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Akiak Community Photographs
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Aerial photo of frozen tundra
Frozen tundra and lakes
Photo of boys playing on ice
Boys playing on river
Photo of sunrise and school buildings
Akiak sunrise
Aerial photo of frozen river
Frozen river
Photo of kids and boat on frozen river
Kids and boat at river
Photo of buildings with faint pink sunrise in background through trees
Sunrise scene
Aerial photo of frozen lake
Frozen lake

Tripods in river ice
Photo of road to access river
River access route
Photo of Akiak street
Street in Akiak
Photo of Akiak school
Akiak Elementary School
Photo of church
Photo of river ice in pink sunrise glow
River Ice
Photo of Akiak high school building
Akiak High School
Photo of old red wood frame house
Old house in Akiak

Boats frozen in river
Photo of school buidlings in sunshine
Akiak Elementary School
Photo of pink sunrise over frozen river
Sunrise over the Kuskokwim River