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14 Mile: H95-29 H95-27

40 Mile: H95-14 H95-27

40 Mile - garden: H95-27

40 Mile - greenhouse: H95-27

4th July Creek: H95-14

74 mile: H87-74-08

82 Mile: H96-48-01

9 mile: H95-29

A. Dwayne Bush: H97-04

accommodations: H87-74-01

ACS: H87-74-01 H78-37-01

activities: H97-04 H97-03 H95-14

advance of technology: H95-51-01

agency - asking to move: H95-27

Aimes, Al - fish wheel: H95-14

airdrop: H95-27

airfield: H97-04 H78-37-01

airfield - Central: H97-04

airfield - Circle Hot Springs: H97-04

airfield - Miller House: H97-04

airplanes - arrival: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-14 H95-51-01

A J Mine: H97-04

airplanes: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-14 H95-51-01 H95-27

Alaska - license plates: H95-51-01

Alaska - moving around: H95-51-01

Alaska - reasons moved out: H95-51-01

Alaska Rail Road: H96-03-01

Alaska Road Commission: H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-21 H96-48-01

Alaskan people: H95-51-01

Alaskan towns: H95-51-01

Albert Creek: H97-04 H95-27

alcohol - brewing: H87-74-01

alcohol - consumption: H87-74-01 H96-48-01

alcohol - sale of: H87-74-01

alcohol: H87-74-01 H96-48-01

Amalgam: H97-04

Ames, Charlotte: H96-03-02 H97-04 H78-37-01 H95-51-01

Ames, Charlotte - brother: H95-51-01

Ames, Charlotte - jobs: H78-37-01

Amundsen Cabin: H95-14

Anchorage: H87-74-08 H96-03-02

Anchorage paper: H96-03-02

Anderson, Jack: H87-74-08 H96-03-02 H95-21 H97-04

Anderson, Pete and wife: H96-03-02

Andrew Creek: H95-14

animal population - changes: H95-09-02

animals: H95-09-02 H95-14 H95-27

antler pile: H96-48-01

Appelle, Henry: H96-03-01 H96-48-01

Arctic Circle: H95-09-01

Arctic Village: H95-29

Athabaskan - speaking: H95-29

babiche - caribou: H95-29

Bachelor Creek: H87-74-08

bachelor: H87-74-08 H87-74-01

Bachner: H97-04

baking: H95-09-02

Bale, LeRay: H97-04

Ball, Bill: H87-74-01

bar: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-09-02 H97-04 H78-37-01 H95-51-01 H96-48-01 H95-27

barber: H78-37-01

Bareil, Phil: H95-09-02

barge: H96-03-01 H95-27

barge - Marianne: H96-03-01

Barrow: H95-51-01 H95-27

Bartlett, Bob: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H97-04

Bartlett, Bob - father: H87-74-08

Bartlett, Ed: H96-48-01

Bayliss Family: H87-74-08

Bayliss, Grover: H97-04

Bayliss, Howard: H97-04

Bayliss, Otto - family: H87-74-08

beaded horseshoe: H97-03

bean pot: H95-21

beans: H95-21

bears: H95-21 H95-27

beautiful: H95-27

beaver: H95-09-01 H95-29

bedrock: H97-04

beets: H95-51-01

Beistline, Earl: H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H95-21

Bell, Arlene: H96-03-02 H95-27

Bell, Arlene - children: H95-27

Bell, Arlene - early life: H95-27

Bell, Arlene - husband: H95-27

Bell, Arlene - jobs: H95-27

Bell, Arlene - sons: H95-27

Bell, Ray: H95-09-02

Bell, Ray - family: H95-09-02

Belle Creek: H87-74-08 H87-74-01

Belle, Rue: H97-03

Bellingham: H96-03-01

Bentley: H97-04

Berdahl: H87-74-01 H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-51-01 H95-27

Berdahl, Johnny: H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-14

Berdahl, Johnny - children: H95-21

Berdahl, Johnny - son: H95-27 H95-21

Berdahl, Johnny - wife: H95-21

Bergeson, Andy: H87-74-08 H97-03 H95-27

Bergeson, Andy - wife: H95-27

Bergevin, Dan: H97-04 H97-03

Bernard: H96-48-01

berry - location: H95-27

berry - picking: H95-27 H95-21 H96-03-01

Berry - wood cutting: H87-74-08

Berry Camp: H87-74-01

Berry Co.: H87-74-08 H96-48-01

Berry Dredge: H96-03-01 H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H96-48-01

Berry, Alex: H97-04

Berry, Clarence J.: H97-04

Berry, Dick: H97-03

Bertoson, Gordon: H95-09-02 H96-48-01 H95-27

Berton, Bob: H96-48-01

bet: H78-37-01

Biederman's - founding: H95-14

Biederman's Bluff - naming: H95-14

Biederman's cabin: H95-14

Biederman, Charlie - born: H95-14

Biederman, Charlie - brother: H95-14

Biederman, Charlie - children: H95-14

Biederman, Charlie - daughter: H95-14

Biederman, Charlie - family: H95-14

Biederman, Charlie - father: H95-14

Biederman, Charlie - grandfather: H95-14

Biederman, Charlie - great grandfather: H95-14

Biederman, Charlie - mother's relatives: H95-14

Biederman, Charlie - mother: H95-14

Biederman, Charlie - niece: H95-14

Biederman, Charlie - parents: H95-14

Biederman, Charlie - sisters: H95-14

Big House: H97-04

Big Lake: H95-29

Birch Creek Bridge: H96-48-01

Birch Creek: H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-29 H95-21 H97-04 H96-48-01

Birch Lake: H97-04

Birch sap: H95-09-01

Bird Creek: H87-74-08

Bittner, Paul: H96-03-02

black snake whip: H96-48-01

blankets: H78-37-01

Blinsler, Earl: H78-37-01

blizzard: H95-51-01

BLM: H95-27

Blondeau: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H97-03

Blondeau, George: H96-03-01 H87-74-08

Blondeau, George - death: H87-74-08

Blondeau, George - marshal: H87-74-08

Blue Parka man: H97-04

blue tickets: H97-04

blueberry: H95-27

bluff: H95-29 H95-14 H95-27

boat: H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-29 H97-04 H78-37-01 H95-14 H96-48-01 H95-27

boiler: H96-03-01 H97-03

Bolgen, John: H87-74-01 H96-48-01

Bolgen, Johnny: H87-74-01

Bolton, Jack: H87-74-08 H96-48-01

Bonanza Creek: H97-04

Booth, Del: H95-27

boots: H95-27

booze: H87-74-08 H95-27

booze maker: H87-74-08

Boquist, Helge: H95-29 H96-48-01

Boquist, Helge and Gladys : H95-29

Bottom Dollar: H87-74-08 H97-04

Bottom Dollar Creek: H97-04

bought plants: H95-27

Boulder Creek: H78-37-01

Bower, Dick: H95-14

Bower, Richard: H95-14

Bowers: H87-74-01 H78-37-01

Bowers, Billy: H78-37-01

boxes: H96-03-01 H96-48-01

Boyle: H87-74-01

brakes: H96-48-01 H95-27

breakup: H96-48-01 H95-27

breakup - flood: H95-27

Bredlie, Oscar: H87-74-01 H97-04 H95-51-01

Bredlie, Oscar - brother: H87-74-01

Bredlie, Oscar - history: H87-74-01

Brison, Bill: H87-74-08

Bristow, Joe: H87-74-08 H96-48-01

Brown, Ed: H78-37-01

Brown, Ed - Ford: H78-37-01

bucket - lips: H97-03

bucket - number: H97-03

bug bomb: H97-04

building - movement: H95-09-01

building - placement: H96-48-01

building hotel: H78-37-01

bulk food: H95-27

bunkhouse: H97-03 H95-14 H96-48-01

Burnes - family: H95-51-01

bus: H87-74-08 H97-04 H95-14 H95-27

bush pilots: H97-04

Bush, Mr.: H97-04

Bush, Mrs.: H97-04

Butsaw, Charlie: H97-04

C J Berry: H97-04

C.J. Berry Company: H87-74-01

C.J. Berry dredge: H97-04

cabin: H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-14 H95-51-01 H96-48-01 H95-27

cabin - army: H96-48-01

cabin - breaking rules: H95-09-02

cabin - building: H96-03-01 H95-27

cabin - burning: H95-09-02

cabin - Circle Hot Springs: H95-51-01

cabin - fire: H96-03-01 H95-21 H95-27

Cabin - flood: H95-27

cabin - location: H95-21

cabin - Medicine Lake: H78-37-01

cabin - ownership : H96-03-01

cabin - ownership: H96-03-01 H95-09-02

cabin - Patty's Palace: H95-27

cabin - reasons some survive: H95-14

cabin - sale: H87-74-01 H95-09-02

cabin - tin roof: H95-14

cabin - use rules: H95-09-02

cabin - use: H95-09-02

cabin - wood cook stove: H78-37-01

cabins: H78-37-01 H95-14 H96-48-01 H95-27

cabins - heated with hot water: H78-37-01

cabins - moved by ice: H95-14

cabins - yearly: H78-37-01

cache: H95-27

Cacy: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-29 H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

Cacy, Bob: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

cafe: H95-09-02

Callahan: H96-03-02 H78-37-01 H96-48-01

Callahan, Helen: H96-03-02 H78-37-01

calluses: H95-51-01

camera: H95-09-02

camp - cook: H97-04

camp - crews: H97-04

camp - flunky: H97-04

camp - gravel: H87-74-01

camping: H78-37-01 H95-51-01 H95-27

can pile: H95-21

canoe - canvas : H95-29

canoe - tipped over: H95-51-01

Cantwell: H95-21

canvas boots: H95-27

card games: H95-09-01

care for illness: H95-09-01

Carey, Jack: H96-48-01

caribou: H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-29 H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-14 H95-51-01

caribou - changes: H95-09-02

caribou - highway: H95-21

caribou - migration pattern: H95-09-02

caribou - population shifts: H95-21 H95-14

caribou - vadzi: H95-29

Carlisle: H95-14

carpenters: H78-37-01

Carroll, Alice - parents: H95-29

carrots: H78-37-01

cars - light on runway: H95-09-01

Carstens, Heine: H95-21 H97-04 H96-48-01

Carstens, Heine - wife: H95-21

Caterpillar: H96-03-01 H97-04

CATs - arrival: H87-74-08

celebration - 4th of July: H96-03-02

celebration - Christmas: H95-21 H95-27

celebration - dancing: H96-03-02

celebration - Labor Day: H95-51-01

celebration - music: H96-03-02

celebration - New Years: H95-27

celebration - St. Patrick's Day: H96-03-02 H96-03-01

Central: H87-74-08 H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H97-03 H95-14 H95-51-01 H96-48-01 H95-27

Central - baby born: H95-21

Central - cemetery: H96-03-02 H95-21 H87-74-01 H96-03-01

Central - population: H95-27

Central - reasons coming: H95-27

Central - reasons left: H96-03-02

Central - reasons moving to: H95-21

Central - reasons to live there: H96-03-02

Central - wood cutters: H87-74-08

Central Chatanika: H95-51-01

Central Motor Inn: H96-03-02

Central to Miller House: H87-74-08

Central visit: H97-04

chain saws: H95-09-01

Chalkyitsik: H95-29

changing times: H95-21

Charcoal burner: H96-48-01

Charley Creek: H95-14

Charley River: H95-14 H95-27

Charlieville: H95-14

Chatanika: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H97-04 H95-14 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

Chatanika to Circle: H87-74-01 H95-51-01

Chatanika's names: H95-51-01

Chatham Creek: H96-03-01

Chatham dredge - crew: H96-03-01

cheechako: H97-04

Chena bridge: H97-04

Chena Hot Springs: H97-04

Cheryl: H78-37-01

chew snoose: H96-48-01

Chicken: H95-27

Chief Chanatee: H95-14

Chief Charley: H95-14

Chief William Joseph: H95-14

Chief William Moses: H96-03-01

children - ages: H95-27

Chitina: H97-04

Choates: H78-37-01

Christensen, Harold: H96-03-01 H97-04

Christensen, Harold - jobs: H97-04

Christensen, Harold - uncle: H97-04

Christensen, Harold - wife: H97-04

Christensen, Verla: H97-04

Christensen, Verla - father: H97-04

Christensen, Verla - mother: H97-04

Christensen, Verla - step father: H97-04

church: H95-09-01

Circle - culture dying: H95-29

Circle - founding: H95-14

Circle City - Fairbanks Trail: H87-74-08

Circle District Historical Society Museum: H95-27

Circle District Historical Society: H97-04 H95-27

Circle Hot Springs: H87-74-08 H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H95-51-01 H96-48-01 H95-27

Circle Hot Springs - activities: H97-04

Circle Hot Springs - change hands: H87-74-01 H78-37-01

Circle Hot Springs - cook: H95-27

Circle Hot Springs - current: H96-03-02 H95-27

Circle Hot Springs - discovery: H78-37-01

Circle Hot Springs - family atmosphere: H97-04

Circle Hot Springs - garden well known: H78-37-01

Circle Hot Springs - gardens: H95-27

Circle Hot Springs - gardens: H96-03-02

Circle Hot Springs - gathering place: H96-03-02

Circle Hot Springs - general store: H95-27

Circle Hot Springs - greenhouse: H95-27

Circle Hot Springs - guest: H78-37-01

Circle Hot Springs - happy place: H78-37-01

Circle Hot Springs - health: H78-37-01

Circle Hot Springs - hotel: H97-04

Circle Hot Springs - investment: H87-74-01

Circle Hot Springs - library: H95-51-01

Circle Hot Springs - lodge: H95-51-01

Circle Hot Springs - meals: H96-03-02

Circle Hot Springs - Noel Wien: H87-74-08

Circle Hot Springs - outing: H95-09-01

Circle Hot Springs - pool: H78-37-01

Circle Hot Springs - Post Office: H95-27

Circle Hot Springs - small shops: H95-27

Circle Hot Springs - vacation atmosphere: H95-51-01

Circle Hot Springs - visitors: H78-37-01

Circle Hot Springs - water temperature: H97-04

Circle Hot Springs - winter: H78-37-01

Circle Hot Springs area creeks: H97-04

Circle Hot Springs to Miller House: H95-21

Circle Mining District: H97-04

Circle people: H95-09-01

Circle Roadhouse - Tanana Roadhouse: H96-03-01

Circle: H87-74-08 H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-29 H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H95-14 H95-51-01 H96-48-01 H95-27

cleanup - 1,555 ounces: H97-04

cleanup - time: H97-04

Cleary: H95-51-01 H96-48-01

closing: H87-74-08 H96-03-02 H87-74-01 H95-21 H95-27

clothes: H95-09-01 H97-04

clothing - warm: H95-14

Clum's Fork: H96-48-01

coal - boilers: H96-03-01

coal - dumping: H96-03-01

coal - hauling: H96-03-01

Coal Creek: H95-09-02 H97-04 H95-14 H96-48-01 H95-27

Coal Creek - garden: H95-27

Coal Creek - greenhouse: H95-27

Coal Creek Alluvial Gold: H95-14

Cochrine, Carl: H95-29

coming to Alaska - reasons: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H95-21 H95-27

condensation: H95-21

Connick, Hank: H95-14

cook: H96-03-01 H95-09-01 H97-04 H78-37-01 H95-14 H95-51-01 H95-27

Copper Center: H97-04

cord wood: H97-04

correspondence: H95-51-01

cost: H87-74-08 H78-37-01 H97-03 H95-51-01

Cotton, Sam: H97-03

cow moose: H95-51-01

cows: H78-37-01

coyotes: H95-09-02 H95-14

coyotes - population fluctuation: H95-14

Crabb's store: H95-21

cranberries: H95-27

cranberry - cooking: H95-27

Crazy Man Island: H95-14

Creamer Dairy: H97-04

creating problems: H95-09-02

Creeks - reason for naming: H97-03

crew: H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H97-04 H95-27

crew - size: H95-27

Crooked Creek: H87-74-08 H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-21 H97-03

Crossman, Walter: H87-74-08 H97-03

Crosson, Joe: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H97-04

Crosson, Joe: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H97-04

crosswind: H95-51-01

Crow, Lucy: H78-37-01 H95-27

cultural: H95-27

Dalton, Mike: H78-37-01

Dalton, Mike - daughter: H78-37-01

Dalton, Mike - husband: H78-37-01

dance: H96-03-01 H95-21 H78-37-01

dance - Saturday night: H78-37-01

dances - Saturday: H95-21

dancing: H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H97-04

Dasche, Carl: H95-09-02

David: H95-21 H97-03 H96-48-01 H95-27

Davidson Ditch: H95-21 H97-03 H96-48-01

Dawson: H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-14

Dayton, Ohio: H95-21

dead man: H96-03-01

Deadwood: H87-74-08 H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H97-04 H95-14 H96-48-01

Deadwood Creek: H87-74-08 H97-04

death: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H95-09-02 H95-21 H78-37-01 H96-48-01 H95-27

death - coroner's inquest: H96-03-01

death - physical illness: H95-27

delivery - Jane Williams' son: H87-74-01

depression: H95-21

depth of dig: H97-03

deteriorization: H95-21

DeWolf, Percy: H87-74-01 H95-14

Diamond: H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-21

Diamond - death: H95-21

diamond - finds: H95-21

diamonds: H95-09-01

diesel - price: H97-04

different rafts: H95-27

dishes: H95-21 H95-51-01

dislocated shoulder: H95-21

ditch: H95-21 H97-03 H96-48-01

Doane: H95-21

Doane, Reginal: H95-21

Doane, Reginal - wife: H95-21

dog - sled: H95-14

dog - team: H95-14 H96-48-01

dog - teams: H95-14

dog mushers: H87-74-08

dog team: H96-03-01 H95-29 H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-14 H96-48-01 H95-27

dog team - acquisition: H95-14

dog team - care: H95-14

dog team - decorated: H96-03-01

dog team - dog breed: H95-27

dog team - dog size: H95-14

dog team - drag: H95-27

dog team - driving: H95-14

dog team - individual dogs: H95-27

dog team - obeying: H95-27

dog team - size: H95-14 H95-27

dog team - size team: H95-14

dog team - transportation: H95-27

dog team - trapping: H95-27

dog team - use: H95-27

dog team - visiting neighbors: H95-27

dog team - water hauling: H95-27

dog team - wearing bunny boots: H95-27

dog team - wood hauling: H95-27

dogs: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-29 H95-27

Dolphus, Cap: H95-14

Donnelly, Joe: H95-21

double ended sleigh: H97-04

dragging brakes: H96-48-01

dragline: H96-48-01

dredge: H96-03-01 H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H97-03 H95-14 H96-48-01

dredge - building : H97-04

dredge - camp: H97-03

dredge - crew: H96-03-01

dredge - diesel for steam: H97-04

dredge - launching: H97-03

dredge - movement: H97-03

dredge - parts: H97-03

dredge - shut down: H97-04

dredge - sold: H97-04

dredge - start after war: H97-04

dredge - steam: H97-04

dredge - stripping ground: H97-04

dredge - thawing ground: H97-04

dredge - wood cut: H97-04

dredge - year built: H97-03

Dredge builder - Johnson, Walter: H97-04 H97-03

dredge master: H97-04

dredges - arrival: H95-14

dredges - movement: H96-03-01

dredging - changes: H97-04

dredging - gold prices: H97-04

dredging - WWII effect: H97-04

dried eggs: H97-04

dried goods: H95-09-01

Drift mine: H96-48-01

drilling - prospecting for dredge: H97-04

drinking: H97-04 H97-03 H95-51-01 H95-27

drinking water: H95-27

driving points: H97-03

driving points - sound: H97-03

dry: H95-29 H95-21 H95-27

Dude Ranch: H96-48-01

Dutch Kid: H97-04

Eagle: H87-74-08 H96-03-02 H87-74-01 H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-21 H97-04 H95-14 H95-51-01 H96-48-01 H95-27

Eagle Creek: H87-74-08 H96-03-02 H87-74-01 H95-21 H97-04 H96-48-01

Eagle Museum: H95-14

Eagle Summit - climbing: H96-48-01

Eagle Summit - spring: H87-74-01

Eagle Summit - travelers: H87-74-01

Eagle Summit: H87-74-08 H96-03-02 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-14 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

Eagle to Circle: H87-74-08

Eagle Village: H95-14

earning living: H95-14 H95-51-01 H95-21 H95-27

Edie: H96-03-02 H95-09-01 H96-48-01

education: H95-21 H97-04

eggs: H97-04

eggs - storage: H97-04

Eielson, Ben: H97-04

electrical fire: H95-09-02

electrical wire: H95-27

electricity: H95-51-01 H95-27

Ellingen, Casper: H87-74-01 H95-14 H87-74-08

emergency: H95-09-01 H95-14 H95-27

emergency rations: H95-14

end of the road: H97-04

engineer: H96-03-01

Engstrom Brothers: H97-04 H78-37-01

Engstrom Brothers - nephew: H78-37-01

Engstrom Brothers - Oscar: H97-04

Engstrom Brothers - Vic: H97-04

entertainment: H95-09-01

equipment: H87-74-01 H97-03 H96-48-01

equipment used - Fresno Scraper: H87-74-01

equipment used - horses: H87-74-01

Ericksen - bookkeeping: H95-21

Ericksen, Alf R.: H96-03-01

Ericksen, Riley: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-21 H97-04 H97-03 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

Ericksen, Riley - death: H95-21

Ericksen, Riley - wife: H96-03-01

Erickson, Oscar: H95-14

Eureka Creek: H95-14

Evans, Dr.: H95-09-01

Evelyn: H95-21

Fairbanks: H87-74-08 H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H95-09-01 H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H96-48-01 H95-27

Fairbanks - birthing: H95-09-01

Fairbanks Creek: H96-03-02 H96-48-01

Fairbanks to Circle: H87-74-08

Fairchild, Cliff: H95-09-01 H96-48-01

Faith Creek: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-21 H96-48-01

fall - food ordering: H97-04

fall - Medicine Lake: H95-14

fall - transporting dried fish: H95-14

fall - trip Outside: H96-03-01

families: H95-51-01

family - floating: H95-27

family - importance: H95-21

family stayed: H95-51-01

family work: H95-14

Farthest North Road: H95-09-01

FE Co.: H96-48-01 H87-74-01 H97-04 H87-74-08 H96-03-01

FE Company: H97-04

Felix: H87-74-08

felt liners: H95-27

Ferry: H96-48-01

fire: H96-03-01 H95-09-02 H95-29 H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H97-03 H95-27

fireman: H96-03-01

fish - camp: H95-09-01

fish - canned: H95-27

fish - Chumfish: H95-27

fish - cutting: H95-27

fish - cycles: H95-14

fish - dependence: H95-09-01

fish - dog feed: H95-29 H95-14

fish - dog salmon: H95-14

fish - dog salmon amounts: H95-14

fish - dried: H95-27

fish - drying: H95-27

fish - fertilizer: H95-27

fish - fish wheel: H95-14

fish - hook: H95-21

fish - income earning: H95-27

fish - king salmon: H95-14

fish - king salmon amounts: H95-14

fish - learning: H95-27

fish - limit self: H95-29 H95-14

fish - monetary value: H95-29

fish - preservation: H95-09-01 H95-29 H95-14 H95-27

fish - resale: H95-14

fish - smoked: H95-27

fish camp - Six Mile Bluff: H95-29

fish camp: H95-29 H95-14 H95-27

Fish Creek: H87-74-08

fish wheel: H95-29 H97-04 H95-14 H95-27

fish wheel - building: H95-29

fish wheel - learning: H95-29

fish wheel - ownership: H95-14

fish wheel - square: H95-29

fish wheels: H95-29

Fish, Frank and Al: H95-14

fishing: H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-29 H95-21 H97-04 H95-14

fishing - changes: H95-09-01

fishing - learning: H95-14

fishing - today: H95-09-01

float trip: H97-04

flood: H95-14 H96-48-01 H95-27

flood - salvage: H95-27

flume: H96-03-01

flunky: H97-04

flying: H95-21

food: H87-74-08 H95-29 H95-21 H97-04 H95-51-01 H96-48-01 H95-27

food - bulk: H95-27

food - CCC Camps: H96-48-01

food - ordering: H95-27

Ford: H87-74-01 H78-37-01 H96-48-01

Forsgren: H96-03-01

Fort Worth: H95-27

Fort Yukon: H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-29 H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-14 H96-48-01

Fort Yukon Air Service: H95-09-01

Forty Mile: H95-14

Foster, Harris: H95-51-01

foundry: H95-21

Fox: H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-29 H96-48-01

Fox Gulch: H87-74-01

Fox, Gertrude: H96-03-01

Fox, Roy: H96-03-02 H96-03-01

Fraska, Johnny: H95-21

freeze: H95-29 H95-14

freight: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H97-04 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

freight - hauling: H95-09-01 H96-48-01

freight - mail: H87-74-01

freight - passengers: H87-74-01

freight headquarters - Central: H87-74-01

freight train: H97-04

freighting: H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H97-04 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

freighting - equipment: H96-48-01

freighting - horses: H87-74-01

freighting fuel: H97-04

frost bite - cheeks: H95-14

frost bite - fingers: H95-14

furniture - handmade: H78-37-01

Gaglun, Joe: H97-03

games - cards: H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H95-09-01

games - cleanup: H96-03-01

games - gold mining: H96-03-01

games -Tug-o-war: H96-03-02

gang plank: H97-03

garden: H96-03-02 H87-74-01 H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-51-01 H96-48-01 H95-27

garden - hot water: H87-74-01

gardens: H96-03-02 H95-21 H95-27

Garner: H96-03-02

gas station: H95-21

Gates, Bill: H97-03

gathering place: H96-03-02 H78-37-01

Gelvin, Ed: H95-27

Gelvin, Ginney and Ed: H96-03-02

Gelvin, Ginny: H87-74-08

Gelvins: H95-21

Gene: H95-21 H95-51-01 H95-27

general store: H95-51-01 H95-27

gentlemen: H95-21

German: H95-27

Gillam, Harold: H97-04 H97-03

Gillam, Harold - daughter: H97-04

Gilmore Station: H87-74-01

GMC Dump truck: H96-03-01

gold: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H95-14 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

gold - payment: H97-04

gold - price: H87-74-08 H97-04

gold - prices: H97-04

gold - sack: H95-21

gold - strike it here or there: H95-21

gold - type: H97-04

gold miner: H78-37-01

gold miners: H78-37-01

gold mining: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-21 H97-04 H95-14 H96-48-01

gold mining - area discovery: H97-04

gold mining - 4th July Creek: H95-14

gold mining - bench: H97-04

gold mining - Berry Dredge: H96-03-01

gold mining - changes: H95-09-01

gold mining - claims: H96-03-01

gold mining - dredge description: H96-03-01

gold mining - dredge: H96-03-01 H97-04

gold mining - dredging: H97-04

gold mining - drift mining: H96-03-01

gold mining - drifting: H97-04

gold mining - earning living: H95-14

gold mining - effect of war: H96-03-01

gold mining - environmental regulation: H95-14

gold mining - fish impact: H95-14

gold mining - ground: H96-03-01 H95-09-01

gold mining - ground preparation: H96-03-01

gold mining - history: H97-04

gold mining - hydraulic: H96-03-01 H95-21 H95-14

gold mining - importance of water: H95-21

gold mining - learning: H87-74-08

gold mining - regulations: H95-09-01

gold mining - resource: H95-14

gold mining - small operation: H95-14

gold mining - staking claim: H95-09-02

gold mining - Switch Creek: H96-03-01

gold mining - water importance: H97-04

gold mining - WWII effect: H97-04

gold nugget: H95-21

Gold Placers: H95-14

gold price: H95-21 H97-04

gold price - fluctuation: H97-04

gold production: H95-21

gold rush: H95-51-01

Golden Heart: H97-04

good food: H95-27

goods - needs change: H95-09-01

government: H95-09-02

government - harassment: H95-09-02

government - interference: H95-09-02

grade school - penalized: H95-29

Graehl: H95-09-01

Granderson, Nelly: H78-37-01

grandfather: H95-29 H95-14

gravel - crew: H87-74-01

gravel - source: H87-74-01

grayling: H97-04

Great unknown: H87-74-08

Green, Barney: H87-74-08

Greenhorn: H96-03-02

greenhouse: H95-27

Grip, Bill: H97-04 H97-03

Grip, Bill - amount of wood cut: H97-04

grizzly: H87-74-08 H97-03 H95-14

grizzly bear - game animals: H95-14

grizzly bear - killing moose: H95-14

ground - mined out: H95-09-01

ground squirrels: H95-21

gun - 30-30: H97-04

Gundy, Ralph: H96-48-01

Gung, Joe: H97-03

gymnasium: H97-04

Haglund, Dr.: H87-74-01

Haley's Comet: H95-21

Half Dollar Creek: H97-04

Hall, Dixie: H78-37-01

Halloween Party: H95-51-01

hammer: H97-03

hand-me-downs: H97-04

handkerchiefs: H96-03-01

handouts: H97-04

Hannah Creek: H95-14

Hansen, Willard: H95-51-01

Hanson, Willard: H87-74-08

hard work: H95-09-02

Harrington's Fork: H87-74-08

Harrington Fork: H96-48-01

Harrington, Mrs.: H78-37-01

Harrison Creek: H87-74-08 H97-04

Hart, Billy: H78-37-01

Hartley: H95-51-01

hay - growing: H96-48-01

hay - racks: H96-48-01

Hay Stack Mountain: H96-48-01

head cheese: H95-21

heat - hot water: H95-51-01

Helde Boys: H87-74-08

helping others: H95-21

Helte, Dave: H96-48-01

Helte, Dave - brother: H96-48-01

Henderson, Bill: H87-74-08

Hennigar, Ike: H87-74-01

Herring, Alice: H87-74-01 H95-21

Herring, Alice - daughter: H95-21

Herring, Bill and Alice: H95-21

High school: H96-03-01 H95-21

higher education: H95-21

highway: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-09-02 H95-21 H97-04 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

highway - conditions: H95-21

hike: H96-03-02 H95-51-01

hiking: H95-51-01

holdups: H97-04

Holidays: H95-09-01

Holmes, Bill: H95-51-01

home remedies: H95-09-01

home school: H95-21 H95-27

home schooling: H95-21

homestead: H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-51-01 H95-27

homesteading: H95-27

horse: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H97-04 H78-37-01 H97-03 H95-14 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

horse - Babe: H96-48-01

horse - Queen: H96-48-01

horse - team: H96-48-01

horse skinners: H87-74-08

horses: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H97-04 H78-37-01 H97-03 H95-14 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

horses - acquiring: H96-48-01

horses - care of: H87-74-01

horses - gunny sacks: H87-74-01

horses - hay: H96-48-01

horses - pulling airplane: H78-37-01

horses - uses: H96-48-01

hospital - Episcopal: H95-09-01

hospital - Hudson Stuck: H78-37-01

hospital - St. Joseph's: H95-09-01

hospitality: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H97-03 H95-51-01 H96-48-01 H95-27

hospitality - abuse: H95-27

hospitality - borrowing: H96-03-01

hospitality - breaking rules: H95-09-02

hospitality - cabin open: H95-21

hospitality - cabin use: H95-27

hospitality - cabin: H95-21 H95-51-01 H95-27

hospitality - caring for others: H95-09-01

hospitality - children: H96-03-01 H95-21 H78-37-01

hospitality - clean: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-21

hospitality - cleanliness: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H95-21

hospitality - cup of coffee: H96-03-01

hospitality - exchange: H95-21 H95-27

hospitality - feeding: H97-03

hospitality - food: H87-74-08 H95-21

hospitality - greeting: H78-37-01

hospitality - helpfulness: H95-21

hospitality - helping out: H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-27

hospitality - lunch: H96-03-01

hospitality - new clothes: H97-04

hospitality - pay back: H97-03

hospitality - payments when have job: H96-03-01

hospitality - tea party: H78-37-01

hospitality - teaching newcomers: H96-03-01 H95-27

hospitality - teaching newcomers: H96-03-01 H95-27

hospitality - telephone: H96-03-01

hot water: H87-74-01 H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-51-01

Hotel: H97-04 H78-37-01 H95-51-01 H95-27

Hotel - dining room: H95-51-01

Hotel - kitchen: H95-51-01

Hotel - bathrooms: H95-51-01

Hotel - fountain: H95-51-01

Hotel - rooms: H95-51-01 H97-04

Hotel - stairwell: H95-51-01

Hotel - upstairs: H95-51-01

Hotel - upstairs rooms: H95-51-01

Hotel - windows: H95-51-01

house construction: H95-27

hull: H97-03

hunting: H87-74-08 H95-09-02 H95-29 H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H95-14 H95-51-01

hunting - abuse: H95-14

hunting - areas: H95-29

hunting - caribou: H95-14

hunting - changed: H95-29

hunting - closed: H95-09-02

hunting - grizzly bear: H87-74-08

hunting - increased pressure: H95-14

hunting - learning: H95-14

hunting - meat utilization: H95-14

hunting - moose: H95-29 H95-14

hunting - no waste: H95-29 H95-14

hunting - non-residents: H95-14

hunting - regulation: H95-29

hunting - season: H95-29 H78-37-01

hunting - territory: H95-14

hunting season - caribou: H95-14

hunting season - moose: H95-14

hunts: H97-04

Hupprich, Fred: H95-51-01

Hutchinson, Dick: H95-09-02

ice chopping: H95-27

ice cream: H97-04

ice house: H97-04

ice tunnel: H78-37-01

idler: H97-03

illness: H95-09-01 H95-21 H95-27

Independence Creek: H87-74-08 H95-21 H97-04 H97-03

independent people: H95-51-01

Indian Creek: H87-74-08

Indian Village: H95-14

insulating cabin: H95-27

interior hotel: H78-37-01

isolation: H95-21

jail: H96-48-01

Janie: H95-21

Japanese: H87-74-08

Jewell: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H78-37-01 H97-03 H95-14 H96-48-01 H95-27

Jewell and O'Leary: H95-09-01

Jewell, Walter: H87-74-08 H95-09-01 H97-03 H95-14 H96-48-01

Jewell, Wilbur: H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H78-37-01 H96-48-01 H95-27 H95-14

Jewell, Wilbur - mother: H96-48-01

jewelry - gold: H97-04

jewelry box: H95-09-02

jobs: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H95-29 H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H97-03 H95-51-01 H95-27

jobs - construction: H95-29

jobs - fire fighting: H95-29

jobs - school District: H95-29

Johnson: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H97-04

Johnson, Edgar: H96-03-01

Johnson, Jimmy: H97-04

Johnson, Johnny: H97-04

Joseph, Stanley: H95-29 H96-48-01

Joseph, Stanley - chief: H95-29

Joseph, Stanley - fishing with: H95-29

Joseph, Stanley - riverboat captain: H95-29

Joseph, Stanley and Rosalie: H95-29

Jump Off: H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H78-37-01 H97-04

Jump Off - naming: H97-04

Juneau: H87-74-08 H97-04

k-7: H96-48-01

Kandik: H95-14

keeping warm: H78-37-01 H95-27

keg: H96-48-01

Kelly, Franklin: H97-04

Kelly, Jay F.: H87-74-08

Kelly's camp: H97-03

Kennedy, Julie: H95-21

Kennedy, Tom: H87-74-01 H95-21 H95-27

Keppler, Leonard: H97-04

kerosene: H95-21

Ketchem Creek: H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01

Ketchem Rocks: H95-21

King Salmon: H95-14 H95-27

King Salmon - amount: H95-14

King Salmon - Swedish recipe: H95-27

King, Tom: H95-14

kitchen: H95-51-01 H95-27

kitchen - machinery: H95-27

knitting: H95-27

Knutsen, Big Nick: H87-74-01 H96-48-01 H95-21 H97-04 H96-03-02

Kodiak: H96-03-01

Koyukuk: H96-48-01

Kregor, Fred: H95-14

Ladd Field: H96-03-01 H95-09-01

Laird, Archie: H87-74-08

Laird, Archy: H97-04

Lake, Johnny: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-21

Lake, Johnny - death: H95-21

Lake, Johnny - labor movement: H87-74-01

Lake, Johnny - well read: H87-74-01

Lake homestead: H95-51-01

Lake Minchumina - writing: H95-51-01

land use: H95-09-02

land use - changes: H95-09-02

land use - permits: H95-09-02

Langlow: H87-74-08 H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-21 H97-04 H96-48-01

Langlow, Jens: H87-74-08 H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-21 H96-48-01

Langlow, Jens - death: H95-21

language - leaning English: H95-29

language - native speaking: H95-29

language - Native: H95-29

language - passing on: H95-29

language - telling story: H95-29

languages: H95-21

Larsons: H97-04

Lathrop High School: H95-21

Lauris: H96-03-02 H96-03-01

LaVelle, Leon: H97-03

Lavery : H97-04

lawn: H95-27

Leach, Emma: H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-27

Leach, Frank: H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H97-04 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

Leach, Mr.: H96-03-02 H78-37-01 H95-51-01

Leach, Mr. - death: H78-37-01

Leach, Mr. - jobs: H78-37-01

Leach, Mrs.: H96-03-02 H87-74-01 H78-37-01 H95-51-01

lead dog - Yukon: H96-48-01

learning English: H95-27

Leine, Boyer: H96-03-02

lemon: H95-21

LeRude, Bob and Loretta: H96-03-02

Letter Shop: H95-27

Libby: H78-37-01

life - hard: H95-09-01

lifestyle - nomadic: H95-29

light: H95-09-01 H95-27

liked life: H95-21

Linck, Alaska: H95-21

Lindstrom, Tony: H97-04

Linn, Boyer: H87-74-08

Little Black: H95-29

live off the land: H95-09-02

living out: H95-09-01

living quarters: H95-09-01

logging: H96-48-01

loner: H95-51-01

Long Creek: H96-48-01

lost pay roll: H97-03

lumber: H87-74-01 H78-37-01 H96-48-01

Louella: H96-03-01

lumber mill: H78-37-01

lynx: H95-09-01 H95-29 H95-21 H95-14

lynx - linc: H95-29

lynx - population fluctuation: H95-14

MacDonald, Colin - family: H95-51-01

MacDonald, Colin: H95-51-01

MacDonald, Terrance: H97-04

magazines: H78-37-01 H95-51-01

magazines - reading: H78-37-01

mail: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-21 H97-04 H95-14 H95-51-01

mail - amount: H95-14

mail - carrying: H87-74-01 H95-09-01

mail - delivery: H97-04 H95-14

mail - frequency: H95-09-01

mail - gold: H95-21

mail - importance: H87-74-01

mail - time arrival: H97-04

mail carrier: H87-74-08 H95-14 H95-51-01

mail carrying: H95-14

mail contract: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-21

mail contracts: H87-74-08

mail day: H95-51-01

mail plane - frequency: H95-09-01

mail run: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-14

mail run - Chatanika to Circle: H87-74-01

mail run - Circle to Eagle: H87-74-01

mail run - time: H95-14

mail run- time: H95-14

mail truck: H95-51-01

making a garden: H78-37-01

making butter: H78-37-01

making ice: H78-37-01

Mammoth: H87-74-01 H95-21 H97-04 H97-03 H95-14

Mammoth Creek: H87-74-01 H95-21 H97-04 H97-03

Mammoth Creek - relief cabin: H87-74-01

Maney, Jim: H87-74-08

mapping: H95-21

Margaret: H96-03-01

marriage: H96-03-01 H95-51-01

married: H95-21

marten: H95-29 H95-14

Martin, Hank: H87-74-08

Mary Alice: H96-48-01

Mason, Stanley: H87-74-08

Mastodon: H87-74-08 H97-04 H97-03 H95-14

Mastodon Creek: H87-74-08 H97-04 H97-03

Matheson, Lon: H96-03-02

Mathis, Edie: H96-03-02

Matsons: H95-51-01

Matsons - girls: H95-51-01

Mayo, Charlie: H95-14

McClarity, Herb: H78-37-01

McGowan, Eva: H96-03-01

McGregor, George: H95-14

McGregor, Harry: H95-14

McManus Creek: H87-74-08 H97-03 H96-48-01

McQuestion, Jack: H95-21

meals: H96-03-02 H95-51-01

meals - family style: H95-51-01

meat: H95-09-01 H78-37-01 H95-14 H95-27

medical books: H95-51-01

medical help - options: H95-27

Medicine Lake: H95-29 H78-37-01 H95-14 H95-51-01

Medicine Lake - camping: H95-51-01

Medicine Lake - vanchu: H95-29

Medicine Man: H95-14

medicines: H95-21

mental illness: H95-21

Mercury: H97-04 H95-27

mercury - fire pot: H97-04

mercury - handling: H97-04

mess hall: H96-48-01

Meyer, Frank: H87-74-08

midnight lunch: H78-37-01

military service: H95-21

milk: H78-37-01

Miller, Bob: H95-51-01

Miller, Frank - Hiney Miller: H95-14

Miller, Frank - story teller: H95-21

Miller, Frank: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-21 H97-03 H95-14

Miller, Fritz: H87-74-08

Miller, Graziella: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-21

Miller, Mrs.: H87-74-01 H97-04

Miller Creek: H97-04

Miller House: H87-74-08 H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H97-03 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

Miller House - Kelly's: H96-03-01

Miller's camp: H95-14

Millers: H87-74-08

miner: H87-74-08 H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H95-51-01

miners: H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H95-51-01

mining: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-29 H95-21 H97-04 H97-03 H95-14 H96-48-01

mining - drift: H96-03-01 H97-04 H96-48-01

mining - hydraulic: H96-03-01 H95-21 H97-03 H95-14

mining - placer: H97-04

mining - present day: H97-04

mining claims: H87-74-08

Model T: H96-03-01 H87-74-01

Model T Ford: H87-74-01

Montana Creek: H87-74-08

Moon, Charlie: H95-14

moose: H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-29 H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-14 H95-51-01

moose - back strap: H95-29

moose - brains for food: H95-29

moose - brains for tanning: H95-29

moose - delicacy: H95-29

moose - gut preparation: H95-29

moose - guts: H95-29

moose - hunting: H78-37-01

moose - mainstay: H95-21

moose - movements: H95-14

moose - nose: H95-29

moose - reasons decline: H95-09-02

moose - shinbone: H95-29

moose hunt: H78-37-01

Morris' - boys: H95-51-01

Moses, Sarah: H87-74-08 H78-37-01

Moses, William: H87-74-08 H78-37-01

mosquitoes: H96-03-01 H97-04 H97-03 H95-51-01

Motel: H95-27

motorcycle: H96-48-01

move - reasons: H96-03-01

movies: H95-09-01

moving - preparations: H95-27

moving - reasons: H95-14 H95-27

mud: H97-04 H78-37-01 H97-03

mud bath: H78-37-01

Muir, Jim: H96-03-01

Munson - landed: H78-37-01

Munter: H96-48-01

Museum: H95-21 H95-14 H95-51-01 H95-27

mushrooms: H95-27

music : H95-51-01

muskrat - canvas canoes: H95-29

N.C. Co.: H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-21 H87-74-08

name - Indian: H95-14

name - white: H95-14

Nash, Frank: H87-74-01

NAT: H87-74-08 H95-09-02 H95-29 H78-37-01 H95-14 H96-48-01

Nathaniel, Larry - brother: H95-29

Nathaniel, Larry - children's ages: H95-29

Nathaniel, Larry - father: H95-29

Nathaniel, Larry - grandfather: H95-29

Nathaniel, Larry - grandma : H95-29

Nathaniel, Larry - mother: H95-29

Nathaniel, Larry - sister: H95-29

Nathaniel, Mary: H87-74-08

Nathaniel, Stephen: H95-29

Nathaniel, Stephen - jobs: H95-29

Nation: H95-09-02 H95-14

Nation River: H95-14

National Park Service: H95-09-02

Natives - own land at Medicine Lake: H78-37-01

NC Co.: H87-74-08

neighborliness: H95-27

neighbors: H87-74-08 H95-21 H95-14 H95-27

Nelson: H87-74-01 H95-14

Nelson, Chris: H95-14

Nenana: H96-03-01 H97-04

nests: H95-51-01

net: H95-29 H95-14 H95-27

nets: H95-29 H95-27

newcomers: H96-03-01 H95-21 H95-27

news - stale: H97-04

News miner: H78-37-01

Nielson, Johnny: H97-04

Night, George: H87-74-01

nightmare: H95-09-01

no drinking: H95-51-01

Nome: H87-74-08 H95-21 H97-04

Nome Creek: H87-74-08

Norris, Ralph: H96-03-01

nugget - medium of exchange: H96-03-01

nuggets - medium of exchange: H95-21

nurse: H78-37-01 H95-51-01

nursing: H95-27

O'Conner, Pat: H87-74-08

O'Hara, Tom: H87-74-08

O'Leary: H96-03-02 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H97-04 H97-03 H95-14 H95-51-01 H96-48-01 H95-27

O'Leary, Bill: H95-09-01 H96-48-01

O'Leary, Bill - sister: H96-48-01

O'Leary, Eddie: H96-48-01 H95-14

O'Leary, Elsie: H96-03-02 H96-48-01

O'Leary, George: H95-09-01 H97-04 H96-48-01 H95-27

O'Leary, George - mother: H96-48-01

O'Leary, Maurice: H87-74-01 H97-03 H96-48-01 H95-14 H95-51-01

Oakes, Pat: H96-03-01 H95-51-01 H95-27

Oakes, Red: H96-48-01

Old Crow: H96-48-01

old timer - Ingo Bretsen: H96-03-01

old timers: H96-03-01

Olson: H87-74-08 H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H97-04 H78-37-01 H97-03 H95-14 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

Olson - cabin fire: H78-37-01

Olson Brothers: H97-04

Olson, Ed: H95-14

Olson, Manny: H96-48-01

Olson, Roy: H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H97-04 H97-03 H78-37-01

Olson, Roy - jobs: H96-03-01

Olson, Roy - school: H96-03-01

Olson, Roy - schooling: H96-03-01

Olson, Roy - sons in law: H96-03-02

Olson, Roy - trying snuff: H96-03-01

Olson, Roy - uncle: H96-03-01

Olson, Roy and Ruth - family: H96-03-02

Olson, Ruth: H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H97-04 H78-37-01 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

Olson, Ruth - children: H96-03-01

Olson, Ruth - cousin: H96-03-01

Olson, Ruth - daughter: H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H78-37-01 H95-51-01

Olson, Ruth - daughters: H95-51-01

Olson, Ruth - family: H96-03-02

Olson, Ruth - father's partner: H96-03-01

Olson, Ruth - father: H96-03-01

Olson, Ruth - figures time by her children's birth: H78-37-01

Olson, Ruth - grandchildren: H96-03-01

Olson, Ruth - grandson: H96-03-01

Olson, Ruth - mother: H96-03-01

Olson, Ruth - parents: H96-03-01

Olson, Ruth - Roy: H96-03-01

Olson, Ruth - school attendance: H96-03-01

Olson, Ruth - schooling: H96-03-01

Olson, Ruth - second daughter: H96-03-01

Olson, Ruth - third daughter: H96-03-01

Olson, Ruth - uncle: H96-03-01

Olson, Ruth and Roy : H95-51-01

Olson, Sam: H95-14

Olsons: H87-74-08

Ophir Creek: H87-74-08

organic farming: H78-37-01

over night stops: H87-74-01

Owen, Ed: H96-48-01

owner: H96-03-01 H95-09-02 H95-14

Paddle Creek: H95-29

Palm, Johnny: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H97-04

Palmer, Sam: H97-03

palsy: H87-74-01

pancakes - Swedish: H95-27

Park: H87-74-08 H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-21 H97-04

Park Service: H95-09-02 H95-09-01

parkas: H95-21

Parker: H87-74-08

party: H87-74-08 H97-04 H78-37-01 H95-51-01

party in Circle: H87-74-08

passengers: H87-74-01 H95-14

Patty, Ian: H95-14

pay when can: H95-51-01

Peg: H95-51-01

penstock: H97-03

people: H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-29 H78-37-01 H95-51-01 H95-27

people - effect on animals: H95-09-02

people - not destroying land: H95-09-02

people - out of fire: H95-09-02

people affecting outcome: H95-51-01

perishables: H87-74-08

Peter, Myra: H95-29

Peter, Sam: H95-29

Peterkin: H87-74-08

Peters, Charlie: H87-74-08 H97-04

Peterson: H87-74-01 H97-04 H96-48-01

Peterson, Iver: H96-48-01

Peterson, Pete: H97-04

Phonograph Nelson: H95-14

Piegan, Henry: H97-03

Pierce, Frank: H95-27

Pierce, Vi: H95-27

Pierce's General Store: H95-27

Pierce's store: H95-27

pikas: H95-21

pills - making: H87-74-01

Pioneer Acres: H96-03-02

Pioneer Home: H96-03-02

Pioneer Hotel: H97-04

Pioneers Home: H78-37-01

pipeline: H96-03-01 H97-03

pipeline - steel: H97-03

pleased: H95-51-01

point fields: H97-03

point foreman: H97-03

politicians: H95-51-01

pool: H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-51-01 H95-27

population - effect of gold price: H95-21

Porcupine: H96-03-01 H97-04 H97-03 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

Porcupine Creek: H97-04 H97-03

porcupine quills: H95-51-01

porcupine quills - removing: H95-51-01

Porcupine River: H96-03-01

Portage Creek: H87-74-08 H97-04

Porter, Dirty Face: H87-74-08

Post Office: H95-09-01 H95-51-01 H95-27

Post, Wiley: H97-04

Postmaster: H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-21

Postmaster - store keeper: H87-74-01

potatoes: H95-21

power plant: H95-21

Powers, Fred: H96-48-01

pranks: H95-27

Preacher Creek: H95-14

Preacher Creek - found gold: H95-14

Preacher Creek - lost gold: H95-14

preparedness: H95-27

President Harding: H87-74-01

pressure poundage: H97-03

prices down: H95-29

Princess Sophia: H96-03-02 H96-03-01

Princess Sophia - impact on area: H96-03-02

property - permission: H95-27

prospecting: H87-74-08 H97-04 H95-51-01

prospectors: H87-74-08

prostitution: H97-03

protection of land: H95-09-02

Ptarmigan Creek: H96-48-01

pulled teeth: H95-21

pulley: H96-03-01

punch plates: H97-04

Quality Meat: H95-27

rabbit - cycle: H95-14

rabbits: H95-27

radio: H95-09-01

raft logs: H96-48-01

railroad: H87-74-01 H97-04

railroad - access: H87-74-01

railroad - riding: H87-74-01

Ralph: H96-03-01 H78-37-01 H96-48-01

Rampart: H78-37-01

Rasmussen: H87-74-01

Rasmussen, Ed: H96-03-02 H96-48-01

Rasmussen, Mrs.: H87-74-01

Rasmussen, Nels: H87-74-01

Rasmussen, Rose: H78-37-01

raspberry : H95-27

ratting canoe: H95-51-01

Ray: H87-74-08 H95-09-02 H97-04 H95-27

Raymond, Jack: H87-74-08

RD6 caterpillar: H96-03-01

read: H87-74-01 H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-51-01

reading: H78-37-01 H95-51-01

rebuilt: H95-09-02

recipe: H95-21 H95-27

reclamation: H95-09-01

recluse: H78-37-01

recording: H95-21

Redding, Bob: H95-51-01

Redding, Bob - dog: H95-51-01

Redding, Bob - half brother: H95-51-01

Redding, Bob - jobs: H95-51-01

Redding, Bob - marriage: H95-51-01

Redding, Bob - mother: H95-51-01

Redding, Bob - step father: H95-51-01

Redding, Bob - wife: H95-51-01

Reed: H87-74-08 H97-04 H96-48-01 H95-27

Reed, Jack: H87-74-08

Reed, Park: H87-74-08

regulation - agency: H95-14

regulation - gold mining: H95-14

regulation - hunting: H95-14

regulation - local knowledge: H95-14

regulation - outsiders: H95-14

regulations - effect of: H95-09-02

regulations: H95-09-02 H95-09-01

Reiger: H96-48-01

Reiter, Jim: H95-27

relaxed atmosphere: H95-51-01

remember with pleasure: H95-51-01

rescue: H96-03-02

resource utilization: H95-14

restaurant: H95-21

restriction: H95-09-02

retort: H97-04

Richard: H95-14 H96-48-01 H95-27

Richardson Highway: H96-48-01

Riddle's: H96-03-02 H95-27

Riddle, Roy: H95-27

Ridge top: H87-74-01

Rieger, Mervin: H87-74-01

Rieger, Mervin - father: H87-74-01

Rieger, Mervin - mother: H87-74-01

Riegers: H96-03-02

riffles: H96-03-01

Ringstedt: H97-04

Rivard, Jerry: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-21 H96-48-01

river - changes: H95-27

river - people living there: H95-27

river - reasons living there: H95-27

river ice: H95-14

River people: H95-09-01

rivers - change course: H95-09-02

road - building: H95-09-01 H87-74-01

road - conditions: H95-09-01

road - crooked: H87-74-01

road - Fairbanks to Chatham Creek: H96-03-01

road - glaciers on: H96-03-01

road - keeping open: H96-03-01

road - not year round: H96-03-01

road - opening: H96-03-02

road - swamp: H87-74-01

Road Commission: H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-21 H96-48-01

road surface - gravel: H87-74-01

road surface: H87-74-01

roadhouse: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H97-03 H95-14 H95-51-01 H96-48-01 H95-27

roadhouse - beds: H95-51-01

Roadhouse - Belle Creek: H87-74-01

Roadhouse - Birch Creek: H87-74-01 H95-21 H96-48-01

Roadhouse - Cassiar: H87-74-08 H87-74-01

Roadhouse - Central: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-21 H97-03 H96-48-01

Roadhouse - Circle: H95-14 H96-48-01

Roadhouse - Coal Creek: H96-48-01

roadhouse - cost: H97-03 H95-51-01

Roadhouse - Eight Mile: H87-74-01

Roadhouse - Faith Creek: H87-74-01 H95-21 H96-48-01

Roadhouse - Ferry: H96-48-01

roadhouse - food: H95-51-01

Roadhouse - Jump off: H96-03-01

Roadhouse - mail carriers: H87-74-08

roadhouse - menu: H87-74-01

Roadhouse - Miller House: H95-09-01

Roadhouse - Reed Creek: H96-48-01

Roadhouse - Tanana: H96-03-01 H96-48-01

Roadhouse - Twelve Mile: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H96-48-01

roadhouse - unofficial: H87-74-01

Roadhouse - Woodchopper: H95-14 H96-48-01

roadhouses: H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H97-04

roadhouses - distance apart: H87-74-01 H95-09-01

roadhouses - placement: H87-74-01

Roberts, Cornelius and Ginney: H95-29

Roberts, Sandy: H96-03-01 H78-37-01 H95-29

Roberts, Sandy - mother: H96-03-01

Roberts, Sandy - supporting family: H96-03-01

Robin: H95-21

Rockness, Sam: H96-03-01

Roderick, Bella: H95-14

Rodgers, Charlie: H96-03-02

Rodgers, Will: H97-04

Romaker, Mrs.: H96-03-01 H96-48-01

Roman, Walter: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-21 H97-04 H95-14 H96-48-01

Roman, Walter - son: H87-74-08

roof - moss and canvas: H96-03-01

rooms to rent: H95-09-02

root cellar: H78-37-01

root cellar - keeping warm: H78-37-01

root cellar - storage: H78-37-01

Root, Billy: H95-51-01

Ross, Hosey: H97-04

Rourke: H95-21

rugged wilderness - tourist: H87-74-01

Rust, Mrs.: H78-37-01

Safeway: H95-27

salmon: H95-21 H95-14 H95-27

Sam Creek: H95-14

Sarah: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H78-37-01

Sather, Anton: H96-03-01

Saturday night: H78-37-01 H97-03

Saw pit Creek: H78-37-01

sawmill: H78-37-01 H96-48-01

sawmills: H78-37-01

Schlotfeldt, Leo: H95-09-01

school: H96-03-01 H95-09-01 H95-29 H95-21 H97-04 H95-27

school - BIA: H95-29

school - gymnasium: H97-04

school - tax: H97-04

school - work: H95-27

scow: H97-03

scrap heap: H95-21

scurvy: H78-37-01

sealed pouch: H95-51-01

seamstress: H97-04

seasonal - activities: H95-14

seasonal - employment: H95-27

Seattle: H96-03-01

Seppala, Leonard: H87-74-08

Service Motors: H96-03-01

settling pond: H96-03-01 H95-21

Seven Mile Lake: H95-29

Severts: H96-03-01

Seward: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H97-04

sewing: H95-09-01

shaft: H97-03

sharing - food: H95-29

Sharp, Betsy - daughter: H78-37-01

Sharp, Frank: H87-74-08

Sheep Creek - wood camp: H95-14

Shoe Pacs: H78-37-01

Shoelters, Bill: H95-09-02

shore man: H96-03-01

Shorty: H87-74-08 H96-48-01

shy: H96-48-01

silted water: H96-03-01

Sincola: H96-03-02

sinew: H95-29

single men: H95-51-01

siphon: H95-21 H96-48-01

siphon lines: H96-48-01

Six Mile Bluff: H95-29

Six Mile Creek: H96-48-01

Sixteen Mile: H95-14

Skoogie Gulch: H96-03-01

sled - double ended: H96-48-01

sled - patching: H95-14

sled builders: H95-14

sleds: H96-48-01

sleigh shed: H96-48-01

sluice boxes: H96-03-01

Smith: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-51-01

Smith, Morrie: H95-51-01

Smith, Whitehorse: H87-74-01

Smith Creek: H87-74-08

smudge pots: H97-04

snares: H95-27

Sneider, Shorty: H96-48-01

sniping: H97-04

Snow Goose: H87-74-01

snow machine: H95-29 H95-27

snow machines - change trapping: H95-29

snowfall: H87-74-08

snowshoes: H95-27 H95-29

Soboloff, Simon: H87-74-08 H95-21

socializing: H95-09-01

Solomon, Paul: H95-14

sourdough: H87-74-08 H95-09-01 H96-48-01

Sourdough Creek: H87-74-08 H96-48-01

Sourdough Express: H95-09-01

Sourdough pot: H96-48-01

Spokane: H95-27

spring: H87-74-08 H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H95-51-01 H96-48-01 H95-27

Spring - Christmas mail: H97-04

spring - travel: H95-09-01

spring - weather: H96-48-01

spring - wood cutting: H95-09-01

Springbed, Dorothy - sister: H95-51-01

springs - health: H78-37-01

sprocket line: H97-03

spruce boughs: H78-37-01

spruce hens: H95-27

St. Nick: H95-21

St. Pierra, Emily: H78-37-01

Stade: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-21

Stade, Henry: H96-03-01

staking: H95-09-02 H97-03

staking strangers: H97-03

Stampie, Leonard: H97-04

Stanley, Lou: H96-48-01

State capital move: H97-04

statehood: H95-09-01

Steady income: H95-21

steam ship: H97-03

steamboat: H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H97-04 H78-37-01 H95-14 H96-48-01

Steamboat - Casca: H87-74-01

steamboat - down river: H87-74-01

steamboat - upriver: H87-74-01

steamboat - Yukon: H87-74-01

steamboats: H95-09-01 H97-04 H78-37-01

Steese Highway: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-09-02 H97-04

Steese Highway - construction: H87-74-01

Steese Highway - freighting: H87-74-01

Stegar, Mrs.: H78-37-01

Stewart: H87-74-08 H95-21 H97-04

Stewart, Billy: H87-74-08

Stewarts: H95-21

stitching with hair: H95-09-01

Stockbridge, Joyce: H96-03-02

Stockbridge, Owen: H96-03-02

Stone, Sam: H96-48-01

store: H87-74-01 H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-21 H95-51-01 H95-27

store - changes hands: H95-09-01

store - saloon: H95-09-01

store burned: H95-09-02

store keeping: H95-09-01

stories - learning: H95-29

storing meat: H78-37-01

storyteller: H95-09-01

storytelling: H96-48-01

Stout, Earl: H87-74-08 H95-21 H95-14

stove - coal: H95-27

stove - cook range: H95-27

stove - propane: H95-27

Straub, Bill: H95-29 H95-27

Straub, Fronzie: H95-29 H95-27

stream: H95-27

stripping - hydraulic: H96-03-01

Studebaker: H96-03-01

study stars: H95-21

subsistence: H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-29

subsistence - fisherman: H95-29

subsistence - fishing: H95-09-01 H95-29

subsistence - hunter: H95-29

subsistence - training: H95-29

subsistence - trapper: H95-29

Succor River: H95-29

summer - cook stove: H95-51-01

summer - fish: H95-14

summer - gold mine: H95-14

summer - mining: H95-09-01

summer - mosquitoes: H96-03-01

summer - trail: H87-74-01

summer - travel: H87-74-01

summer - work: H95-21

summer - Yukon River: H95-14

summer camp - Biederman's cabin: H95-14

Summerville, Pete: H95-14

Sunquist, Nels: H97-03

sunrise: H95-27

sunset: H95-27

supplies: H97-04 H95-27

supplies sent: H95-27

supply hauler: H96-03-01

supply runs: H95-09-01

surgery - ruptured appendix: H95-09-01

surveyor: H97-03

surviving: H96-48-01

swallows: H95-51-01

swamp: H87-74-01 H78-37-01

Swede: H95-27

Swede - men: H95-27

Swede - women: H95-27

Swedish syndicate: H96-03-01

swimming: H95-21 H95-51-01

Switch Creek: H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H95-21 H97-04 H96-48-01

Sylvia: H96-03-01

Tacoma Library: H96-48-01

Taggart, C C.: H96-03-01

Taggart, Charles: H96-03-01

tailings: H96-03-01

Tamura, Mamie - jobs: H97-03

Tamura, Mamie: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H97-03

Tamura, Mamie - son: H97-03

Tanana Valley Railroad: H87-74-01

Tate, Walter: H87-74-08

Tate, Walter - sister: H87-74-08

taxes: H95-51-01

Taylor, Bill: H95-51-01

Taylor, Jim: H95-14

tea: H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-29 H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H97-03 H95-14 H95-51-01 H96-48-01 H95-27

tea totaler: H87-74-01

teaching: H96-03-01 H95-21 H95-27

telephone: H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-51-01

telephone line: H87-74-01 H95-51-01

telephone lineman: H95-51-01

temper: H97-04 H97-03

tent camp: H97-03

tents: H78-37-01

Terwilliger: H97-04

Terwilliger gold mining - water importance: H97-04

testing machine: H95-51-01

thankful - good life: H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H96-03-02

thankful - good years: H95-09-02

thawing - cold water: H97-03

Thomas, George: H97-03

Thorenson, Bert: H95-14

Tige: H95-51-01

toboggan: H95-29 H95-27

Tom: H87-74-08 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-21 H97-04 H95-14 H95-27

tourism: H97-04

tourist - treatment: H95-09-02

tourists: H95-09-01

town trip: H97-03

track vehicle: H95-27

trading loads: H87-74-08

trading post: H95-09-01 H96-48-01

tradition - walking with wives: H95-14

trail: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-21 H97-04 H95-14

trail - Circle to Fairbanks: H95-21

trail - cold weather: H95-14

trail - conditions: H95-14

trail - placement: H87-74-01

trail - swamp country: H87-74-01

trail - through ice: H95-14

trail - through trees: H95-14

trail - travel: H95-09-01

trail - use: H95-09-02

trail - winter: H87-74-01

training children: H95-09-01

trapline: H95-09-02 H95-29 H95-14 H95-27

trapline - cabins: H95-14

trapline - character formation: H95-09-02

trapline - ownership: H95-09-02 H95-14

trapline - passing hands: H95-29

trapline - passing: H95-29 H95-14

trapline - respect: H95-09-02

trapline - sale: H95-09-02

trapline - transportation: H95-14

trapline - unwritten law: H95-09-02

trapline - use permission: H95-14

Trapline Chatter: H95-27

trapper: H95-29 H97-04 H95-14

trapping: H87-74-08 H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-29 H95-21 H95-14 H95-27

trapping - changed: H95-29

trapping - closed: H95-09-02

trapping - dog team: H95-29

trapping - earn living: H95-14

trapping - learning: H95-29 H95-14

trapping - muskrat: H95-14

trapping - price down: H95-09-01

trapping - price: H95-09-01 H95-29

trapping - shelter: H95-29

trapping - stove: H95-29

trapping - with Albert Carroll: H95-29

trapping - young people not learning: H95-29

travel: H96-03-02 H96-03-01 H87-74-01 H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-14 H95-27

travel - accommodations: H87-74-01

travel - airplane: H95-09-02

travel - conditions: H95-09-01

travel - cooking: H95-14

travel - distance: H87-74-01

travel - freezeup: H95-14

travel - hike: H96-03-02

travel - overflow: H96-03-01

travel - reasons: H95-14

travel - river: H95-14 H95-27

travel - roadhouse: H95-14

travel - summer: H95-27

travel - times: H87-74-01

travel - vehicles: H95-27

travel - winter: H96-03-01

traveling - Outside: H95-27

trip - cost: H87-74-08

trip - Norway: H96-03-01

tripod constructions: H95-29

tripod: H95-29 H96-48-01

Tripp, Jack: H87-74-08 H95-21 H95-51-01

truck driver: H96-03-01

trucking: H95-09-01

tundra use: H95-09-02

Twelve Mile Summit: H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-14 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

Twelve Mile: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-14 H95-51-01 H96-48-01

Twenty-six Mile: H95-14

Two Bit Creek: H97-04

Two-step Louis: H87-74-08

Tyler, Vern: H96-48-01

Ulm, Sam: H96-48-01

Ulman, Louie: H95-51-01 H96-48-01

Ulmer, Joe: H96-03-01 H95-21 H97-03

underground pipes: H87-74-01

underground refrigerator: H95-27

undertaker: H95-21

Union Oil: H96-03-01

University Museum: H95-21

unwritten rules - changes: H95-09-02

Urban, Adolf - circus performer: H95-21

Utgaard, Oscar: H97-04

Valdez to Fairbanks: H95-09-01

Valdez Trail: H97-04

Van Bibber Charley Creek: H95-14

Van Guire, Ralph: H96-48-01

vegetables: H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-51-01

vegetables - peeling: H95-51-01

vegetables - winter: H95-21

Venetie: H95-29

villages - less accessible: H95-29

visiting: H95-09-01 H95-21 H95-27

Vogler, Joe: H95-27

Vokeman, Billy - death: H87-74-08

wage earning: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-29 H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-51-01 H95-27

wage earning - cat skinner: H95-27

wage earning - cook: H95-27

wage earning - Fairbanks: H95-27

wage earning - freighting: H87-74-01

wage earning - house keeping: H95-27

wage earning - jobs: H87-74-08 H95-27

wage earning - moved: H95-09-01

wage earning - needed fish wheel: H95-29

wage earning - summer: H87-74-01 H95-29

wage earning - summertime: H95-29

wagon: H87-74-08 H96-48-01

wagon shed: H96-48-01

waiting on people: H78-37-01

walk: H95-14 H95-51-01

walking: H95-14 H95-51-01

Walmer, Dorey: H78-37-01

wanigan: H95-27

Warner, Cookie: H78-37-01

Warren, Frank: H96-03-02 H95-09-01

Warren, Frank and Mary: H96-03-02

Warren, Mary: H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-21

Warren, Mary - brothers: H95-09-01

Warren, Mary - children: H95-09-01

Warren, Mary - family: H95-09-01

Warren, Mary - father: H95-09-01

Warren, Mary - grandmother: H95-09-02

Warren, Mary - husband: H95-09-01 H95-21

Warren, Mary - mother's family: H95-09-01

Warren, Mary - mother: H95-09-01

Warren, Mary - parents: H95-09-01

Warren, Mary - responsibilities: H95-09-01

Warren, Mary - sister: H95-09-01

Warren, Mary - uncle: H95-09-01

Wartes, Rev. William: H95-51-01

Wartes, Rev. William - leaving Alaska: H95-51-01

wash dishes: H95-51-01

Washburn, Alva: H95-51-01

washtub: H95-21

Wasilla: H78-37-01

wasteful: H95-09-01

water - ditch: H97-03

water - gravity feed: H97-03

water - hauling: H95-27

water - importance to mining: H97-04

water - pipeline: H97-03

water - pump: H95-27

water - pumps: H95-27

water - settling silt: H95-27

water - tank: H95-27

weather: H87-74-01 H95-21 H95-14 H96-48-01

weather - cold: H95-14

weather - sled use: H95-14

weather - wind: H95-14

weather observer: H95-21

Webber Creek: H95-14

Webber, Ben: H87-74-08

wedding - Ruth and Roy: H96-03-01

weekend parties: H95-51-01

Welch, Jack: H95-14

Welch, Jack - fish wheel: H95-14

welfare : H95-09-01

well: H87-74-08 H87-74-01 H95-09-01 H95-21 H78-37-01 H97-03 H95-14 H95-51-01 H96-48-01 H95-27

well read: H87-74-01 H95-21

Wells, Curly: H87-74-08

Westervik, Lars: H97-04

wheelbarrow: H95-27

Wheeler, Clarence: H96-03-01

whipsawing : H96-03-01

whiskey: H87-74-08 H97-03

White, Sam - wife: H78-37-01

Wickersham: H87-74-01 H78-37-01

Wickersham, Judge: H78-37-01

Wien, Noel: H78-37-01

wild animal - population: H95-21

Wilde, Dorothy: H95-21

Wilde, Jim: H95-27

Wilde, Lori : H95-27

Wiley, Fred: H87-74-08

Wilkerson, Fred: H87-74-08

Wilkinson, Bob: H97-04

Wilkinson, Bob - brother-in-law: H97-04

Williams: H87-74-01 H95-29 H95-21 H96-48-01

Williams, H. O. "Red": H95-21

Williams, Henry: H95-29

Williams, Jane - children: H95-21

Williams, Jane - difficult delivery: H95-21

Williams, Jane - father: H95-21

Williams, Jane - figuring time by children's birth: H95-21

Williams, Jane - husband: H95-21

Williams, Jane - meeting husband: H95-21

Williams, Jane - nephew: H95-21

Williams, Jane - sons: H95-21

Williams, Red: H96-48-01

Williams, Russ: H96-48-01

Willow: H97-04

Wilson, Mrs.: H96-03-01

winch house: H97-03

winch man: H96-03-01

wind direction: H97-04

winter - daylight: H95-27

winter - Medicine Lake: H95-14

winter - miners stayed: H95-21

winter - miners: H95-21 H97-04

winter - rest: H95-21

winter - trail: H87-74-01

winter - trap: H95-09-01 H95-14

winter - trapping: H95-09-01

winter - warm: H95-51-01

winter - wood cutting for steamboats: H95-09-01

winter - work: H96-03-01

wolf - increase: H95-09-02

wolf: H87-74-01 H95-09-02 H97-04 H95-14

wolves: H95-09-02 H95-21 H95-14

wolves - increased game: H95-14

wolves - trappers: H95-14

woman's pool - peeking: H95-51-01

wood - amount needed: H97-04

wood - cooking: H95-09-01

wood - cords: H97-03

wood - cutting: H95-09-01 H97-03 H96-48-01 H95-27

wood - hauling: H96-03-01 H95-09-01 H95-29 H97-03 H95-27

wood - heat: H95-09-01

wood - length: H95-09-01

wood - size: H97-04

wood - steamboat: H95-14

wood camp - Sheep Creek: H95-14

wood chopper: H97-04

wood cutters: H87-74-08 H97-04

wood cutting - amount: H97-03

wood cutting: H87-74-08 H95-09-01 H97-03

wood hauler: H97-03

Woodchopper: H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-14 H96-48-01 H95-27

Woodchopper - greenhouse: H95-27

Woodchopper Bluff: H95-14

Woodchopper Joe: H95-09-02 H95-09-01

woodcutters: H97-04

wooden hull: H97-03

Woods, George: H87-74-08

work: H96-03-01 H95-09-02 H95-29 H95-21 H97-04 H78-37-01 H97-03 H95-14 H95-27

work - amount: H78-37-01

work - elsewhere can't hunt or fish: H95-29

work - time consuming: H78-37-01

workers - amount of people: H78-37-01

working - room and board: H78-37-01

working hard: H97-03

Wrede: H96-03-02 H97-04 H96-48-01

Wrede boys- Ray, Fritz, and Everett: H97-04

Wrede Brothers: H96-48-01

Wrede, Ray: H97-04

Wright, Al: H95-09-01

writing: H95-51-01

WWI: H97-04

WWII : H97-04

Wynan, Herman: H97-04

yarn: H95-27

Young: H87-74-01 H95-29 H97-04 H95-51-01

Young, Ed: H95-51-01

Young, Frank: H87-74-01

Yukon: H87-74-01 H95-09-02 H95-09-01 H95-29 H95-21 H78-37-01 H95-14 H96-48-01

Yukon Charlie: H95-14

Yukon Quest: H95-14

Yukon Trading Post: H96-48-01

Zimmerman: H87-74-08 H95-21 H97-04

Zimmerman, Ester: H87-74-08

Zimmerman, Mrs.: H95-21

Zimmerman, Tony: H87-74-08 H97-04

Zimmerman, Tony: H87-74-08 H97-04

Zurik, Dr.: H87-74-01 H95-21 H96-48-01 H95-27

Zurik, Dr. - death: H95-21

Zurik, Dr. - license: H87-74-01

Zurik, Dr. - son: H95-21

Zurik, Dr. - teaching: H95-27

Zurik, Dr. - wife: H87-74-01 H95-21

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