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george edwinExcerpts from Tapes # H95-47 vol 1& 2
Patty Bowen speaks about George Edwin:
"a beautiful looking old man soft spoken, so respectful living with cancer way back then came home to move onhe "took care of" the church and the Mission House family and in earlier days, the Deaconesses"

george edwin 2
Excerpts from Tapes # H95-47 vol 1& 2

Judy Woods talks about George Edwin:
"Well Uncle George was always kind to us kids, ever since I remember him too and he, you know talk to us on easy way how to live our lives and stuff, you know how he used to talk. I always remember him for his kindness and he's always been so good to me all the time, too...So, he was always good to us and always talk to us too and then he used to pray to us in Indian and not too long ago I was prayin and I was tryin to put Indian words all together, and then when I got done I said, I was spose to say "thank you Jesus" I say, "thank you Uncle." I thought of him, I was thinking of him anyway, while I was sayin Indian prayers."


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