Anaktuvuk Pass: Books

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Title Author Publishedsort descending
Preliminary detailed stratigraphic sections of the Carboniferous Lisburne Group, central Shublik to the northern Franklin Mountains, northeastern Alaska Gruzlovic, Paul D. 1988
Geologic map of the Wiseman A-1 quadrangle, southcentral Brooks Range, Alaska Dillon, John T. 1988
The hungry summer Campbell, John Martin. 1988
Effects of all-terrain vehicle traffic on tundra terrain near Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska Racine, Charles H. 1988
Geist Fund final report Krumhardt, Andrea P. 1988
The Anaktuvuk mask and cultural innovation Atamian, Sarkis. 1988
Notes on the Nunamiut Eskimo and mammals of the Anaktuvuk Pass region, Brooks Range, Alaska Rausch, Robert L. (Robert Lloyd), 1921- 1988
Gaunt beauty-- tenuous life : historic resources study, Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve Brown, William E. 1988
The geology and mineralization of the Sukakpak Mountain Area, Brooks Range, Alaska Huber, Jeffrey Alan. 1988
Koviashuvik : a time and place of joy Wright, Sam, 1988
Arctic daughter : a wilderness journey Aspen, Jean. 1988
Sedimentology and structural geology of the Endicott Mountains allochthon, central Brooks Range, Alaska Handschy, James William. 1988
Structure and stratigraphy of lower Paleozoic rocks, Doonerak Window, central Brooks Range, Alaska Julian, Frances Elizabeth. 1989
The Impact of formal education upon the Nunamiut Eskimos of Anaktuvuk Pass, Alaska : a case study Cline, Michael Slater, 1937- 1989
The Hungry summer Campbell, John M 1989
Structural evolution of the central Shublik Mountains and Ignek Valley, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Rogers, John A. 1989
Preliminary geologic map of the northern margin of the Okpilak Batholith between McCall Creek and the Okpilak River, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Hanks, Catherine L. 1989
Relationship between stratigraphy and structural geometry southwest of Bathtub Ridge, northeastern Brooks Range : preliminary results Anderson, Arlene Verona, 1938- 1989
Preliminary geology of the pre-Mississippian rocks of the Aichilik and Egaksrak River areas, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Hanks, Catherine L. 1989
Structural geometry and sequence in the eastern Sadlerochit Mountains, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Meigs, Andrew Jacobsen. 1989
Structural geometry and evolution of the western Shublik Mountains, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska McMullen, Barbara S. 1989
Geologic map of the Wiseman A-1 quadrangle, southcentral Brooks Range, Alaska Dillon, John T. 1989
Territoriality among ancient hunters : interpretations from ethnography and nature Campbell, John Martin, 1927- 1989
A detailed structural analysis across a regional unconformity, forks of the Canning River, Franklin Mountains, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska Ziegler, Jennifer Ann. 1989
Dalton Highway, Yukon River to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska : bedrock geology of the eastern Koyukuk basin, central Brooks Range, and eastcentral Arctic Slope Mull, Charles G. 1989


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