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Structure and stratigraphy of lower Paleozoic rocks, Doonerak Window, central Brooks Range, Alaska Julian, Frances Elizabeth. 1989
Structure and lithostratigraphy of the Kikiktat Mountain area, central Killick River Quadrangle, north-central Brooks Range, Alaska Alexander, Robert J. 1990
Structural geometry and sequence in the eastern Sadlerochit Mountains, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Meigs, Andrew Jacobsen. 1989
Structural geometry and evolution of the western Shublik Mountains, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska McMullen, Barbara S. 1989
Structural geometry and evolution of the Toyuk thrust zone, Brooks Range, Alaska Chmielowski, Reia M. 1998
Structural evolution of the eastern Sadlerochit Mountains, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska : a preliminary report based on the summer 1986 field season Meigs, Andrew Jacobsen. 1986
Structural evolution of the central Shublik Mountains and Ignek Valley, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Rogers, John A. 1989
Structural evolution of a fold-and-thrust belt in the Northeastern Brooks Range : implications from apatite fission-truck analysis Wallace, Wesley Kent. 1993
Structural development and kinematic history of ramp-footwall collapse in the Doonerak multiduplex, central Brooks Range, arctic Alaska Seidensticker, C. Michael. 1992
Structural and petrologic evolution of the southern Brooks Range near Wiseman, Alaska Gottschalk, Richard R. 2002
Stratigraphy, structure, and palinspastic synthesis of the western Brooks Range, northwestern Alaska Mayfield, Charles F. 1983
Stratigraphy, age, depositional environments, and hydrocarbon source rock evaluation of the Otuk Formation, north-central Brooks Range, Alaska Bodnar, Dirk Allen. 1984
Stratigraphy and structure of the northeastern Doonerak Window area, central Brooks Range, northern Alaska Phelps, James C. 1987
Stratigraphy and structure of the Ekokpuk Creek area, north-central Brooks Range, Alaska Nelson, Willis H. (Willis Howard), 1920- 1990
Stratigraphy and structure of the area of the Killik, Chandler, Anaktuvuk, and Colville Rivers, Alaska Payne, Thomas G. (Thomas Gibson), 1915- 1946
Stratigraphy and structural setting of the Picnic Creek allochthon, Killik River quadrangle, central Brooks Range, Alaska : a summary Mull, Charles G. 1986
Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Fortress Mountain Formation at Atigun Syncline, northern Alaska Goff, Robert Allen. 1990
Stratigraphy and paleontology of the Noatak and associated formations, Brooks Range, Alaska Dutro, J. Thomas. 1952
Stratigraphy and depositional environments of lower Cretaceous strata, western Bathtub Ridge, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Camber, Wendy. 1994
Stratigraphic variation across a middle Devonian to Mississippian rift-basin margin and implications for subsequent fold and thrust geometry, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Anderson, Arlene Verona, 1938- 1993
Stratigraphic nomenclature for the upper Devonian and lower Mississippian(?) Kanayut conglomerate, Brooks Range, Alaska Nilsen, Tor Helge. 1984
Stratigraphic evolution and lateral facies changes across a carbonate ramp and their effect on parasequences of the carboniferous Lisburne group, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, northeastern Alaska Gruzlovic, Paul D. 1991
Stratiform zinc-lead deposits in the Drenchwater Creek area, Howard Pass quadrangle, northwestern Brooks Range, Alaska Nokleberg, Warren J. 1982
Special report on a reconnaissance of the upper Kobuk-Koyukuk region, Brooks Range, northern Alaska United States. National Park Service. Office of Resource Planning. San Francisco Planning and Service Center. 1970
Songs of the Nunamiut [sound recording] : Historical recordings of an Alaskan Eskimo community Ingstad, Helge, 1899-2001. 1998


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