Finding Aids for Collections at UAF and Yukon College Archives

Alaska Highway 1942-1991 PDF

This collection is a comprehensive bibliography of material available in the Yukon Archives and MacBride Museum in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.

Alaska Highway Collections PDF

This is document is a guide to the collections of the UAF Alaska and Polar Regions Department related to the Alaska Highway compiled by Jane Haigh in 1992.

Alaska Highway Construction Photos PDF

The Alaska Highway Construction Photographs of consists of 80 images on postcard stock taken along the route of the Alaska Highway during construction of the highway, received by the UAF Archives in 2003.

Alaska Highway 1953 Photos PDF

This collection consists of 32 prints documenting Herb Woodling's 1953 trip up the Alaska Highway by private car. Most of the photos are of landscapes and the highway.

Alaska Highway Snapshot Album PDF

This collection consists of a leatherbound album containing 229 black and white photographs relating to the construction of the Alaska Highway during World War II. The photos depict the many aspects of the construction of the Alaska Highway and the typical experiences of those whose job it was to build the highway.

Additional Sources

The Gravel Magnet...Some Social Impacts of the Alaska Highway on Yukon Indians PDF

Anthropologist Julie Cruikshank analyzes the impact of the Alaska Highway as a “Gravel Magnet” drawing people in along its route. She argues that many people do not see the Alaska Highway as a single, defining event, but an important influence on community changes during the 20th century.

Annotated Bibliography of Sources PDF

This is a resource I compiled of sources about the Alaska Highway. I've included books, articles, archival collections, journals, websites and Historical and Interpretive Museum and Displays.

map of alaska
Map of Alaska. Photo courtesy of Rachel Thomas

Marge Jackson's CD "Stories and Songs From My Country" PDF

This is a CD with oral narratives and songs from Marge Jackson, a Champagne and Aishihik First Nations Elder from Haines Junction, Yukon Territory, Canada. Marge Jackson is Ray Jackson's mother and her CD is available for purchase from Beth O'Leary at for $22 US dollars (includes postage and handling) and all proceeds go to Marge.