gibson), 1915- 1946
Geology and mineral occurrences of the Porcupine Lake area, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Peace, Jerry L. 1979
Timing and controls on fold-and-thrust deformation of the Jago stock, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Peapples, Paige R. 1994
Deformation styles along the eastern margin of Jago stock, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Peapples, Paige R. 1993
Far north living Pechek, "Stu" Stuart D., 1951- . 1992
Regional subsistence land use, North Slope Borough, Alaska Pedersen, Sverre. 1979
Fairbanks today Pender, Jane. 1980
From dog sleds to float planes : Alaskan adventures in medicine Persons, Jean. 2007
Gravity modeling of the Okpilak batholith, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Petersen, Keri (Carol) A. 1995
Stratigraphy and structure of the northeastern Doonerak Window area, central Brooks Range, northern Alaska Phelps, James C. 1987
Geology of Anaktuvuk Pass, central Brooks Range, Alaska Porter, Stephen C. 1962
Pleistocene geology of Anaktuvuk Pass, Central Brooks Range, Alaska Porter, Stephen C. 1966
The mass balance and the flow of a polythermal glacier, McCall Glacier, Brooks Range, Alaska Rabus, Bernhard Theodor. 1997
Effects of all-terrain vehicle traffic on tundra terrain near Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska Racine, Charles H. 1988
Anaktuvik [i.e. Anaktuvuk] Pass line loss analysis report Raj Bhargava Associates. 1991
Glacial legacy effects on tundra stream processes and macroinvertebrate communities, North Slope, Alaska Rantala, Heidi Marie. 2009
Paleoalaskan adaptive strategies viewed from Northwestern Alaska Rasic, Jeffrey Thomas, 1971- 2008
Bryophyte taxa lists of the high Alaskan Arctic Rastorfer, James R. 1972
Notes on the Nunamiut Eskimo and mammals of the Anaktuvuk Pass region, Brooks Range, Alaska Rausch, Robert L. (Robert Lloyd), 1921- 1988
Peat resources of the Talkeetna-Kashwitna area, southcentral Alaska Rawlinson, S. E. 1988
Eskimo art : tradition and innovation in north Alaska Ray, Dorothy Jean. 1977
An Application of pedological and palynological techniques at the Mesa site, northern Brooks Range, Alaska Reanier, Richard E., Dr. 1982
The wolves of Alaska : a fact-based saga Rearden, Jim. 2002


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