Akiachak - Then and Now
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Credits and Acknowledgments

The Akiachak Jukebox Project, Akiachak Then and Now, gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following individuals and agencies who helped to make this work possible:

Sharon Anderson, Curriculum Coordinator
for the Yupiit School District (YSD), developed the conceptual framework and grant funding for the overall YSD Project Jukebox. She provided enduring and energetic personal support in linking the Yupiit Elitnaurutait program with the Oral History Program of the University of Alaska Fairbanks to accomplish Jukebox sites for Akiachak, Akiak, and Tuluksak.

Kenneth L. Pratt, ANCSA Program Manager, and Robert Drozda, Research Professional
, for the BIA ANCSA program in Anchorage and in the Elmer E. Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, supported and guided project efforts to access the BIA ANCSA 14(h)(1) oral history collection.

Jim Simard, Librarian and Curator
of Collections at the Alaska State Library Historical Collections, Juneau, Alaska, persevered in locating a source collection for the archival 1884 photograph of grave markers taken at Qikertarmiut by Moravian Church missionaries J.A.H. Hartmann and W.H. Weinland (below).

Oral History Program staff members
Karen Brewster, Marie Mitchell, Louann Rank, and Marla Statscewich traveled to Akiachak to work with the Yupiit School District and the community in realizing Akiachak Then and Now. Karen Brewster provided project administration, training, audio taping and interviewing; Marla Statscewich contributed photography, audio taping, and early design work; Marie Mitchell produced and designed the website, furnishing technical training and photography as well; and Louann Rank interviewed Akiachak community members and provided research and writing.

Photo Credits and Acknowledgments

Grave markers at Qikertarmiut (1884). Alaska State Library, James H. Barker Photograph Collection, Hartmann & Weinland Photographers (1884), ASL-PCA-163-1075.
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