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Keyword Index for Igiugig Interviews

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This a list of keywords mentioned in the Igiugig interviews that was compiled for the original project in 1995. Search this list to find the interviews in which a term is mentioned. The interviews are listed by tape number. This list does not cover the interviews with Randy Alvarez and David Salmon, Michael Andrew, Jr., and George Wilson, Jr. that were conducted in 2002. The interviews are not linked to this list, so you will have to return to the Katmai Project Jukebox homepage, scroll down to find the person's interview, and then click on the section within their interview.

Dallia and Mike Andrew, Sr.: 1995-24-1; 1995-24-2; 1995-25-1, 1995-25-2; 1995-26

Anne and George Wilson, Sr.: 1995-23-1; 1995-23-2; 1995-23-3

Mary Ann Olympic: 1995-33-1; 1995-33-2; 1995-33-3


aavcaaq: H95-23-3

age -- first independence: H95-23-1

age -- restrictions: H95-33-2

agutak: H95-23-2

Aglurmiut: H95-33-1

Agvilqupak: H95-33-1

airplane: H95-26-1

airplanes: H95-26-1

akaucuaq: H95-23-3

akuluraq: H95-33-1

Alagnak: H95-23-1   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-1

Alagnak River (Branch River): H95-23-1   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1

Alagnak River -- freeze up: H95-23-1

Alagnak River -- subsistence: H95-24-1

Alaska Packers: H95-23-2

Aleut: H95-23-1   H95-33-1

Aleut -- origins: H95-33-1

Alexander: H95-33-2

all-terrain vehicles: H95-25-2

allotments: H95-25-2

allotments -- origins: H95-25-2

allotments -- traveling: H95-25-2

Anchorage: H95-23-2   H95-33-1   H95-33-2

Anchorage -- visits to: H95-33-2

Andrew, Dallia: H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-2

Andrew, Dallia -- father: H95-24-1

Andrew, Dallia -- mother: H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1

Andrew, Dallia -- parents: H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1

Andrew, Dallia -- siblings: H95-24-1

Andrew, Dallia -- sister: H95-24-2

Andrew, Dallia -- son Alec: H95-25-1

Andrew, Dallia -- son Michael: H95-25-1

Andrew, Dallia -- son Trefim: H95-25-1

Andrew, Mike: H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-1

Andrew, Mike -- brother: H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-26-1

Andrew, Mike -- brothers: H95-26-1

Andrew, Mike -- cousin: H95-24-2

Andrew, Mike -- grandfather: H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1

Andrew, Mike -- grandmother: H95-25-2

Andrew, Mike -- mother: H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-26-1

Andrew, Mike -- parents: H95-24-1   H95-25-1   H95-25-2

Andrew, Mike -- siblings: H95-24-1

Andrew, Mike -- sister: H95-24-2   H95-25-1

Andrew, Mike -- sister Mary: H95-25-1

Andrew, Mike -- uncle: H95-24-2

Andrew, Mike, Sr.: H95-24-1

Andrew, Neil: H95-23-1

Andrew, Neil -- drowning: H95-23-1

Andrew, Wassillie -- trapping: H95-23-1

Andrews, Charlie: H95-23-3

Anguaryaqliim igyaraa: H95-33-1

animal -- population: H95-26-1

animal suffering: H95-26-1

animals -- behavior: H95-26-1

animals -- changing numbers: H95-25-1

animals -- first: H95-33-2

animals -- numbers: H95-25-1

animals -- respect: H95-26-1   H95-33-2

animals -- skinning: H95-23-1

Anquaryaqliq: H95-33-1

antiques -- use of: H95-23-1

Apakitak, Evan: H95-23-1

Apakitak, John: H95-33-1

Apakitak, John -- children: H95-33-1

Apakitak, John -- cousin: H95-33-1

Apakitak, John -- grandmother: H95-33-1

Apakitak, John -- wife: H95-33-1

Apakitak, Nick: H95-33-1

Apakitak, Old Man: H95-23-1

Apakitak, Peter: H95-33-1

Apakitak, Stephanie: H95-23-1

Army: H95-23-1   H95-23-2

Arnalquar, Anuska: H95-23-2

arthritis: H95-33-2

ATV's -- impact on land: H95-23-3

ATV's -- in parks: H95-23-3

ATV's -- rules of travel: H95-23-3


basket weaving: H95-33-2

baskets: H95-25-1

Battle Lake: H95-33-1

bear: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-1

bear -- eating: H95-25-2

bear -- feeding habits: H95-26-1

bear -- hunting: H95-25-2

bear -- hunting moose: H95-26-1

Bear Creek: H95-23-2

Bear Island: H95-33-1

bear skin -- traditional practices: H95-25-1

bear skins: H95-25-2

bear tales -- hunting with axe: H95-25-1

bear tracks: H95-25-1

bears: H95-23-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-1

bears -- behavior: H95-26-1

bears -- habitat: H95-25-2

bears -- hunting: H95-25-2

bears -- lack of fear: H95-26-1

bears -- oil: H95-23-3

bears -- populations: H95-26-1

beaver: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-2

beaver -- open season : H95-24-1

beaver -- population: H95-26-1

beaver house: H95-26-1

beliefs: H95-33-3

berries: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-2   H95-33-2

berries -- atsalugpiaq: H95-33-2

berries -- blackberries: H95-24-2   H95-33-2

berries -- blueberries: H95-24-2   H95-33-2

berries -- collection: H95-24-2

berries -- cranberries: H95-24-2

berries -- curaq: H95-33-2

berries -- freezing: H95-33-2

berries -- high bush berries: H95-24-2

berries -- locations: H95-23-1

berries -- peak times: H95-33-2

berries -- preparation: H95-33-2

berries -- raspberries: H95-24-2

berries -- salmonberries: H95-24-2   H95-33-2

berries -- sharing: H95-23-2

berries -- tan'gerpak: H95-33-2

berries -- tumagliit: H95-33-2

berry picking: H95-23-1   H95-23-3   H95-24-1   H95-33-2   

berry picking -- alone: H95-33-2

berry picking -- and age: H95-33-2

berry picking -- locations: H95-33-2

berry picking -- with dogs: H95-33-2

Big Mountain: H95-23-1   H95-24-1   H95-33-2

Big Pike Lake: H95-33-1

bilingualism: H95-23-3

birds -- ducks: H95-23-2

birds -- Fall: H95-23-2

birds -- geese: H95-23-2

birthing seasons: H95-26-1

boat -- operating: H95-25-1

boat -- weather: H95-25-1

boating: H95-23-2

boats: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-24-1   H95-25-1   H95-26-1

boats -- crew: H95-23-2

boats -- different types: H95-23-2

boats -- drifting: H95-25-1

boats -- engines: H95-23-1

boats -- fiberglass: H95-23-2

boats -- fishing: H95-23-2

boats -- handling: H95-23-2

boats -- motor: H95-24-1

boats -- numbers: H95-26-1

boats -- operation: H95-23-2

boats -- preparation: H95-23-2

boats -- safety: H95-23-2

boats -- sail: H95-23-1

boats -- skiff: H95-23-1   H95-24-1   H95-25-1

boats -- skiffs: H95-23-1   H95-25-1

bones -- disposal: H95-25-1

bones -- keeping wet: H95-33-2

bones -- "thirst": H95-25-1

bones -- "thirsty": H95-25-1

braided rope: H95-25-1

Branch (Alagnak River): H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-33-1

Branch River -- freeze up: H95-23-1

Bristol Bay: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-24-1   H95-25-1   H95-33-1

Bristol Bay -- fires: H95-24-1

Bristol Bay -- knowledge of conditions: H95-23-2

Brooks Camp: H95-23-3

Bucks Creek: H95-33-1

bunkhouses: H95-23-2

bushes: H95-33-1



cabin -- use: H95-25-2

cabins -- building: H95-23-1


cabins -- caring for: H95-23-1


cabins -- locked: H95-23-1


cabins -- open: H95-23-1

cabins -- sharing: H95-23-1

cabins -- trapping: H95-23-1

Callarpalek: H95-33-1

camp -- spring: H95-33-1

camping: H95-24-2


camping -- supplies: H95-24-2  

camps -- fish: H95-23-1

camps -- seasonal: H95-23-1

camps -- set up: H95-23-1

camps -- summer: H95-23-1   H95-23-2

camps -- tents: H95-23-1

camps -- travel to: H95-23-1

camps -- winter: H95-23-1

canirnerpayagaq: H95-33-1

canneries: H95-23-1   H95-23-2


canneries -- manual labor: H95-23-2

canneries -- spring: H95-23-2

cannery: H95-24-1   H95-25-1   H95-33-1


cannery -- end of season: H95-24-1

cannery -- Seattle: H95-25-1

cannery -- store: H95-24-1

cargo -- moving: H95-23-2

caribou: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-2   H95-33-3

caribou -- abundance and distribution: H95-23-1


caribou -- airplanes: H95-26-1  

caribou -- behavior: H95-25-1

caribou -- feeding: H95-26-1

caribou -- habitat: H95-25-2

caribou -- leaders: H95-26-1

caribou -- no waste: H95-23-2

caribou -- population: H95-26-1

caribou -- sharing: H95-23-2

caribou -- waste: H95-23-2

caribou skins: H95-25-2

Carnival: H95-33-2

caroling: H95-23-2

cash economy: H95-33-2

catch and release: H95-26-1

Caucasians: H95-23-1

CB radio: H95-23-1

celebration -- birthdays: H95-23-1

celebrations -- first animal: H95-33-2

celebrations -- first berry picking: H95-33-2

Chakwak, Pete: H95-23-1

Chakwak, Pete -- children: H95-23-1

change -- acceptance: H95-26-1

changes: H95-23-2   H95-33-2

channels -- locations: H95-23-2

childcare -- difficulties: H95-23-2

children -- absence of: H95-23-2

children -- chores: H95-23-1

children -- exercise: H95-33-3

children -- helping: H95-33-2

children -- land use: H95-23-2

children -- opportunities: H95-23-2

children -- spoiled: H95-33-3

Christmas: H95-23-1   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1

church -- orthodox: H95-24-1

Cikigpalek: H95-33-1

Clark, Red: H95-23-2

Clark, Sassa: H95-23-1

clothes: H95-23-1   H95-24-2   H95-33-1

clothes -- knitting: H95-24-2

clothes -- sewing: H95-24-2

"coffee place": H95-33-1

cold: H95-24-2

Colorado: H95-23-1

commercial fishing: H95-23-2   H95-25-1   H95-33-1

commercial fishing -- family involvement: H95-23-2

commercial fishing -- first time: H95-25-1

contact -- with non-Natives: H95-23-1

cooking: H95-23-2   H95-24-2   H95-25-1

cooking -- shacks: H95-23-2

Copper River: H95-23-1   H95-33-1

corporations: H95-25-2



Cottonwood Creek: H95-33-1


council house: H95-25-2


crafts: H95-23-2

crew member: H95-33-1


crocheting: H95-23-1

currents: H95-23-2

currents -- drift: H95-23-2

cuukvagpalek: H95-33-1  




danger people: H95-33-2

Delye Creek: H95-33-1

Diamond A: H95-33-1

Diamond J: H95-23-2

Dicks Creek: H95-33-1

diet -- variety: H95-23-2   H95-23-3

Dillingham: H95-23-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-2

disease: H95-24-1   H95-33-3

disease -- containment: H95-24-1

disease -- from outside: H95-24-1

disease -- older people: H95-24-1

diseases: H95-33-3

disposal -- teaching: H95-25-1

doctors: H95-24-1   H95-25-1   H95-33-1

dog -- Tiffany: H95-23-1 H95-23-2

dog team: H95-23-1   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-2   H95-33-1

dog team -- travel: H95-25-2

dog teams: H95-23-1   H95-24-1   H95-25-2   H95-33-1

dog teams -- sleds: H95-23-1

dog teams -- travel: H95-24-1   H95-25-2

dogs: H95-23-1   H95-25-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-2   H95-33-3

dogs -- and moose: H95-33-3

dogs -- and reindeer: H95-33-3

Don Flat: H95-33-1

ducks: H95-23-2   H95-25-2   H95-33-1

ducks -- seasonal availability: H95-23-2

ducks -- seasonal movements: H95-25-2

dump -- bones: H95-33-3

dump -- meat: H95-33-3

Dussugayaraq: H95-33-1



education -- school: H95-25-1  

eggs -- gathering: H95-26-1

elders -- attitudes towards: H95-23-3

elders -- changes in treatment: H95-23-3

elders -- help: H95-24-2   H95-33-2

elders -- helping: H95-33-2

elders -- receive choice meat: H95-23-2

elders -- respect: H95-23-3   H95-25-1

elders -- sharing: H95-25-1

employment: H95-23-2   H95-33-1

English -- language: H95-23-1

English -- learning: H95-24-1

English -- speaking: H95-24-1

Eskimo ice cream: H95-23-2

etussugaq: H95-33-1



Fall -- activities: H95-33-2 


fall -- berries: H95-24-1

Fall -- boat packing: H95-23-1

Fall -- caribou: H95-23-2

Fall -- moose: H95-23-2

family -- independent from: H95-23-2

family -- traditions: H95-23-3

fire: H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-33-1

fire -- heat: H95-24-2

fire fighters: H95-24-1

fires -- animal avoidance: H95-24-1

fires -- animal migration: H95-24-1

fires -- containment: H95-24-1

fires -- destruction of timber: H95-24-1

fires -- frequency: H95-24-1

fires -- jumping rivers: H95-24-1

fires -- large: H95-24-1

fires -- tundra: H95-24-1

fish: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-2

fish -- air dried: H95-23-2

fish -- behavior: H95-25-1

fish -- black fish: H95-25-1   H95-26-1   H95-33-1

fish -- blackfish: H95-23-1

fish -- brined: H95-24-2

fish -- chopping: H95-33-2

fish -- cutting: H95-23-1

fish -- dog food: H95-24-1   H95-33-1

fish -- dog salmon: H95-23-2   H95-25-1

fish -- Dolly Varden: H95-33-2

fish -- dried: H95-33-2

fish -- dry fish: H95-26-1

fish -- drying: H95-25-1

fish -- for winter: H95-23-3

fish -- fresh water fish: H95-26-1

fish -- grayling: H95-23-1   H95-25-1   H95-33-2

fish -- king salmon: H95-25-1

fish -- kings: H95-33-2

fish -- ling cod: H95-25-1   H95-26-1

fish -- numbers: H95-25-1

fish -- pickled: H95-23-3

fish -- pike: H95-23-1   H95-25-1   H95-26-1

fish -- preparation: H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-33-2

fish -- quantity: H95-23-3

fish -- rack: H95-25-1

fish -- rainbow: H95-33-1

fish -- red: H95-33-1   H95-33-2

fish -- reds: H95-23-3   H95-33-2

fish -- runs: H95-23-2

fish -- salmon: H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-25-1   H95-26-1

fish -- salted: H95-23-3

fish -- saving: H95-25-1

fish -- sharing: H95-23-3   H95-24-1

fish -- silvers: H95-23-2

fish -- smoked: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3

fish -- smoked salmon: H95-23-2

fish -- smoking: H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-33-1

fish -- splitting: H95-23-1   H95-23-2

fish -- splitting and drying: H95-23-2

fish -- spoilage: H95-25-2

fish -- sticker: H95-33-1

fish -- storage: H95-25-1

fish -- sucker: H95-25-1   H95-26-1   H95-33-1

fish -- sucker fish: H95-33-1

fish -- suckers: H95-26-1

fish -- treatment of: H95-26-1

fish -- trout: H95-25-1   H95-26-1   H95-33-2

fish -- unsalted: H95-23-2

fish -- white fish: H95-25-1   H95-26-1

Fish and Game: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-24-1   H95-26-1   H95-33-1


Fish and Game -- counting fish: H95-23-2

fish camp: H95-24-1   H95-25-1   H95-33-1

fish hook: H95-25-1

fish net: H95-25-1

fish set nets: H95-25-1

fish sites -- labeling: H95-25-1

fish trap -- construction: H95-25-1

fish traps -- construction: H95-26-1

Fisher, Judy: H95-23-1

fishing: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-24-1   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-2

fishing -- boats: H95-25-1

fishing -- born into it: H95-23-2

fishing -- commercial: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-24-1

fishing -- dogs: H95-25-1

fishing -- double winter: H95-26-1

fishing -- drifting: H95-33-1

fishing -- economic base: H95-23-2

fishing -- fish trap: H95-26-1

fishing -- fresh meat: H95-23-1

fishing -- grayling: H95-25-1

fishing -- guides: H95-23-2

fishing -- ice: H95-24-1   H95-33-2

fishing -- Igiugig: H95-25-1

fishing -- jigging: H95-33-2

fishing -- learning: H95-23-1   H95-24-1

fishing -- locations: H95-25-1

fishing -- lodges: H95-23-2

fishing -- manaq: H95-33-2

fishing -- net: H95-24-1   H95-25-1   H95-26-1   H95-33-2

fishing -- net under ice: H95-26-1

fishing -- nets: H95-24-1   H95-33-2

fishing -- passing on knowledge: H95-23-2

fishing -- pike: H95-23-2   H95-25-1

fishing -- rainbow: H95-25-1

fishing -- red salmon: H95-26-1

fishing -- salmon: H95-25-1

fishing -- seasonal preparation: H95-25-1

fishing -- seasons: H95-26-1

fishing -- set net: H95-33-1

fishing -- sport: H95-23-3

fishing -- storage: H95-25-1


fishing -- summer: H95-23-1   H95-33-1

fishing -- summer camp: H95-33-1

fishing -- trout: H95-25-1

fishing -- under ice: H95-26-1

fishing -- whitefish: H95-25-1

food: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-2   H95-33-3

food -- amounts: H95-23-2

food -- attitudes toward: H95-23-3

food -- bears: H95-25-2

food -- beaver: H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-26-1

food -- berries: H95-24-2   H95-25-2

food -- berry picking: H95-24-1

food -- caribou: H95-23-2   H95-24-2

food -- cooking: H95-24-2

food -- cranberries: H95-25-2

food -- Crisco: H95-25-2

food -- donations: H95-24-2

food -- drying: H95-26-1   H95-33-1

food -- eating: H95-33-3

food -- fat: H95-26-1

food -- fish: H95-24-2   H95-33-1

food -- gathering: H95-25-1

food -- gathering roots: H95-23-3

food -- lack of: H95-26-1

food -- meat: H95-24-2

food -- moose: H95-24-2

food -- Native ice cream: H95-24-2

food -- porcupine: H95-24-2

food -- preparation: H95-23-3   H95-24-2

food -- preservation: H95-23-2

food -- red salmon: H95-24-2

food -- salmonberries: H95-25-2

food -- sharing: H95-23-2   H95-24-2   H95-25-1

food -- sharing on holidays: H95-23-2

food -- sharing with elders: H95-23-2

food -- smoked fish: H95-24-2

food -- special occasions: H95-23-2

food -- storage: H95-24-2   H95-26-1

food -- transportation: H95-23-3

food -- types of: H95-23-1

food -- waste: H95-25-2   H95-33-3

food -- wasting: H95-26-1

food -- white fish: H95-24-2

food -- winter: H95-23-2

four wheelers: H95-23-1   H95-24-1   H95-25-2

four wheelers -- (all-terrain vehicles): H95-25-2

fox: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-33-1

free time: H95-23-2

freeze up -- dangers: H95-23-1

freezer -- fresh meat: H95-23-1

freezers: H95-23-1   H95-24-2   H95-33-1

friendly -- need to be: H95-33-2

friends: H95-24-1   H95-33-2

friends -- importance of: H95-33-2

fuel -- wood: H95-24-1

fur -- selling: H95-23-1

furs: H95-23-1   H95-24-1  



Gabe: H95-33-1  

games: H95-23-1   H95-23-3

games -- darts: H95-23-3

gas lamp: H95-23-1

gathering: H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-2

geese: H95-23-2   H95-25-2

generators: H95-23-2

getting around: H95-33-2

girls -- restrictions: H95-33-2

grass -- locations: H95-33-2

grass -- picking: H95-33-2

Gregory, Alex: H95-24-1

groceries: H95-23-1   H95-33-1

groceries -- prices: H95-33-1

group cooperation: H95-24-2

Gust, Dallia: H95-23-1

Gust, Dallia -- dress making: H95-23-1

Gust, Dallia -- sewing: H95-23-1



Hammersly, Bill: H95-23-1  


hard times: H95-33-1

health: H95-24-1   H95-25-1   H95-33-3

health aides: H95-24-1   H95-25-1

Hermie: H95-23-2

holidays -- Christmas: H95-23-1   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1

holidays -- church: H95-23-2

holidays -- elders: H95-25-1

holidays -- food: H95-23-2

holidays -- gathering: H95-25-1

holidays -- gifts: H95-23-2

holidays -- Russian Orthodox: H95-23-1   H95-23-3

holidays -- Russian Orthodox Easter: H95-23-1

Hornberger, Sarah: H95-23-2

hospital: H95-25-1   H95-33-1

hot houses: H95-24-2

house: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-2

house cleaning: H95-33-2

houses: H95-23-2   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-33-1   H95-33-2

houses -- construction: H95-24-1

houses -- distances: H95-24-2


houses -- fire: H95-33-1


houses -- wooden: H95-24-1 

housewife: H95-23-1   H95-33-1

housework: H95-23-1

hunting: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-2

hunting -- abuses: H95-23-2

hunting -- and age: H95-33-2

hunting -- birds: H95-33-2

hunting -- boats: H95-23-1

hunting -- brown bears: H95-33-1

hunting -- caribou: H95-23-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-2   H95-33-2

hunting -- changes: H95-23-2

hunting -- differences: H95-23-3

hunting -- dog team: H95-24-2

hunting -- dogs: H95-23-1

hunting -- food: H95-23-3

hunting -- four wheelers: H95-23-1

hunting -- fresh meat: H95-23-1

hunting -- ground squirrel: H95-33-1

hunting -- guides: H95-23-2

hunting -- Igiugig: H95-25-1


hunting -- learning: H95-23-1   H95-24-1   

hunting -- luck: H95-25-1   H95-33-2


hunting -- mating time: H95-26-1

hunting -- moose: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-33-1

hunting -- muskrats: H95-33-1

hunting -- porcupine: H95-25-1   H95-33-2

hunting -- practices: H95-24-2

hunting -- ptarmigan: H95-23-1   H95-33-2

hunting -- quanqiiq: H95-33-2

hunting -- rabbit: H95-25-1

hunting -- regulations: H95-23-2

hunting -- seasons: H95-24-2   H95-25-2   H95-26-1

hunting -- selection: H95-26-1

hunting -- small game: H95-33-2

hunting -- snowmachines: H95-23-1

hunting -- sports hunters: H95-23-3

hunting -- sportsmen: H95-23-3

hunting -- teaching: H95-23-2

hunting -- techniques: H95-25-1

hunting -- three wheelers: H95-23-1

hunting -- traditions: H95-25-2

hunting -- when low on supplies: H95-23-2

hunting -- winter: H95-25-1

hunting approaches: H95-26-1

hunting practices: H95-24-2



"I don't like": H95-33-3 


ice fishing: H95-25-1   H95-26-1   

ice fishing -- preparation: H95-26-1

Igiugig: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-24-1   H95-25-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-2

Igiugig -- berry patch: H95-33-2

Igiugig -- fires: H95-24-1

Igiugig -- trading post: H95-33-1

Ignaty, Elia: H95-33-1

Ignaty, Elia -- parents: H95-33-1

Ignaty, Elia -- reindeer herding: H95-33-1

Igushik: H95-23-1

Igyaraq: H95-33-1

Iliamna: H95-23-1  H95-23-3  H95-25-1   H95-33-1

Iliamna Lake: H95-23-3

illness: H95-23-1   H95-33-1

illness -- lack of: H95-23-1

influenza: H95-24-1

inguqat: H95-33-1


Iquaq: H95-33-1



 jobs: H95-26-1  



Kokhanok: H95-23-3   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-33-1

Kokhanok -- school: H95-24-1

Kokhanok -- trapping: H95-24-1

Kaskanak: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-24-1   H95-25-1   H95-33-2

Kaskanak Flat: H95-33-2   H95-24-1

Katmai National Park: H95-25-2


kayaks: H95-26-1  

Ken'auyar': H95-33-1


kinercirat ellami: H95-25-1

kinertalluk: H95-25-1

King Salmon River: H95-23-2

knee boots: H95-23-1

knitting: H95-23-1   H95-24-2


Kodiak: H95-23-3

Koktuli: H95-23-2

Kuimliq: H95-33-1

Kukaklek: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-24-1   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-33-1   H95-33-2

Kukaklek -- snow: H95-33-2


Kukaklek Lake: H95-25-2

Kukaklek River: H95-23-2

Kvichak: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-24-1   H95-25-1   H95-33-1

Kvichak -- lodge: H95-23-2



Lagoon: H95-23-1   H95-33-2

lagoons: H95-33-2

Lake Iliamna: H95-23-1   H95-25-1

land -- Native respect for: H95-23-3

land -- respect for: H95-23-3


land use: H95-23-2 

land use -- future: H95-23-2

land use -- historical: H95-23-2

land use -- Native: H95-23-2

land use -- non-Native: H95-23-2

land use -- restrictions: H95-23-2

language -- pronunciation: H95-23-3

language -- teaching kids: H95-23-3

learning -- from parents: H95-24-1

learning -- from relatives: H95-23-1

learning -- to cut fish: H95-23-1

learning to count: H95-33-1

left paws: H95-33-1

Levelock: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3

Levelock -- life in: H95-23-2

Levelock -- summer camp: H95-23-2

Levelock -- summer home: H95-23-2

lifestyles -- changes in: H95-23-3   H95-33-2

light plants: H95-23-1

living off the land: H95-23-1

lodges: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-25-2   H95-33-3

lodges -- community: H95-23-2

lodges -- impact of: H95-23-1

lodges -- local hires: H95-23-2

lodges -- waste: H95-33-3

log cabin: H95-24-2   H95-33-1


log cabins -- base camp: H95-24-2

log cabins -- construction: H95-24-2


log cabins -- hand made: H95-33-1

log cabins -- locations: H95-24-2

luck: H95-25-1   H95-33-2

luck -- bad: H95-33-2

lynx: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-25-1

lynx -- food: H95-23-1

lynx -- movements: H95-23-1

lynx -- travel routes: H95-23-3



Mackey, Jack: H95-23-1

maktak: H95-23-3

marriage: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-33-1

marriage -- judge: H95-33-1

marriage -- leaving: H95-33-1

marriage -- traditions: H95-25-2

marriage practices: H95-33-1

marriages: H95-33-1


mating seasons: H95-26-1

meat -- beaver: H95-33-1

meat -- hauling: H95-24-2

meat -- no waste: H95-23-2

meat -- quality: H95-23-2

meat -- theft: H95-25-1

medicine -- doctors: H95-24-1

medicine -- lack of health aides: H95-24-1

mink: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-24-2   H95-25-2   H95-33-1

mink -- behavior: H95-23-1

mink -- seasonal behavior: H95-23-1

money -- for supplies: H95-23-1

money -- hunting and trapping: H95-33-1

moose: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-3

moose -- availability: H95-23-1

moose -- butchering: H95-24-2

moose -- butchery: H95-25-1

moose -- diet: H95-23-3

moose -- droppings: H95-23-3

moose -- habitat: H95-25-2

moose -- hard to find: H95-23-2

moose -- population: H95-26-1

moose -- rut: H95-23-3

moose -- sharing: H95-23-2

moose -- taste of: H95-23-3

moose -- tracks: H95-23-3

moose -- use of fat: H95-23-2

mosquitoes: H95-33-1

motors: H95-23-1   H95-26-1

motors -- 9 horsepower: H95-23-1

moving -- reasons: H95-23-1   H95-23-2

moving -- reasons for: H95-23-1

mud house -- northeast bank: H95-33-1

mud house -- trapping: H95-33-1

mud house-- cove: H95-33-1

mukluks: H95-23-1   H95-25-2

Mulchatna: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-25-1

Murphy: H95-23-1   H95-25-1   H95-33-1



Nakeen: H95-23-1   H95-23-2

Nakeen -- company boat: H95-23-2

Naknek: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-25-1   H95-33-1

Naknek Lakes: H95-23-3


Naknek River: H95-25-1

Napalek -- fishing: H95-33-2

native allotments: H95-25-2

Native Corporations: H95-25-2

Native law: H95-26-1

navigation -- compass: H95-23-2

navigation -- learning: H95-23-2

Nebraska: H95-23-1

neighbors: H95-24-1

Nelbrow: H95-23-2

nengugtaq: H95-33-1

neqliyam caniakun: H95-33-1

neqliyaraq: H95-33-1

neqliyaraq: H95-33-1

nets -- drift: H95-23-2

net -- ice: H95-33-1

nets -- maintenance: H95-23-2

nets -- preparation: H95-23-2   H95-33-2

nets -- set: H95-23-2

New Stuyahok: H95-23-2

Newhalen: H95-23-1   H95-23-3   H95-33-1

Newyaka, Mike: H95-33-1

Nickolai, Murphy: H95-23-1

Nondalton: H95-33-1

Nonvianuk: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-24-1   H95-25-2

Nonvianuk -- lynx: H95-23-2

Nonvianuk -- wolverine: H95-23-2

Nonvianuk Lake: H95-23-1

Nonvianuk River: H95-23-2

nurses: H95-25-1

Nushagak: H95-23-1   H95-23-3

Nushagak River: H95-23-1

nutelvai: H95-23-3



oil: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-25-2   H95-33-3

older natives -- sewing: H95-23-1

Ole Creek: H95-23-1

Olympic, John: H95-33-1

Olympic, Lydia: H95-33-2

Olympic, Martha: H95-33-2


Olympic, Mary Ann -- age: H95-33-1  

Olympic, Mary Ann -- brother: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- children: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- daughter Julia: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- daughter Lydia: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- daughter Martha: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- daughters: H95-33-2

Olympic, Mary Ann -- father: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- father's godfather: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- grandfather: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- grandmother: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- grandparent: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- great grandmother: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- great grandparents: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- husband: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- husband traveling: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- marriage: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- mother: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- parents: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- parents in law: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- reindeer herding: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- sister in law: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- son: H95-33-1

Olympic, Mary Ann -- son-in-law: H95-33-2

Olympic, Mary Ann -- uncle: H95-33-1

Oregon: H95-23-1

otter: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-33-1

otters: H95-23-1   H95-33-1

otters -- seasonal behavior: H95-23-1

outfitters: H95-23-2

outfitters -- impact: H95-23-2



packing: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-24-2   H95-25-2   H95-33-1  

packing -- canoes: H95-23-1

packing -- dog teams: H95-23-1

packing -- dogs: H95-23-1   H95-33-1


packing -- groceries: H95-23-1

packing -- logs: H95-24-2


packing -- moose: H95-23-1

packing -- moose meat: H95-23-1

packing -- with four-wheelers: H95-23-2

packing -- with snowmachines: H95-23-2

Park boundary -- impact: H95-23-3

Park regulations: H95-23-3

Park regulations -- interfering: H95-23-3

Park Service: H95-25-2

Peck's Creek: H95-33-1

Peterson Point: H95-23-2

planes -- effect on game: H95-23-2

planes -- sportsmen: H95-23-3

planes -- traffic: H95-23-2

plant foods -- preparation: H95-25-1

Point: H95-23-2   H95-33-2

pollution: H95-23-3

porcupine: H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-33-2

Portage Creek: H95-23-1

potlatch: H95-33-2

potluck: H95-25-1

potluck -- "name day": H95-25-1

presents -- Christmas: H95-23-1

Preserves: H95-25-2

pride: H95-33-2

pride -- and animals: H95-33-2

proper behavior: H95-33-1

provisions -- store bought: H95-25-1

ptarmigan: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-25-1   H95-33-2

ptarmigan -- qangqiiq: H95-33-2

Pupsugpak, Evan: H95-33-1

Pupsugpak, Evan - grave: H95-33-1



qagan: H95-33-1

Qalirneq: H95-33-1

Qamiquluyaaq: H95-33-1


qangqiiq: H95-33-2

Qukaqlik: H95-33-1



rabbit: H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-24-1   H95-25-1

radios: H95-23-1

rain --bear skin: H95-25-1

regulations -- violations: H95-23-2

reindeer: H95-24-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-3

reindeer -- and dogteams: H95-33-3

reindeer -- coloring: H95-33-3

reindeer -- diminishing herds: H95-24-1

reindeer -- going wild: H95-33-3

reindeer -- herders: H95-24-1

reindeer -- herds: H95-24-1

reindeer -- mixing with caribou: H95-33-3

reindeer -- selling: H95-33-1

reindeer -- wolves: H95-24-1

reindeer camp -- winter: H95-33-1

reindeer camps: H95-33-1


reindeer herd: H95-33-1

reindeer herders: H95-33-1

reindeer herding: H95-33-1

reindeer herding -- duration: H95-33-1

Reindeer Lake: H95-33-1

reindeer station: H95-33-1

regulations: H95-23-2   H95-25-2

respect -- teaching: H95-23-3

responsibilities: H95-23-2

restrictions -- 3 months: H95-33-2

"retired": H95-33-2

rifles -- .22: H95-23-1

rifles -- .25-20 pump: H95-25-1

rites of passage: H95-24-1   H95-33-2

rites of passage -- hunting: H95-24-1

rites of passage -- puberty: H95-33-2

ritual -- first kill: H95-24-1

Russian Christmas: H95-24-2

Russian Mission: H95-23-3

Russian Orthodox -- holidays: H95-23-2



Sakar, Martin: H95-24-1

salmon: H95-23-2   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-2

sandbars: H95-23-2

Sandvik, Herman -- storekeeper: H95-33-1

Savonoski: H95-23-3


school: H95-23-1   H95-24-1   H95-25-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-2 

school -- Levelock: H95-23-1

school -- Newhalen: H95-23-1

school -- Mount Edgecumbe: H95-23-1

schooling -- grades: H95-23-1

schooling -- lack of: H95-24-1

schools: H95-25-1

seal -- cooking: H95-25-1

seal -- freshwater: H95-24-1

seal -- saltwater: H95-24-1

seals: H95-23-3   H95-25-1

seasonal chores: H95-23-2

seasonal movements: H95-25-2   H95-33-1

seasonal work -- pays bills: H95-23-2

Seattle: H95-23-1   H95-25-1

settlement act: H95-25-2

sewing: H95-23-1   H95-24-2

sewing -- beaver: H95-23-1

sewing -- calf skins: H95-23-1

sewing -- clothes: H95-23-1

sewing -- coats: H95-23-1

sewing -- everyday use: H95-23-1

sewing -- first: H95-24-2

sewing -- foxes: H95-23-1

sewing -- furs: H95-23-1

sewing -- grandchildren: H95-23-1

sewing -- learning patterns: H95-23-1

sewing -- lynx: H95-23-1

sewing -- measurements: H95-23-1

sewing -- mukluks: H95-23-1

sewing -- muskrats: H95-23-1

sewing -- otters: H95-23-1

sewing -- wolverines: H95-23-1

sewing -- wolves: H95-23-1

sewing machines: H95-23-1

sharing: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-2

sharing -- community: H95-23-3

sharing -- decline in: H95-33-2

sharing -- food: H95-23-3   H95-33-2

sharing -- lack of: H95-33-2

sharing -- Native Alaskans: H95-23-3

sharing -- newcomers: H95-23-3

sharing -- remaining constant: H95-23-3

sharing -- traditions: H95-25-1

sharing -- with children: H95-23-2

ships -- from outside: H95-24-1

shoe pacs: H95-25-2

shopping: H95-33-2

singing: H95-24-2

skiffs: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-25-1   H95-26-1

skiffs -- hauling wood: H95-23-2

skin sewing -- learning: H95-23-1

skin sewing -- patterns: H95-23-1

skin sewing -- ulus: H95-23-1

skins -- preparation: H95-26-1

skins -- use: H95-26-1

sled: H95-23-1   H95-24-2

sleds -- packing: H95-23-1

Sluryaraq: H95-33-1

smoke houses: H95-33-1

smokehouse -- materials for: H95-23-2

smokehouses: H95-23-2   H95-24-1   H95-33-2

smokehouse: H95-23-2   H95-24-1   H95-25-1   H95-33-2

smokehouses -- heating: H95-24-1

smokehouses -- preparation: H95-23-2

smokehouses -- wood: H95-33-2

snares -- rabbit: H95-24-1

snares -- taught to use: H95-24-1

snaring -- ptarmigan: H95-25-1

snow -- animal behavior: H95-23-1

snow -- caribou: H95-23-1

snow -- depths: H95-23-1

snow -- geographic distribution: H95-23-1

snow -- moose: H95-23-1

snow -- timing: H95-23-1

snowmachine: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-2

snowmachines: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-33-2

snowmachine -- 8 horsepower Mustang: H95-25-2

snowmachine -- 8 horsepower Polaris: H95-25-2

snowmachines -- Elan: H95-33-2

snowmachines -- impact of: H95-23-2

snowmachines -- Polaris: H95-23-2

snowmachines -- use for trapping: H95-23-2

snowmachines -- with wheels: H95-23-2

snowmachining: H95-23-2

snowmobiles: H95-26-1

Sooka, Pete: H95-24-1

sport fishermen -- numbers: H95-26-1

sport fishing -- effects on fish: H95-26-1

sport hunters -- garbage: H95-23-3

sportfishing: H95-23-2

sportfishing -- impact: H95-23-2

sportfishing -- species: H95-23-2

sportsmanship -- abuses: H95-23-2

sportsmen -- trophy hunting: H95-23-3

Spring -- activities: H95-33-2

Spring -- food: H95-33-2

springtime: H95-23-2

spruce hen: H95-33-2

starvation: H95-25-1   H95-26-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-3

starvation -- double winter: H95-26-1

starvation -- flower: H95-26-1

starvation -- food storage: H95-26-1

starvation -- teaching knowledge: H95-26-1

starvation -- timing: H95-26-1

starvation -- traditional practices: H95-26-1

starvation -- weather patterns: H95-26-1

starvation avoidance -- black fish: H95-25-1

starvation avoidance -- suckers: H95-25-1

starvation food -- "spinach": H95-25-1

starvation food -- gathering: H95-25-1

starvation food -- salmon eggs: H95-25-1

starvation food -- white moss: H95-25-1

starvation times -- fish: H95-25-1   H95-26-1

starvation times -- fishing: H95-26-1

stories -- about sharing: H95-33-2

stories -- old timers: H95-33-3

subsistence -- annual cycle: H95-23-2

steamboat: H95-25-1

storage -- pit: H95-25-1

storekeepers: H95-23-1

stove -- heat: H95-24-2

Stuyaraq: H95-25-1   H95-33-1

subsistence -- annual cycle: H95-23-2

subsistence -- division of labor: H95-25-1

Sugarloaf: H95-23-1

summer -- activities: H95-23-2   H95-33-2

summer -- fish: H95-24-1

summer activity: H95-23-2

supplies: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-24-1   H95-24-2

supplies -- bulk: H95-23-2

supplies -- distance: H95-24-1

supplies -- gas: H95-23-2

supplies -- gasoline: H95-23-2

supplies -- oil: H95-23-2



Tallirpalek, Evan -- bear: H95-25-2

Tallirpalek, Nick: H95-25-2

tamuanaq: H95-23-3

Tarunguaq -- little people: H95-33-1


teaching: H95-23-2   H95-25-1  

teaching -- children: H95-25-1   H95-26-1

teaching -- children and grandchildren: H95-26-1

teaching -- elders ways: H95-26-1

teaching -- fishing: H95-25-1

teaching -- hunting: H95-25-1   H95-26-1

teaching -- survival: H95-25-1

teaching -- trapping: H95-25-1

teenager: H95-33-1


Tengcetaar', Alexie Gregory: H95-33-1  

tent: H95-23-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-33-1

three-wheelers: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-26-1

three wheeler: H95-23-1   H95-25-2

three wheeler -- travel: H95-25-2


three wheeler -- (all-terrain vehicles): H95-25-2

tides -- going with: H95-23-2

tides -- high: H95-23-2

Tlingit: H95-33-1

tourists: H95-23-1

toys: H95-23-1

tracking: H95-23-3   H95-25-1


tracking -- by Natives: H95-23-3

tracking -- by sportsmen: H95-23-3

tracking -- moose: H95-23-3

trade -- caribou: H95-24-1

trade -- fur: H95-24-1

trade -- with cannery people: H95-24-1


trading posts: H95-23-1   H95-24-1

traditional foresight -- elders: H95-26-1

traditional foresight -- today: H95-26-1

traditions: H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2

traditions - dietary: H95-25-1

trails -- breaking: H95-23-2

trails -- marking: H95-24-1

trails -- use of compasses: H95-24-1

transportation -- hunting distances: H95-23-1

trapline -- Branch River: H95-23-1


traplines: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-24-2   H95-33-1  

traplines -- length: H95-23-2

traplines -- walking: H95-23-1

trapping: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-2

trapping -- bears: H95-23-1

trapping -- beaver: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-23-3   H95-24-1   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-33-1

trapping -- beaver season: H95-23-2

trapping -- beaver skinning: H95-23-1

trapping -- distances: H95-24-2

trapping -- Fall: H95-23-1

trapping -- fox: H95-23-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-33-1

trapping -- group: H95-24-2

trapping -- learning: H95-23-1   H95-24-1   H95-33-1

trapping -- learning to count: H95-33-1

trapping -- lynx: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-25-1

trapping -- mink: H95-23-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-2   H95-33-1

trapping -- monetary value: H95-23-2

trapping -- muskrats: H95-33-1

trapping -- otter: H95-23-1   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-33-1

trapping -- rabbit: H95-25-1

trapping -- red fox: H95-25-2

trapping -- season: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-1

trapping -- seasons: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-26-1

trapping -- teaching: H95-25-1

trapping -- winter: H95-23-1

trapping -- wolf: H95-23-2

trapping -- wolverine: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-25-1

traps -- locations: H95-23-3


traps -- when pulled: H95-23-2

travel: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-25-1   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-2   H95-33-3

travel -- alone: H95-33-2


travel -- boat: H95-24-1   H95-33-2

travel -- boats: H95-24-1

travel -- deer: H95-33-1

travel -- dog team: H95-23-1   H95-24-2

travel -- dog teams: H95-23-1

travel -- easier: H95-23-2

travel -- food: H95-24-1

travel -- for fishing: H95-23-2

travel -- for hunting: H95-23-2

travel -- four-wheelers: H95-23-2   H95-33-2   H95-33-3

travel -- freeze up: H95-23-2

travel -- home: H95-25-1

travel -- Hondas: H95-23-1

travel -- hunting: H95-24-1

travel -- in summer: H95-23-2

travel -- limits: H95-23-2

travel -- no vehicles: H95-23-2

travel -- on foot: H95-23-2

travel -- on rivers year round: H95-23-2

travel -- packing: H95-23-1

travel -- seasonal: H95-23-1

travel -- seasons: H95-24-1

travel -- skiffs: H95-23-1   H95-23-2

travel -- snowmachine: H95-23-1   H95-33-2

travel -- snowmachines: H95-23-1

travel -- three-wheelers: H95-23-2

travel -- visiting: H95-24-1

travel -- walking: H95-23-1   H95-33-2

travel -- winter: H95-23-2   H95-33-1

traveling: H95-24-2   H95-25-2   H95-26-1   H95-33-1

traveling -- aid: H95-24-2

traveling -- dog team: H95-24-2

traveling -- family: H95-24-2

traveling hunting: H95-24-2


traveling hunting -- moose: H95-24-2  

Tree Island: H95-33-2

trees: H95-33-1

tundra -- destruction: H95-23-3

tundra fire: H95-25-1

TV: H95-23-1   H95-24-2



U. S. Coast Guard: H95-23-3

ubaglutek: H95-33-1

uksiyaraq: H95-33-1

uksuarmi upagluteng: H95-33-1

ulus: H95-23-1

understanding: H95-24-1

up'nerkiyaraq: H95-33-1

upagaluteng: H95-33-1

upagaluteng-gguq: H95-33-1

upagluteng upak: H95-33-1

upak: H95-33-1

upak upakiluk: H95-33-1

upmerkami upagluteng: H95-33-1



village council -- meeting: H95-33-3

visiting: H95-24-1   H95-33-2



wages: H95-23-2 

Wagley: H95-23-2

walking: H95-23-1   H95-25-2   H95-33-2   H95-33-3

wall tent: H95-24-2   H95-25-1

wall tents: H95-25-1

wallpaper: H95-33-1

Wassillie, Martin: H95-33-1

Wassillie, Paul: H95-33-1

waste -- lack of: H95-33-3

water -- packing: H95-33-1

whales -- beluga: H95-23-3

white people: H95-26-1


willows -- broken: H95-23-3


Wilson family -- daughter: H95-23-2 

Wilson family -- deaths in: H95-23-2

Wilson, Agnes: H95-23-1

Wilson, Anne: H95-23-1   H95-23-2

Wilson, Anne -- aunt: H95-23-1

Wilson, Anne -- birthplace: H95-23-2

Wilson, Anne -- children: H95-23-1

Wilson, Anne -- daughter: H95-23-1   H95-23-3


Wilson, Anne -- daughters: H95-23-1  

Wilson, Anne -- family: H95-23-1   H95-23-2

Wilson, Anne -- father: H95-23-1

Wilson, Anne -- grandmother: H95-23-2

Wilson, Anne -- marriage: H95-23-2

Wilson, Anne -- mother: H95-23-1

Wilson, Anne -- son: H95-23-3

Wilson, Anne -- uncle: H95-23-1

Wilson, Annette: H95-23-3

Wilson, Charlie: H95-23-1

Wilson, Chester: H95-23-1

Wilson, Clarence: H95-23-1

Wilson, Clarence -- family: H95-23-1

Wilson, Floyd: H95-23-1


Wilson, George: H95-23-1   H95-23-2

Wilson, George -- age at first marriage: H95-23-1

Wilson, George -- brother-in-law: H95-23-2

Wilson, George -- brothers: H95-23-1

Wilson, George -- children: H95-23-1

Wilson, George -- daughters: H95-23-1

Wilson, George -- family: H95-23-1

Wilson, George -- father: H95-23-1   H95-23-2

Wilson, George -- first marriage: H95-23-1

Wilson, George -- fishing: H95-23-2

Wilson, George -- marriage to Anne: H95-23-1

Wilson, George -- mother: H95-23-1

Wilson, George -- son: H95-23-3

Wilson, George, Jr.: H95-23-1

Wilson, Ray: H95-23-1

Wilson, Rose: H95-23-1

Wilson, Tweet: H95-23-2

Wilson, Willie: H95-23-1   H95-23-2

Wilsons -- children: H95-23-2

wind: H95-26-1


Winter -- activities: H95-33-2

winter -- less travel: H95-24-1

"winter men": H95-24-1


wolf: H95-23-2   H95-33-1 

wolf -- skinning: H95-33-1

wolverine: H95-23-1   H95-23-2   H95-25-1   H95-33-1

wolverine -- travel routes: H95-23-3

wolverines: H95-23-1   H95-33-1

wolves -- hind bones: H95-33-1

wolves -- predation: H95-33-1

wood -- alder: H95-24-1

wood -- beach: H95-25-1

wood -- beaver cut: H95-33-2

wood -- birch: H95-24-1   H95-25-1   H95-33-2

wood -- cottonwood: H95-33-2

wood -- cutting: H95-23-1


wood -- drift: H95-24-1   H95-33-2

wood -- driftwood: H95-24-1

wood -- dry: H95-24-1

wood -- drying: H95-24-1


wood -- gathering: H95-24-1   H95-24-2   H95-33-2

wood -- packing: H95-24-2   H95-25-2

wood -- smoke flavors: H95-33-2

wood -- types: H95-24-1

wood cutting: H95-25-2


wood gathering: H95-24-1   H95-33-1

wood gathering -- boats: H95-24-1

wood gathering -- distance: H95-24-1

wood gathering -- four wheelers: H95-24-1

wood gathering -- women: H95-24-1

Woods, Andy : H95-23-2

work -- and relaxation: H95-33-3


work -- at the school: H95-33-1   H95-33-2

Wyoming: H95-23-1



Yellow Creek: H95-23-1   H95-23-2

Yupik: H95-23-1   H95-26-1   H95-33-1   H95-33-2

Yupik -- language: H95-23-1

Yupik meadows: H95-33-1