Language Lessons

Pictures from the Tanana area

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tanana river
The confluence of the Yukon and the Tanana Rivers

gathering of people in Tanana
Gathering of local people in Tanana

another view of tanana river
Another view of the Tanana River emptying out into the Yukon.

jukebox project meeting
Patty Bowen, Mary Dick, Marian Edwin, Effie Kokrine, Mae Edwin and Judy Woods discuss the Tanana Jukebox with William Schneider in Fairbanks on January 25, 1994.

tanana river 3
Fish wheel on the Yukon River

tanana artwork
Tanana artwork featuring the old post office,
a stern-wheeler, a musher and fish drying on a rack

photo of episcopal mission
Our Savior Episcopal Mission

drawing of episcopal church
Black and white drawing of the Episcopal Church

news photo of church
Newspaper photo of the Episcopal Church

cloth drawing
Cloth drawing from Tanana created by Marlene Jean Peters.


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