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Photo of old woman inside building.
Photo of woman outside by plants.
Elizabeth Akiryan Cornelius
Photo of woman and kids in front of canvas wall tent,
Helena Williams and children
at camp
Photo of group of young women wearing fur parkas.
Akiryan and her cousins
Photo of woman wearing fur parka standing in front of wood sided building.
Elizabeth Akiryan
Photo of two young men in western clothes.
Isaiah Egoak and Timothy
Williams, Sr.
Photo of woman holding a baby and girl standing in front.
Elizabeth Akiryan Cornelius
her daughters
Photo of girl wearing wool coat with fur trim.
Emma Kawagley

Photo of kids sitting in grass cutting up white paper.
Kids at camp
Photo of elder man wearing red wool coat with fur trim and a fur hat.
Photo of a group of boys playing.
Group of boys
Photo of elder woman with a younger woman and two children.
Lena Williams and family