Language Lessons

those who had great words

Introduction: This project was originally created in the early 90's by Patty Bowen on a hypercard computer. It was updated into a Web format in 2004 by Amie Kortt and Marla Statscewich in the Oral History Program at UAF.

The Tanana Tribal Council Jukebox developed out of a need to catalog and to make accessible the voices
(in stories, songs, and life histories) of some of Tanana's Treasured Elders. We wanted to make these voices available to all, but most especially to Tanana's children and the generations to come.

This Jukebox project includes tapes from many different collections from the Oral History Program in the Alaska and Polar Regions Department at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Some recordings are done in Koyukon and English, some only in Koyukon, and some just in English.

"Bekkenaaje dohudegheelaa'ne" (Those who had great words, people from the past) has been a cooperative effort of Tanana's Tribal Council and the Oral History Program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The Tribal Council provided generous financial backing and the Oral History Program and ANLC contributed educational resources and support.

Several people have been instrumental in the development of the Tanana Tribal Council Project Jukebox. Many thanks to William Schneider and Mary Larson in the Oral History Program and Agnes Moore, Eliza Jones and James Kari in the Alaska Native Language Center for work with the Language Lessons section of this project at the Univeristy of Alaska Fairbanks.

Photo contributions from Patty Bowen, Effie Kokrine, Marian Edwin, Pauline Swenson, Mary Albert, Josephine Roberts, Judy Woods, and the Tozitna Corporation.

Other artwork and graphics were contributed by Marlene Jean Peters (deceased).

We say enaa baasee' at this time to all who contributed, especially to all who participated in the interviews
for the time so willingly given and the information, stories, and songs that might otherwise be lost
(to our ears) forever.

~Patty Bowen

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