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Sturucture [i.e. structure] and stratigraphy of the Northeastern Okpilak Batholith and Jago River Area, Romanzof Mountains, Northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Pavia, Eugene A. 1986
Structural evolution of the eastern Sadlerochit Mountains, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska : a preliminary report based on the summer 1986 field season Meigs, Andrew Jacobsen. 1986
Stratigraphy and structural setting of the Picnic Creek allochthon, Killik River quadrangle, central Brooks Range, Alaska : a summary Mull, Charles G. 1986
Preliminary report on Kikiktat Mountain, a klippe of basalts, cherts, and calcareous arkosic sediments in the northern Brooks Range, Alaska Solie, Diana N. 1986
Preliminary bedrock geologic map of part of the demarcation point A-3 and A-4 quadrangles, Bathtub Ridge, Northeastern Alaska Camber, Wendy. 1986
The Doonerak fenster, central Brooks Range, Alaska Mull, Charles G. 1986
Triassic and Early Jurassic radiolarian faunas, Brooks Range, Alaska Blome, Charles D. 1986
Petrologic and geochemical characterization of the Red Dog and other base-metal sulfide and barite deposits in the Delong Mountains, western Brooks Range, Alaska Lueck, Larry. 1986
Arctic: the communities Chase, Juli, 1986
The Eskimos and Aleuts Dumond, Don E., 1929- 1987
Alaska whales and whaling (Part 1 of 2) 1987
Geologic map of the Wiseman A-4 quadrangle, southcentral Brooks Range, Alaska Dillon, John T. 1987
Geochemical maps and evaluation of stream-sediment geochemical data of the Wiseman 1⁰ x 3⁰ quadrangle, Brooks Range, Alaska Cathrall, John B. 1987
Nunamiut unipkaanich = Nunamiut stories Kakinya, Elijah Groovenstein. 1987
Quliaqtuat Iñupiat Nunaniññiñ : the report of the Chipp-Ikpikpuk River and Upper Meade River oral history project Arundale, Wendy Hanford, 1945- 1987
Stratigraphy and structure of the northeastern Doonerak Window area, central Brooks Range, northern Alaska Phelps, James C. 1987
Lithospheric flexure, Brooks Range thrusting, and the evolution of Colville Basin stratigraphy, northern Alaska Iliff, Vicki Kay, 1962- 1987
On-site sewage disposal feasibility study, Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska Alaska. Village Safe Water Program. 1987
Preliminary geologic map of central Leffingwell Ridge, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Hanks, Catherine L. 1987
A mineralogical look at the purple and green phyllitic sheared breccia from the Hammond terrane, Chandalar D-6 Brooks Range, Alaska Friesen, Walter B. 1987
Balanced cross sections through the central Brooks Range, and North Slope, Arctic Alaska Oldow, John S. 1987
Sedimentology and structural geology of the Endicott Mountains allochthon, central Brooks Range, Alaska Handschy, James William. 1988
Gaunt beauty-- tenuous life : historic resources study, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve Brown, William E. 1988
The geology and mineralization of the Sukakpak Mountain Area, Brooks Range, Alaska Huber, Jeffrey Alan. 1988
Koviashuvik : a time and place of joy Wright, Sam, 1988


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