Anaktuvuk Pass: Books

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Title Authorsort descending Published
Aerial monitoring of dolly varden overwintering abundance in the Anaktuvuk, Ivishak, Canning, and Hulahula Rivers, 2006-2008 Viavant, Tim. 2009
Tectono-thermal evolution of the Brooks Range collisional orogen, Alaska : insights from a structural, metamorphic, and ⁴⁰Ar/³⁹Ar thermochronology study of the Arrigetch Peaks region Vogl, James J. 2000
Terra incognito Wakeland, "Bill" William, 1922-2010. 1995
Land between the mountains Walker, Tom, 1945- 1980
Detachment folds above a passive-roof duplex : an example from the northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Wallace, Wesley Kent. 1992
Structural evolution of a fold-and-thrust belt in the Northeastern Brooks Range : implications from apatite fission-truck analysis Wallace, Wesley Kent. 1993
Geochemical characterization of sedimentary organic matter and hydrothermal petroleum in the black shale-hosted Zn-Pb deposit at Red Dog Mine, western Brooks Range, Alaska Warner, Matthew Carl, 1962- 1998
Preliminary results of recent geologic field investigations in the Brooks Range foothills and North Slope, Alaska Wartes, Marwan A. 2008
Carboniferous Lisburne Group of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Brooks Range, northeastern Alaska : progress report summarizing initial results of 1988 research Watts, Keith F. 1990
Surficial geologic maps of the Sagavanirktok A-1, A-2, and B-2 quadrangles, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Waythomas, Christopher F. 1991
Surficial geologic map of the Sagavanirktok B-1 quadrangle, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Waythomas, Christopher F. 1991
Description of surficial geologic map units, Philip Smith Mountains C-3 and C-4 quadrangles Waythomas, Christopher F. 1992
Sleep: an active process; research and commentary Webb, Wilse B. 1973
Wild rivers of Alaska Weber, Sepp, 1929- 1976
Studies on the McCall Glacier, Brooks Range, Alaska Wendler, Gerd. 1970
Geology and timing of Zn-Pb-Ag mineralization, northern Brooks Range, Alaska Werdon, M. B. 1999
Lead isotopic ratios, ICP and XRF analyses, and fluid inclusion data from the Kady Zn-Pb-Cu-Ag vein-breccia prospect, northern Brooks Range, Alaska Werdon, M. B. 1998
American beginnings : the prehistory and palaeoecology of Beringia West, Frederick Hadleigh. 1996
Preliminary investigation of the Lisburne Group, upper Nanushuk River Region, central Brooks Range, Alaska White, Jesse Garnett. 2005
Carbonate facies and sequence stratigraphy of the carboniferous Lisburne group, Upper Nanushuk River Region, Central Brooks Range, Alaska White, Jesse Garnett. 2007
Habitat associations, distribution, and abundance of Smith's longspur (Calcarius pictus), an uncommon species of concern in the Brooks Range, Alaska Wild, Teri Corvus. 2013
Reconstructing northern Alaska : crustal-scale evolution of the central Brooks Range Williams, Jonathan D. 2000
The treeline ecotone in interior Alaska : from theory to planning and the ecology in between Wilmking, Martin. 2003
Archaeological investigations at the Atigun site, Central Brooks Range, Alaska Wilson, Ian R. 1978
Processes of lithosphere evolution : geochemistry and tectonics of mafic rocks in the Brooks Range and Yukon-Tanana region, Alaska Wirth, Karl Rudolph. 1991


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